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So Wrong, it's Just Plain RIGHT
RevRuin17 May 2001
One day someone said, "I'd like to make a movie featuring a bottle of hooch that makes people melt into multi-colored ooze. I think I'll also add "sub-plots" about insane homeless vets, murder, necrophilia, gang-rape, castration, and police brutality. Oh, and it's a COMEDY."

Anyone who blasts the movie probably had no idea what they were getting into. Yeah, the story - if you want to call it that - is flimsy at best, but the film is punctuated by some inventive effects, some nice camera work, and a hysterical mostly-improvised Doorman character played by James Lorinz.

Summed up, if you like your movies dispicable, reprehensible, obnoxious, offensive, crude, and downright nasty, pick this one up. You won't be disappointed.
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A movie taken out of context...
xtonybueno17 May 2000
Yes, I actually thought this was better than some recent horror/comedies I've seen. Certainly superior to Urban Legend or Scream. I'm positively stunned by the fact that people would see the cover for this movie, read the title and synopsis, watch it, and then complain that this flick is offensive. For crying out loud, what do you expect from a film whose promotional literature shows a melted transient's head in a toilet bowl? Casablanca? Anyone dumb enough to see this movie and be taken aback by its admittedly sordid contents has exactly what they have coming to them.
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An outlandish, unapologetic delight.
james_trevelyan24 November 2005
'Street Trash' the most offensive film ever made? Quite possibly. This baby is exceedingly hard to locate, which is unfortunate, because it is an outlandish, unapologetic delight with a wonderful streak of black, black humour. Director Jim Muro has since become one of the most respected Steadicam operators in the business, and has worked his magic upon some pretty big pictures. I believe he was the Steadicam operator on 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day', but I might be wrong.

When an enterprising liquor store owner in New York's Lower East Side(?) finds a dusty crate of something named Tenafly Viper stashed behind a brick wall in a back room of his place of business, he decides to sell it cheaply to the bums in the neighbourhood who are his chief customers. But Tenafly Viper is strong stuff indeed; strong enough to melt one's body! And you thought hangovers were bad.

Pretty soon, the homeless population around the liquor store is dwindling as more and more of these unfortunates consume this deadly drop and promptly disintegrate. The first bum to imbibe the killer stuff does so while seated upon a filthy lavatory. He melts into the commode, pulls the chain, and flushes himself away! Truly tasteless, n'est pas? Two more memorable scenes from 'Street Trash' come to mind: in one, a man has his penis bitten off; in the other, a man is spectacularly decapitated by a flying gas cylinder. I read in Fangoria(?) that this scene required eight special effects crew members to pump blood! 'Street Trash' reminds me of Peter Jackson's wonderful 'Bad Taste' which, while far superior to 'Street Trash', is in the same outrageous vein. I guess it might also be likened to 'The Incredible Melting Man', although the special effects makeup in that picture was provided by the legendary Rick Baker - his first film? - and so is much better than anything in 'Street Trash'.

'Street Trash' is an excellent title, because trash is what this film is all about. Its milieu is grimy and bleak, and everything about the whole affair is inherently unclean. Oh yeah, I just remembered another memorable scene: a cop fights a man in a men's room, and beats him to the ground. Then the cop sticks two digits down his own throat and vomits upon the prone man! Pretty sick (excuse the pun)! This film also makes me think of John Waters in its examination of white trash, something Waters did with films such as 'Desperate Living' and 'Pink Flamingoes'. Like those flicks, 'Street Trash' serves up plenty of gross-out gags so, if that is what floats your boat in a movie, then you will certainly enjoy this. I hope 'Street Trash' has a huge cult following, and I suspect it does. And deservedly so.

When oh when oh WHEN is the DVD Special Edition going to be released?! I for one await it with great anticipation. By the way, if you do find this film, do not miss the song which plays over the end credits - very funny stuff! The last time I watched 'Street Trash' I was laughing because one of the bums reminded me of Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes fame. Sorry, Mr Robinson... no offence intended!
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Hypnotic! Dripping in class, and really very well done
jamesbourke5014 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
If you've ever seen the cover for this movie, either sitting on a shelf in some video store or found it hidden in the bargain bin underneath the likes of 'What Lies Beneath' or Titanic' and you've simply thought, no way will i ever let this gross looking booger grace my v.c.r, friends let me just say, you'll be missing out on the treat of a lifetime.

It's strange when you discover movies and to what degree they affect you, for me it was writing down every line of dialogue that i found amusing and memorable, and from the first scene to the last, every line is a gem, the camerawork is fluid and precise, who knew that years later the director James(Jim)Muro would later lend his steadicam talents to such high brow fare as Strange Days, Heat and even more so Point Break, will he ever consider taking another shot in the directors chair?

As for the acting, spot on, these guys were total unkowns to me, apart from R.L. Ryan who turned up in stuff like The Toxic Avenger and Eat and Run, but everyone involved infront of the camera as well as behind really took the bull by the proverbials, and this is the legacy that they have left us.

Also if you like me like watching out for Producer's or Directors turning up in they're own films, watch out for writer/producer Roy Frumkes as the poor unfortunate buisnessman who gets himself covered in Viper Gue and then proceeds to melt.

If you ever wanted to see a movie where the cop beats up on a susicious person and then proceeds to throw up on them, or a gang of junkyard bums playing catch with a severed penis, say no more, pay the money for the movie in that bargain bin, because a bargain you are going to get, in every sense of they way
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Oh boy...
Mr Parker30 July 1999
I saw this one years ago. You want necrophilia, dismemberment, gang rape, needless brutality, over-the-top violence, all in one package? This movie has it all and then some. Watch for the scene where the hardass cop beats the living Christ out of someone, drags him into a bathroom and then proceeds to stick a finger down his throat, bringing up a splatter of puke on the creep's face that looks like Four Brother's Chunky Tomato Sauce with stringy cheese in it! Yummy yum yum! It's a sick movie and it's not great but it's the equivalent of... hell, I don't know. Watch it if you dare. Lastly, this movie has one of the funniest animal reaction shots I've ever seen, next to Anaconda's black panther (read my review for that stinker). Watch for the black cat on the fire escape. You'll know it when you see it! Rating: *** out of *****.
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Most Notorious Melt Movie Must Be Viewed By All
galaxy206916 July 2002
Street Trash (1987) deserves 10+ stars for its movie poster art alone - a splashy and grossly exaggerated masterpiece of a poisoned wino melting and flushing himself down a crusty warehouse toilet. The movie itself is cheap, sleazy, vile, disgusting, florescent, stinky, slimy, perverse, insane, and retarded...which is why it must be viewed by everyone. You must watch this movie.

Street Trash personified the essence of crappy, late 80's horror slop, but also achieved legendary status within hip underground horror circles. What drew me to the movie were the colorful images of the make-up and special effects that gleamed from the pages of Fangoria and GoreZone Magazine. This is truly one-of-a-kind cinema and resides in the outer realms of art-house oddities/gore flicks. They certainly don't make 'em like this anymore!
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Second Best Horror/Comedy film ever! (9.5 out of ten)
jjjjjjjjjjjjj-422 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
During the late 80's I chanced to live in downtown San Francisco with more than 30 "alternative" theater screens within a 20 min. walk, including the theater in Nihomachi, where I saw (among many others) more than 25 Kurosawa films including DONZOKO, ie. Maxim Gorky's LOWER DEPTHS. Several years later when I moved away from such a bounty of film, I was left with only video rental stores (early 90's) where I discovered this film. If THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is a remake of SEVEN SAMURAI with sixguns; STREET TRASH is indeed a remake of DONZOKO with melting winos.

The point is not the melting winos or the sixguns; the point is the underlying style & feel of the films, especially in the handling of the many characters in the ensembles. By no means do I suggest that the actors are of the quality of such like Toshiro Mifune or Minoru Chiaki. In fact the nominal lead actors in STREET TRASH are truly awful. It is the minor characters that bring the movie to life. Tony Darrow & Jim Lorinz demonstrate comic genius with their interludes, but they are essentially outsiders. Also fun is the coroner scene, with horseradish sauce.

The street trash themselves are what brings the movie to life. When I traveled to Japan in the early 80's I observed the Japanese version of street trash, still living completely invisibly while in plain sight in the middle of Yokohama & Tokyo. We in the U.S. see our street trash little better than they do. We notice them with distaste & fear or superior sympathy. By giving "character" to the despised ala Kurosawa, Jim Muro & Roy Frumkes bring dignity & depth to their subjects, despite the disgusting lives of many of them. And even as disgusting as the worst of the trash are; there are normal characters who are as bad or worse; like Frank, the owner of the junkyard where the action takes place (a wonderful turn by Troma vet Pat Ryan). Or the police.

Make no mistake, horrible actions do take place in this film. Gang rape & necrophilia are mentioned in many of the reviews here for good reason. Unlike nearly all mainstream and horror films violence is not stylized. The movie does not flinch from looking at the actuality of human behavior. The fights are incredibly realistic in both style & effect on the participants. In many scenes, the characters are speaking what they feel rather than what they are expected to say in that situation. Some people do behave like animals when placed in such situation. Worse, some like Bill the Cop & Bronson act like human beings.

I was especially impressed by the primal nature of the man to man relationships in this film. In the scene where Bill the Cop confronts Tony Darrow's character in his limo after beating the Hit-man to death & inducing emesis; you can smell the testosterone and hear the brain cells die. The seething frustration leads to his premature & hence fatal encounter with the ultimate Alpha ape, Bronson, an acting tour de force by Vic Noto worthy of Brando at his prime.

Most Horror films are fantastic (not in the sense of great). Despite the fantasy of its nominal main theme of melting winos, STREET TRASH is bound to the ugly reality of its characters.

The best horror films & stories always have much more to say than the fear or horror alone. Many help us face our own mortality & fears. Some are wonderful love stories like Peter Jackson's DEAD ALIVE, the only horror comedy I find superior to STREET TRASH. The love story here is, like THE LOWER DEPTHS, the love of breathing, the love of waking up alive, even if it's in a "merde"hole. Not melting down some damn toilet like Elvis.

The DVD has a couple of extra scenes added to the VHS release, but sadly no commentary.
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Magnificent Trash!!!
tordeforest30 December 2002
Street Trash is a masterpiece of crap! If you are an aficionado of intentionally horrible garbage, you cannot do better than this. It's got everything you'll love - keep away with a guy's dick, corpse rape, melting bums, and more! And I've found that all guys love it, and all girls hate it. If you're a guy, what more could you ask for in an afternoon's entertainment with the guys? The next time your wife or girlfriend decides to attend a teddy bear convention or something like that, get a couple of suitcases, a boatload of nachos, and throw a Street Trash / Frankenhooker party for your friends. They'll love you for it!
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Trash heaven
stepflan10 March 2008
Street trash is the holy grail of trash and exploitation movies. Every scene in this movie is completely ridiculous. The director obviously doesn't want it to get boring for a single second. It contains some of the sickest and weirdest scenes I have seen. Most of the most memorable scenes are the melting scenes which has some great special effects. The gore is absolutely fantastic. My favorite scene in this is movie involves a castration and a sick idea for a sport. Another favorite is a hilarious shoplifting scene with amazingly randomness. To quote the tagline from "Tales That Witness Madness" (1973);" …your mind won't believe what your eyes see." The plot is very thin, but the characters and exploitation scenes are the main reasons why this movie works. The plot doesn't really matter that much. Just enjoy the wild ride of absurdity and exploitation.

The movie reminds me of such Troma films as "The toxic Avenger", "Class of Nuke'em high" and "Terror firmer". So if you enjoyed these titles, you will probably love Street trash.
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Sleazy and disgusting and just plain fun!
Hey_Sweden15 November 2014
Liquor store owner Ed (M. D'Jango Krunch) is nosing around in his basement when he finds some VERY old booze labelled "Tenafly Viper". He figures, what the hell, he'll sell it to his customers for $1 a bottle. But this booze is deadly stuff: when people drink it, they explode into goop in all colours of the rainbow. While the body count rises, the story focuses on two street denizens who are brothers: Fred (Mike Lackey) and Kevin (Mark Sferrazza) who take up residence in a spacious auto junkyard along with various other hobos.

"Street Trash" marks, to date, the only theatrical directing credit for James M. Muro, who went on to Hollywood and became one of the most in-demand Steadicam operators in the business. Basing this movie on a short subject he'd made, he clearly has some real fun with the material. The Manhattan-based production makes some excellent use of locations, and has some very striking characters. Among them is the almighty Bronson (Vic Noto), a psychotic Vietnam veteran with a bunch of flunkies. Sexy Jane Arakawa, a gal with a great pair of legs, is the secretary who takes sympathy on Fred & Kevin and their cronies. Pat Ryan ("The Toxic Avenger") is her horny, scuzzy boss. And Bill Chepil is the surly, hard driving detective working these streets.

The makeup effects are wonderfully gross and effective. There are scenes here so memorable that they remain favourites for fans: Burts' impromptu shopping trip, and the entire "penis keepaway" sequence. One brilliant gag occurs early on when Bronson manhandles a nerdy motorist. The two best characters are thuggish restaurant owner Nick Duran (Tony Darrow) and his smart mouthed doorman (James Lorinz of "Frankenhooker"). Muro and company know that their scenes are some of the funniest here, so they keep their story going during the end credits.

While "Street Trash" took about 13 weeks to shoot, its journey to movie screens took about three years. It proves that filmmaking finesse isn't always everything: sometimes gung-ho enthusiasm and the willingness to pull out all the stops can go a long way too.

Eight out of 10.
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What was that about again?
supatube4 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Originally I assumed it was about a liquor store dealer trying to wipe out the parasitic hobos in the area. Admittedly I wasn't concentrating. Then I picked up the pieces - its about... a hobo who needs to learn to care about his hobo brother... I think. And to be honest, as far as horror goes, maybe my misinterpretation of what was going on was better?

But this was far more comedy than horror, like far more "Pink Flamingos" than it is "Gremlins". And it has it's quirks. The meltdowns are impressive and colourfully so, which I wanted to hate initially. There is crass humour, crass was expected the humour not so much, so props to landing the jokes. Cinematography was surprisingly great, flowing effortlessly with constant awkward frames amplifying that awkward fluidity I was soaking up from this sad little story.

But the characters were awful. Damn, were they awful. Who were we suppose to be watching? The first man we see turns out to be awful, so we assume not him. His brother is sweet but what a total naff, so not him. The cop could be a hero, but he boxes a hobo, so no. Then it turns out, yes, the first guy, and that kinda sucks.

Taking everything into account: the story was lacking, the characters were shocking, the humour had some swings and hits, others were misses, the effects were fun - there is by no means a way of calling this a stellar film, and I wouldn't know when to recommend it that wouldn't feel like a bit of a waste of time but it's not the worst thing to come out of a bargain bin before.
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tchort-863774 May 2018
Street Trash is the 1987 cult classic directed by future Hollywood lumni Jim Muro, look up his credits and you will find he is a talanted bloke. The film's premise is that greedy liquor store owner Ed is rummaging in his shops basement when he discovers a case of Tenafly Viper. Ed promptly racks the fortified wine on his counter at a price of $1 per bottle. Ed's clientele's actually quite shabby, consisting of... well Street Trash. The caveat being that the Viper has gone toxic, anybody who drinks it melts from inside out. As the Viper hits the street it's only a matter of time before the homeless bums will be literally flushed down the toilet. Who will be left unmelted after last call? Among those in line for a drink are Freddy and his brother who live in a junkyard owned by the horny Mr Schnizer, or will it be Bronson and his minion Wizzy and their ragtag group of deviants who terrorise the junkyard? The cinematography is a real standout in this film, there are some clever 360 spinning camera moves and the shot composition is very nice to behold. Street Trash is a very colourful film and you will really appreciate the detail and great locations on display. The melt scenes are all colour coded to each person which is an unique touch. My best friend and I have watched this movie at least 30 times over the last 20years and we still enjoy its humorous and often unintentionally funny lines delivered by the cast. Speaking of cast there are some pretty obscure actors along side legends like Tony Darrow from Goodfellas and Sopranos as well as the 80s wunderkind James Lorenz from Frankenhooker fame. Street Trash is worthy of the highest acclaim, this is one entertaining film that is best enjoyed with your friends and Vodka. Heck! It's worth 10 stars just for the Cop Bill's lines alone.
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Brilliant mess
kinglouie4025 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Where has this film been all my life? What a brilliant piece of trash. I mean that in the very best way.

Bums discover a case of tainted wine and begin boiling into gooey piles after drinking it. There's another storyline about a scrapyard that is run by a crazy Viet Nam veteran intent on bullying the homeless people who live there, but he takes a soiled backseat to the carnage. People explode in a wash of bright colours. They paint the dirty walls with their dayglo fluids.

This has to be one of the greatest gore films ever made. It's fast paced and fun with great camera work. It's also hilariously funny. This is a guaranteed great time.
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A gloriously tasteless and appalling 80's horror splatter comedy cult gem
Woodyanders3 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Two derelict brothers struggle to survive in an automobile junkyard that's ruled by dangerously deranged Vietnam veteran Bronson (fiercely played with fearsome intensity by Vic Noto). In addition, a batch of toxic hooch causes anyone unfortunate enough to drink it to melt into hideous gooey puddles.

Director Jim Muro makes great use of the grimy junkyard main location, maintains a blithely sordid and warped tone throughout, and pulls out the show-stopping stops for several spectacularly messy and revolting over-the-top gore set pieces. Better still, Muro and screenwriter Roy Frumkes obdurately refuse to sentimentalize the homeless characters who populate this movie; these bums for the most part are quite vile, mean, and despicable. The uncompromising pitch-black humor pulls zero punches: We've got uproariously ultra-offensive jokes about rape, shoplifting, and necrophilia as well as an unforgettable sequence involving a game of toss with a severed penis. Moreover, it's acted with considerable zest by an enthusiastic cast: Jane Arakawa adds plenty of spunk as the feisty Wendy, Bill Chepil cuts a formidable figure as brutish cop Bill, Pat Ryan contributes a hilarious turn as irate junkyard owner Frank Schnizer, and James Lorinz steals every scene he's in as a smartaleck doorman. David Sterling's fluid and vibrant cinematography boasts loads of neat smooth and sinuous gliding Steadicam shots. A supremely scuzzy treat.
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Diamond in the Trash!
george-844-38463319 November 2014
Street Trash is an amazing little surprise of wonderful cinematography, hilarious satire, cheesy performances, fantastic old school special effects and gore, and total entertainment!

This is what the 80's was all about, true independent film making that didn't need to follow rules and still manages to entertain more than most of the Hollywood crap that comes out today.

UK based distributors, Arrow Label, have released such a beautiful DVD and Bluray package that includes reverse sleeves, original artwork, with a host of extras and digitally remastered version of the classic!

I really enjoyed Street Trash. It is exactly what it says on the tin, bright and colourful, loud and nasty, hilarious and gross.

Well worth the watch!
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Street Trash rules
deaththrasherjohn3 October 2009
People today are just plain sick in the head. Street Trash rules. Pick this up at any cost. I met some of the cast when street trash came out at the best ever HORROR CONVENTION FANTACON and you couldn't meet cooler, nicer people. For today's standards of crap, stay clear of this great film. If you like remakes today (people can't think for themselves to make an original film)you probably won't like this great film. Yeah, GREAT FILM. I will not debate you on this film or force you to like it (like you do to people today). NOT FOR THE PC WIMP, that's for sure. I have an idea, drink some viper(JUST A LITTLE), that will calm down the wimps who talk crap about the things they say in STREET TRASH.
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Truly a misunderstood masterpiece.
anwarnamtut12 May 2003
I will admit it, I have seen this movie at least 12 times over the years. It still captivates me. The budget for this movie was on par with an Evil Dead or an EL Mariachi (OK, nothing is REALLY on par with an EL Mariachi budget, but you see where I'm going here) and is equally (if not more so) a directorial tour de force. You will witness Jim Muro's burgeoning camera skills before any Dances with Wolves BS had happened. This is raw, gonzo camera work, yet skilled and tasteful like Peter Jackson's camera on Bad Taste.

Street Trash is a part of a subgenre prevalent in the late 80s/early 90s, the postmodern-gore comedy. It is a very misunderstood subgenre that only exists in the distinct similarity between very dissimilar films. Bad Taste (any pre LOTR Peter Jackson really), Blood Diner, Evil Dead II, Robocop, Toxic Avenger. These films thumb a nose at us and themselves, yet retain an off-kilter composure. Imagine Street Trash with Robocop's budget, or vice versa. You still get the same end-product: an ultraviolent, supergory body count fest, rife with vigilante justice, illicit sex, and substance abuse, as well as an underlying romance theme.

Oh, who am I kidding, I just like breasts and blood (even if it squirts out the colors of the rainbow). Come take a hit of the Viper!

On a side note, the Japanese version is supposedly way rougher than what we have here (do you see the running time differences listed). According to Bill Chepil, the "hero" cop in the movie, Jim Muro has a director's cut print floating around, though it may only be on video. I had the fortunate occurence of running into Mr. Chepil in the street one day. He is a very nice guy, but indeed the genuine article. He basically played himself in the movie and is retired NYPD.
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You can polish a turd!
bary_wilson3 April 2019
A dirty gem that is awfully good! Full of guts,slimes and gore! If you like Citizen Kane,then watch Citizen Kane,because this is Street Trash! Highly recommended for lovers of Trash Cinema!
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"One drink 'O this, and f**k Skidville!" Warning: Spoilers
Rape, death, madness and exploding hobos in a garbage dump! This is one of those special rare films that only come around once in a while, a film that is so excellent at being horrible that it's just horribly wonderful! Okay, so firstly what I love the most about this movie is how grungy and s****y everything looks, as well as that classic old 80's gritty atmosphere that kind of makes films like this a time capsule of sorts. I feel so cosy watching a picture set in the midst of such scurf rot and moral and spiritual decay, never mind why(!) It is a rather unfocused effort, but the first time I watched it, it nevertheless managed to greatly impress me with its nasty charm. It's campy and cheesy but I get the impression that's intentional, and I think that even if you have seen it a couple of times it's kind of tricky to put into words what exactly this film is about. I guess it's a horror comedy adventure along the lines of Frankenhooker, Toxic Avenger, Brain Damage, films of that nature that take place in the grimy underbelly of the big bad city with some manner of fantastical macabre element thrown in to add to the madness. There's sort of themes of social and urban decay, chaos overcoming order, all very in your face and over-the-top, and very-very cool! It could easily have been nothing but a real plain and dull poor joke of a picture, but to me even though it goes to some pretty extreme and unpleasantly ugly territory, it actually ends up being something that's to a degree, almost lovable. And that's a real specific talent, to be able to maintain a film that has so many elements and visuals and coming out succeeding with something that no matter how you digest it, sounds ridiculous. It's not a movie that's meant to be taken seriously, the director wasn't trying to make an award-winning masterpiece, he was just trying to make something with a lot of outrageous flair and a lot of crazy makeup effects designed to disturb the viewer's sensibilities, and boy do they ever.. Both unbelievable and shocking at the same time, it features some of the most insanely gruesome sight gags you'll ever see splattered to the screen, and the real stars are all the meltdown death scenes. What the first victim of the Viper ends up looking like as he dissolves into the toilet bowl is very similar to Belial from Basket Case! You know you're in for a fun crazy time when you're movie has an opening act like that! There's almost a surreal quality about those scenes. I don't wanna say corny, but there's definitely something unreal and manic about it that you believe because..well, if you're gonna accept the notion of killer Viper whisky, well then you're gonna accept what happens when you swig it! And the makeup effects while you do see the age of them, they still work and are excellent for the zany dark tone of the story. There wasn't any 'almighty' CGI back then, and they had to have had some major creativity involved to have accomplished everything that is seen. Everyone who kicks the bucket goes out with such a viscerally beautiful bang that brings a little cheery colour to their gloomy sordid little world, it's like the freaking Fourth of July!!! It's funny how the only real vibrancy and colour is the melts. They really took all of that Trash and made some 'high art!' ::: Aside from the awesome gory bits there are plenty of interesting interactions between the characters to keep one interested. There aren't exactly any real good guys in this movie, just some who are less scumbags than others. Everyone's either a bum, a creep or a psycho including the cops! Even the film itself doesn't seem to know who it's supposed to like, let alone who I am. I loved the fat evil b*****d who's the boss of the junkyard, it cracked me up just listening to the way the guy talked! There's a big scary m*****f****r named Bronson who got screwed up real bad in 'Nam and who rules the bums of the junkyard with an iron fist from his trash-heap throne, but who still manages to find the time to wander into the streets to kill a yuppie or two every now and then! Vic Noto went all the way with his performance and made his insane character believable and not cartoony, which could've been the result. And how about that female bumette, looking so totally wretched and wild-eyed, man that actress got into it! I also loved the beautiful Mark Sferazza's sweet little character who if I may try to make a lame attempt to sound artsy for a second, I believe represented the film's tiny spark of innocence. There are some goods things in this flick, there are some bad, but I think you can see the sweat, passion and soul that's poured into each frame. It's not pretentious, it knows exactly what it is and just tries to do its own thing and delivers in the way that it's intended to, and I love it. Right on Street Trash, you stupidly great gross movie! I'd really like to finish with my favourite bit of dialogue, please: "You think I got it easy, and you got it tough? See, that's what you think! You think, that's what you think! When you think right, then you'll understand, and when I tell ya, then ya thinking' ain't gonna be so right! I think you're ready, I think the anvil's hot, and I'm gonna tell it to ya, and when you know the truth, you're on your own pal!!!"
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Street Trash from beyondthegore
beyondthegore27 March 2012
Throughout the film you really do get the idea that it must have been as much of a laugh filming it as it was watching it. The situations, even when they are not violent, are crude and vulgar enough to keep you entertained – the chapter entitled 'Detachable Phallus' is particularly amusing. The characters themselves are developed enough and the actors play the parts they are meant to represent well, every now and then a new character is introduced but you know what fate he/she is going to incur.

The gore is top notch, the melting scenes are brilliant and in each case have their own edge. Either the person melts only identifiable by the odd limb left behind or in one memorable occasion the subject explodes! In each case you really look forward to seeing who takes the next swig of viper. The melt scenes are not the only gore scenes, there are other scenes scattered here and there, one in particular is the death of the 'bad' character - I will let you view that one for yourself.

There is only one negative, the pace after the first melting scene slackens but once the film picks up speed (and body count) this minor lapse is both forgotten and forgiven.

Read the full review at: beyondthegore
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No Bums Allowed
unclehugo21 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Can anybody seriously dislike a movie starring R. L. Ryan of The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke'Em High and Eat and Run? Can anyone dislike a movie featuring Tony Darrow of Who Do I Gotta Kill? and Goodfellas? Can anybody refrain from busting his (or her) gut during the final song of the film, the cover version of Frankie Boy's all time favorite entitled We do Things My Way? Does anybody know about any other film featuring an overweight necrophiliac salvage yard owner, a homosexual dog, crazed Vietnam vets, melting bums, mobsters, hit men, toxic booze, and a killer soundtrack? A few years ago, I fell in love with this movie. I purchased the first edition of the DVD from Synapse, with two original stickers enclosed that I used to create my own two bottles of Tenafly Viper. I have watched Street Trash a zillion times since then, and, boy, it never gets old.
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Tries too hard
Superunknovvn5 December 2005
"Street Trash" tries so hard to be a cult movie with it's nonsensical storyline, the over the top gore and violence and the weird characters. That's the main problem with this film. Instead of being a charming little b-movie it turned out to be a somewhat annoying and seemingly endless obscurity. Example: there's a scene where a bum gets his penis cut off and a bunch of other guys start playing Piggy In The Middle with it. Do you get the picture? This movie is begging to be loved by people who love the gross and the absurd and it's all too obvious. Besides, "Street Trash" never seems to get anywhere. It starts of with a guy farting in another guy's face, then some guy's literally melting away and we think, okay, that's what the movie's going to be about. Then this storyline is completely abandoned and for hours and hours (or so it seems) we witness the everday life of a bunch of bums who live in little self made flats at a car dump. Obviously, for most parts this movie isn't meant seriously (there's a hilarious Robert DeNiro-like character called Nick Duran who curses in a ridiculously rude manner and who even gets to sing his own little song when the credits roll) but on the other hand the makers also seemed eager to gain the respect of horror audiences. As a horror movie "Street Trash" falls flat on its face. The gore effects are nicely done and there's interesting steady cam work to be found here (I hear the director went on to work for James Cameron), but the epic length and the stupid plot of this film prevent this from being a success. If you just have a casual interest in the genre, avoid "Street Trash" at all costs and even if you're a die hard-fan think twice about watching it. Sitting this one through really is a toughie.
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Pretty offensive and funny as............
KoRnNut-230 August 1999
Sure the acting is horrible, and there's about ten or twelve incoherent unrelated plots and the special effects look like some four dollar and thirty five cent props bought from Murray's Party Supplies but this an essential low budget schock insanity movie. Random thoughts that will run through your head when watching it include: wow, somebody actually took the time and effort to write out a screenplay for this garbage? and I wonder how many times they had to re do this entire nutty scene before the "actors" stopped cracking up at it's sheer insanity. This is definitely a hidden gem, a true jewel if your lucky enough to live near a video store that has a copy of it. Rent it!!!!!!! 10 out of 10.
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Do I get to post this, since I worked on STREET TRASH?
boris-2619 November 2001
Ah, the Summer of 1985, when college kids my age were home from school drinking till they dropped cuz Spuds McKenzie told them to, rap music was that new, quirky sounding stuff and you could still go to movie theatres to catch midnight movies like STREET TRASH. I spent that Summer working on STREET TRASH in Brooklyn. I was there to watch director Jim Muro (now one of the leading Stedicam operators in the business) dictate where and when winos were to melt. The film has lots of gore, but surreal gore. People pull apart and melt in crazy primary colors in this film, so it's a blender-mix of Hershel Gordon Lewis and Salvadore Dali.

If you can, catch it on DVD, because I worked hard on the film, I think it came out great, and it's alot of fun.
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Highly entertaining horror comedy cult classic.
In the streets of a New York where the homeless live in a junkyard and on the streets, two bum brothers named Fred ( Mike Lackey) and Kevin ( Mark Sferrazza) are living together in a hut of a auto wreck yard thinking life has become crap for them. A liquor store owner however discovers in his store an old box of special liquor called "Viper" that is 40 years old as he think it might be good to sell at a low cost price of one dollar, unfortunately it has a very bad side effect on those who drink it as it can cause a person to literally melt or explode.

Original, tasteless and exciting horror comedy that has gained a cult following since it was released in 1987, the acting maybe bad but the movie has awesome gore, melting and exploding body effects and a dark sense of humor to help the movie. There's also some nudity for those who who like nudity and is nicely photographed, look for R.L. Ryan ( The mayor from "The Toxic Avenger") as a boss.

A must see if you like Peter Jackson's early work, Troma flicks and gory horror comedies.

Also recommended: "The Toxic Avenger", "Day of the Dead", "Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky", " Tetsuo The Iron Man", "The Stuff", "Class of Nuke'Em High", " Re-Animator", " Evil Dead II", " Cannibal Ferox", " Scanners", " Ichi The Killer", " The New York Ripper', " Maniac ( 1980)", " Rabid Grannies", "Hostel", " Cabin Fever", " Luthor the Geek", " Driller Killer", " Pieces", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2", " The Devil's Rejects", " A Nightmare on Elm Street", " Friday The 13th series", "Freddy Vs. Jason", " Final Destination 2 & 3", " Blood Feast", " Blood Feast 2", " Robocop", " Fist of the North Star (Anime)", " Last House on The Left", "Jungle Holocaust ( a.k.a. Last Cannibal World)", " Cannibal Holocaust", " High Tension", "Mother's Day", " Leon: The Professional", " Bad Taste", "Dead Alive ( a.k.a. Braindead)", "Meet The Feebles", " Troma's War", " Combat Shock", " Sin City", " Terror Firmer", " Bride of Re-Aniamtor", " Beyond Re-Animator", " House of 1000 Corpses", "Pink Flamingos", " Blue Velvet", "Caligula", " The Incredible Melting Man", " Basket Case", " An American Werewolf in London", " From Dusk Till Dawn", " Demons", " Shogun Assassin", " Phenomena", " Men Behind The Sun", " Tromeo & Juliet", " I Drink Your Blood", " Cannibal Apocalypse", " Bloody Birthday", " I Spit on Your Grave", " Blood Diner", " Videodrome", " Natural Born Killers", "Versus", " Blade II", " Candyman", " Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( 2003)", "Contamination", "Taxi Driver", "Stacy" and "House of Wax" ( 2005).
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