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Sex & Nudity

  • A couple of kissing scenes.
  • The hero makes a brief and non graphic reference to a woman's "perfect breasts"

Violence & Gore

  • A man gets poisoned and dies.
  • A man hits another man with a sword and knocks him out.
  • A man wrestles with a giant and strangles him till he passes out.
  • The giant knocks a couple of men out.
  • The princess and the prince get attacked by a rodent of unusual size.
  • A scene where blood is shown.
  • A bad guy throws a knife at a man, He is shown bloody but survives.
  • The bad guy cuts the man with his sword.
  • A machine partially kills a man.
  • There is a fire blowing up at the castle and the Giant scares all the people. He beats the bad people and another man chasing one of the bad guys to kill him.


  • 1 use of son of a bitch, and 1 use of "Jesus" as an exclamation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man challenges a bad guy with a battle of wits which is poison in wine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Frightening screeching eel scene
  • There are several scenes that may be intense for children under 10. None of these scenes are comedic in nature, but will likely be fine for children that understand the fictional nature of movies.
  • A character is nearly attacked by a scary-looking eel and a scary-looking creature gnaws on a character's limbs in an attack. This attack also involves a character being burned and blistering/charring. The scene ends with the creature being stabbed to death.
  • A character is tortured to death during multiple scenes, with prolonged writhing and screaming (no blood, but injuries are later seen on the body). A character is stabbed in the torso and arms, blood is shown flowing through clothes. A character describes mutilating/disfiguring another character in detail. Several main characters are killed or appear to be killed during the course of the movie.
  • The sudden appearance of an R.O.U.S. in the fire swamp is frightening. It essentially has the appearance of an overgrown rat (thus the acronym standing for "Rodent of Unusual Size").
  • Children may be disturbed by blood.

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