No Way Out (1987) Poster


Michael Shillo: Schiller


  • [last lines] 

    Schiller : [speaks Russian]  We thought we'd never see you again.

    Tom Farrell : [speaks Russian as well]  So did I.

    Schiller : Couldn't you have manage this better?

    Tom Farrell : Not so fast, it's difficult for me to follow in Russian.

    [switches back to English] 

    Tom Farrell : It's been very long for me.

    Schiller : How thirsty you must be for the sound of our language.

    [switches to English] 

    Schiller : Evgeny Alexeivich, wouldn't you love to hear Russian again? Imagine Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy...

    Tom Farrell : ...Solzhenitsyn, Aksyonov.

    Schiller : [chuckles]  Even them, always the sense of humor. In the Philippines, when you passed a bag of underwear, Moscow wasn't amused. I should've acted then. In any case, it's no longer possible for to remain United States. This bizarre incident has given them their Yuri. Evgeny, think. THINK! You're a hero of the Soviet Union.

    Tom Farrell : [darkly]  I'm not a hero.

    Schiller : Be that as it may, you must return!

    Tom Farrell : [annoyed]  I came here! I thought I owed you that - but you can't make me go back.

    [Tom leaves until the two men cock their guns] 

    Schiller : No! Let him go.

    [Tom resumes in leaving] 

    Schiller : He'll come back. Where else can he go?

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