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A Touching, Beautiful MASTERPIECE
james67630 August 2005
Drachenfutter or in English "DRAGON CHOW" is one of the most beautiful films I've seen. I first learned about it at the Providence Public Library, when I was a grad student. I saw the box cover and immediately thought of my family. The smiling faces of the two hard working Pakistani men, reminded me of my uncles, who came to America and worked such hard jobs to give opportunities to their families. I had to see it. The film is magnificent. I was so taken by the relationships. Buddy Uzzaman or professionally known as Badl Uzzaman along with Bhasker, and Ric Young were sensational. Their mastery of the German language was very impressive. Badl Uzzaman and Bhasker continue to work in England. Ric Young has become more and more popular in America with his work on "ALIAS." All three of these men should have been nominated for Academy Awards. Their performances were breathtaking. The music is also very touching. Go see this film. Tell everyone you know. It needs to be seen by all. Amen.
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In 1987 Jan Schutte created what Michael Winterbottom is directing these days.
FilmCriticLalitRao4 July 2007
These days it has become fashionable to make films which in some legitimate, politically correct manner sensationalize the questions related to human dignity,human freedom and human rights. A notable example is that of Miachael Winterbottom. He has made controversial films like A might heart and The road to Guantanamo.These films can be made and will be made as the prevalent times are the times of uncertainty,confusion, chaos and disorder. Now the question is : whom should one consider a better humanist filmmaker ? One who is making films keeping in mind the current trends of world politics or someone who created a little masterpiece without bothering to even battle an eyelid for world events. To my mind it is the latter who will emerge as a clear winner.Ladies and Gentleman the winner in this case is Jan Schutte. In 1987 he created a very subtle unassuming film about illegal immigrants and their hardships in Germany. What is unique about this film is its quasi documentary feel. Watching "Dragon chow" one gets the notion that real life events are happening in front of our eyes in real time. This feeling is sustained by the use of black and white photography which works wonders. Strongly recommended for those DVD collectors who are perpetually hunting rare, hard to find films.
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