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Horror Highlights: I Kill Giants, Comet TV December Viewing Guide, Twin Peaks Fan Film, The Temple Of Lilith

  • DailyDead
The renowned graphic novel from Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura comes to life in the feature film I Kill Giants, which has been acquired for Us distribution by Rlje Films. In today's Horror Highlights we also have a look at Comet TV's December viewing guide, the Indiegogo campaign for a Twin Peaks fan project, and we also enter the woods to watch the eerie short film The Temple of Lilith.

Rlje Films Acquires Us Distribution Rights to I Kill Giants: Press Release: "Los Angeles, Dec. 5, 2017 – Rlje Films, a brand of Rlj Entertainment (Nasdaq: Rlje), Umedia and Xyz Films announced today that Rlje has acquired the U.S. rights to the highly anticipated I Kill Giants, which premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival to critical praise. Based on the acclaimed Man of Action graphic novel by Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura with a screenplay by Joe Kelly, the film was directed by Anders Walter,
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Avengers: Infinity War Finds Thanos a Sidekick

Avengers: Infinity War Finds Thanos a Sidekick
Marvel's highly-anticipated Phase 4 sequel Avengers: Infinity War started production back in January. Even though filming has been under way for a few months, little has been revealed about the story. We reported in January that Peter Dinklage was being sought to play an unspecified character, with theories running rampant that he's playing either Modok or Pip the Troll, neither of which have been confirmed. Today we have word that the movie has added another cast member, motion capture specialist Terry Notary, who will have a pivotal role.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Terry Notary, who was promoting his work as the title ape in Kong: Skull Island, which he performed via motion capture. He has also portrayed the ape Rocket in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the upcoming War For the Planet of the Apes, and Peon in last year's Warcraft.
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From VHS to VOD #1

  • Nerdly
I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I can often spend hours upon hours trawling through iTunes looking for new movies to buy… Usually I’ll randomly come across a title I haven’t seen in years and use the “Cast & Crew” links to make my way down the rabbit hole to the more obscure side of Apple’s digital movie service.

Now whilst many will decry that iTunes is a terrible VOD service due to Apple’s desire to lock its audience to their platforms, if you have an Apple TV or iPad be aware – there are some truly obscure films hidden away in the depths of the vast collection of movies. Some of which have been made available in the UK for the first time since VHS and a Lot that have been added to the service in their original uncut form!

So, with
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DWTS Winner Laurie Hernandez: I’m a ‘Big Crier’ But My Family Helps Me Through ‘Rough Points’

DWTS Winner Laurie Hernandez: I’m a ‘Big Crier’ But My Family Helps Me Through ‘Rough Points’
Laurie Hernandez earned the nickname “The Human Emoji” because of her effervescent attitude, but the Olympian and Dancing with the Stars champ admits she’s far from ever-smiling.

“I’m a big crier,” Hernandez, 16, says in the current issue of People of how she can react when a competition does not go well.

The gymnast fondly remembers how her family — including dad Anthony, a court clerk, mom Wanda, a social worker, and older siblings Jelysa and Marcus — rallied around her after she placed second-to-last at her first national competition when she was 12.

“Even when I didn’t believe in myself,
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New Chinese Studio Is An Opportunity For Hollywood, But Not Without A Catch

Image via Edko Films

We live in a wholly different landscape from as recent as ten years back. Back then, most of a film’s box office gross came from North America. And why not? Most of the Hollywood fare appealed to the Americas, so why wouldn’t they be the main market? Nowadays, the world has gotten smaller, and with it, Hollywood is able to make a pretty penny overseas. The biggest overseas market that’s really starting to come into its own is China.

According to THR, last year, China spent the equivalent of $6.78 billion on box office tickets, which is a crazy increase of almost 48.7% when compared to 2014. Additionally, according to The Economist, the country is opening more than 20 new theaters a day. This, of course, is no real accident. In recent years, Hollywood studios have been putting forth an extra effort to appeal to the Chinese audience,
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New 'Captain America: Civil War' Promo Images Urge Fans to Pick a Side

It seems as though Marvel can do no wrong these days. While Captain America: Civil War promised to be its most ambitious film to date, all the early impressions of the picture seems to be nothing but positive--an amazing feat considering how many big characters are set to star. On the heels of this positive buzz, Marvel has gone on to release a series of promo images that ask the reader to choose a side (via SuperHeroHype).

Check out the images below!

Captain America: Civil War has Chris Evans returning as the iconic Super Hero character Steve Rogers/Captain America along with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon, Paul Bettany as The Vision, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Don Cheadle as Jim Rhodes/War Machine and Elizabeth Olsen
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Check Out the 'Captain America: Civil War' Empire Images in Hi-Res!

2016 marks the year that superheroes face. Batman is taking on Superman, Daredevil is taking on the Punisher, and Iron Man is taking on Captain America. Last week, Empire released a bunch of images in the latest issue of their magazine, and now Marvel has officially released those images on their website.

Check them out below!

Captain America: Civil War has Chris Evans returning as the iconic Super Hero character Steve Rogers/Captain America along with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon, Paul Bettany as The Vision, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Don Cheadle as Jim Rhodes/War Machine and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch. Paul Rudd will make his first appearance alongside the Avengers as Scott Lang/Ant-Man in Civil War

The cast of the
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Notebook's 7th Writers Poll: Fantasy Double Features of 2014

  • MUBI
How would you program this year's newest, most interesting films into double features with movies of the past you saw in 2014?

Looking back over the year at what films moved and impressed us, it is clear that watching old films is a crucial part of making new films meaningful. Thus, the annual tradition of our end of year poll, which calls upon our writers to pick both a new and an old film: they were challenged to choose a new film they saw in 2014—in theatres or at a festival—and creatively pair it with an old film they also saw in 2014 to create a unique double feature.

All the contributors were given the option to write some text explaining their 2014 fantasy double feature. What's more, each writer was given the option to list more pairings, with or without explanation, as further imaginative film programming we'd be lucky to catch
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Albert Pyun retires – My thoughts

  • Nerdly
Earlier today (Aug 19th) one of my all-time favourite directors, Albert Pyun, announced via his Facebook and Twitter pages that he would be stepping away from movie-making and all that it ensues, due to health reasons… He’s since expanded on the problems with his health in a further post on his Facebook page, that I urge everyone whose ever enjoyed an Albert Pyun movie to read.

Hi Everyone – sadly I’m going to have to shutdown my facebook and other movie related efforts including Director’s cuts attending film festivals and screenings due to my health issue. I have to take the time to address this condition as its a long term but not life threatening. I’ve had some heart issues but through Cynthia, that was being stabilized and in control. But this new one is not as dangerous but far more widespread across my entire body and
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See This, Skip That: From Pacific Rim to Grown Ups 2

See This, Skip That: From Pacific Rim to Grown Ups 2
People's critic digs Pacific Rim's robots, but wishes they could take out Grown Ups 2 along with the aliens. Skip this like it's cafeteria mystery meat• Grown Ups 2 The opening scene of Grown Ups 2 features a deer urinating into Adam Sandler's mouth. That's rich, given that he's the one who thinks you'll swallow anything. This pathetic sequel to the bewilderingly successful 2010 Grown Ups finds Sandler's Lenny Feder back in his hometown, living near old buddies Eric (Kevin James), Kurt (Chris Rock) and Marcus (David Spade) - but not too near, since Lenny is way richer than those guys.
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Release Details and Cover Art for Mystery Science Theater 3000: Xxvi

This week sees the DVD release of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Xxvi, featuring The Magic Sword, Alien From L.A., Danger!! Death Ray and The Mole People:

“The poet Tennyson wrote that in spring our fancies lightly turn to thoughts of love. This spring, turn your fancies to the intrepid crew of The Satellite of Love with the latest installment in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 line: Mystery Science Theater 3000: Xxvi. Available March 26th, 2013 from Shout! Factory, this 4-dvd set is a must-have for fans of cult television shows and B-movies alike. Featuring four episodes previously unreleased on DVD: The Magic Sword, Alien From L.A., Danger!! Death Ray and The Mole People; MST3K: Xxvi also includes all new bonus features including a new interview with Alien From L.A. director Albert Pyun, an interview with The Magic Sword director Bert I. Gordon, Life After MST3K: Mike Nelson,
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Review: Bbxx

  • Comicmix
Bbxx By Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman 335 pages, Andrews McMeel Publishing, $35 In the early days of 1990, a brand new comic strip debuted, perfect for parents of young children and universal in its humor. Coming from veteran writer Jerry Scott with art by Rick Kirkman, Baby Blues was a pretty quick hit, still running in hundreds of papers. Now in its 23rd year, Andrews McMeel recently celebrated the success with the release of Bbxx: Baby Blues Decades 1 & 2. Unlike a lot of strip collections, this comes with extensive commentary from both creators, annotating and riffing on what prompted particularly strips, gags, characters, and visuals. As a result, this becomes an interesting look back at the development and evolution of a strip that went from two parents and an infant to a five-member family. It caught fire quickly, earning the Ruben Award for Best Comic Strip of the Year in 1995. Looking back, Kirkman
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Whoopi Goldberg Tells Indiewire Why She Is Using Kickstarter to Fund Her Directorial Debut

Whoopi Goldberg Tells Indiewire Why She Is Using Kickstarter to Fund Her Directorial Debut
Celebrities using Kickstarter to raise money for a venture is nothing new. "Napoleon Dynamite" star Jon Heder, author Neil Gaiman and musician Amanda Palmer have all done it. But when Academy Award-winner Whoopi Goldberg launched her own crowdfunding campaign yesterday to help fund her directorial debut "I Got Somethin' To Tell You," you can bet more than a few folks' eyebrows were raised. Goldberg is hoping to make her Kickstarter goal of $65,000 to finish producing her documentary on one of her role models, legendary stand-up comedian Moms Mabley (born Loretta Mary Aiken), who rose to national recognition in the 1960s. Mabley, who passed away at the age of 81 in 1975, has over 20 comedy records to her name and performed everywhere from Harlem's Apollo Theater to Carnegie Hall. As Goldberg says in her Kickstarter pitch, "Moms was the first and without her there probably would not have been a Totie, a Joan,
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Police Riot On "Xiii.2" Toronto Set

  • SneakPeek
Thanks to TorontoFilm.Net, Sneak Peek an exclusive first look @ the graphic novel adaptation "Xiii.2", shooting an Occupy protestor-type police riot sequence, in a park between Front and Wellington Streets, Toronto, February 28, 2012.

The new TV series, shooting thorough to July 2012 in Toronto, is based on 'Xiii", the Franco-Belgian comics series written and illustrated by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, following an amnesiac searching for a concealed past.

With a plot inspired by author Robert Ludlum's book "The Bourne Identity", "Xiii" was first serialized in 1984, then adapted into video games and TV mini-series.

In the original comic book series :

"...the first female Us President, 'Sally Sheridan' is shot dead by a sniper during her 'Veterans Day' speech. Her assassin narrowly escapes the scene with his life. Three months later, an elderly couple discover the body of a wounded man in a tree, wearing a parachute. He cannot
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DVD Review: Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. Xx

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. Xx


Directed by Kevin Murphy

Starring Joel Hodgson, Michael J. Nelson

Shout! Factory

Release Date: March 8, 2011

Before I started putting my thoughts for this review to paper, I was trying to remember what movie was being roasted over an open flame on the first episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that I ever saw. Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders? Nope, but I do recall watching about five minutes of that one. Eegah? Close, but no cigar. That episode I watched on a day when I stayed home from school with the flu and it happened at the time I had just discovered the endless source of wonderment that is Comedy Central (in the form of reruns of the original British version of Whose Line is it Anyway?).

I’m afraid my introduction to the subversively hilarious world of MST3K (which we lifetime
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Hellcats Review: "Land of 1,000 Dances"

  • TVfanatic
Playing off the success of last week’s “Warped Sister,” Hellcats returned with another solid episode brewing with hookups and scandals. Some things hit right on the spot, others were Mia. Let’s dig in and discuss "Land of 1,000 Dances."

Julian drops a bomb. I knew he had to be too good to be true. No one is that good looking and dripping in all the qualities women want without some skeletons in the closet.

After abruptly canceling dinner with Marti, she goes to find out what the deal is. Turns out my new personal favorite lawyer has a daughter and an ex-wife. Sort of. Legally separated, divorce pending. Whatever...still a major secret. Not that Julian needed to tell Marti this information at this point.

Just last week they were sneaking around and they hadn’t even had their first official date yet when she found out. Unless something is still going on,
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Action Packed Flashback – Albert Pyun’s Cyborg

Largely dismissed in the filmography of action star Jean-Claude Van Damme is 1989′s Cyborg, a film seemingly forgotten to today’s action fans. While it has the dubious honor of being sandwiched in between two widely praised and regarded Van Damme films – 1988′s Bloodsport and 1989′s Kickboxer – the film has been in the news lately (here) due to some footage long thought lost being rediscovered by the film’s director, Albert Pyun.

Killer Film looks back at Cyborg in another edition of Action Packed Flashback with director Albert Pyun.

“We were fully cast and five weeks away from shooting Masters [of the Universe] 2,” Albert Pyun recalls. “So yeah, there was a shooting script and we were building costumes, props, and sets.” Before production got started on Cyborg, Cannon Films initially wanted to make a sequel to the Dolph Lundgren 1987 hit, Masters of the Universe. With production nearing a start date, the studio had
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Hellcats Review: "Warped Sister"

  • TVfanatic
So it looks like Hellcats has finally found its footing.

After a season’s best episode last week, the rookie series returned with "Warped Sister”, an overflowing hour of new secrets, hook-ups and even an arrest. Time to dig in.

The New Love Triangle - Well who didn’t see this coming? With Emily returning to Lancer, Red & Vanessa knew they were in for some trouble. Now on top of the football program issues, Red is dealing with an ex who isn’t over him. Derrick’s exit made it so easy for the rekindled couple that throwing another person in the mix can only make for some fun.

Nasty Kathy - Gotta admit, Lewis and Nk make a pretty good fit. I couldn’t help but feel terrible after the backstory on her childhood. Looks like Savannah wasn’t always “positive outcomes only.” CW shows are not known for their continuity,
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Hellcats 1.17 "Don't Make Promises" (You Can't Keep) Review

Starting an episode of Hellcats with a squad practice is always a great way to start the show. Get the energy pumpin', if you will. And it worked! Woke me right up.

Am I the only one who didn't realize Travis was living with Wanda? There is definitely an age difference there, but putting Travis with Wanda might be kind of interesting and give Gail O'Grady more of a storyline. She's a great choice for Marti's mom, but is definitely underused in Hellcats. The song Travis was playing was a children's song (I hope) written by Marti's dad. I thought it was silly, but maybe there was just something about it that struck a chord with Marti's DNA, because that's when she found out her father was a musician. It seems so incredibly callous for Wanda not to have shared that with Marti, knowing how much music means to her,
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My old man

Until the day he died, I always called him "Daddy." He was Walter Harry Ebert, born in Urbana in 1902 of parents who had emmigrated from Germany. His father, Joseph, was a machinist working for the Peoria & Eastern Railway, known as the Big Four. Daddy would take me out to the Roundhouse on the north side of town to watch the big turntables turning steam engines around. In our kitchen, he always used a knife "your grandfather made from a single piece of steel."

I never met my grandparents, and that knife is the only thing of theirs I own. Once when I was visiting my parents' graves, I wandered over to my grandparents' graves, where we'd often left flowers on Memorial Day. I realized consciously for the first time, although I must have been told, that my grandfather was named Joseph. My middle name.

What have I inherited from those
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