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Alejandro Rey: Spiro



  • [Spiro sees the movie playing on Stanley's TV] 

    Spiro : Fantastic idea for a movie! Martians diddling the women of the universe.

    Stanley Putterman : Yeah, yeah, yeah... you got it, Spiro. Intergalactic swingers.

  • [Cherry and Spiro express that Sherman should be in the movies] 

    Cherry : You know, you really got a cute kid there. Have you ever thought about putting him in the movies? I mean, I know a really sweet agent.

    Raquel Putterman : Oh, God no. Sherman's much too neurotic to be an actor.

    Stanley Putterman : Yeah, the only thing the kid is interested in is being a soldier.

    Spiro : Ahh, such a manly pursuit - raping and pillaging and creating life, but taking it away. Like the gods of the ancient Greeks.

  • [Raquel and Spiro decide to make drinks together] 

    Raquel Putterman : Spiro, why don't you come and out me make the drinks?

    Spiro : Excellent idea. I make a wonderful Margarita. Very unusual.

    Stanley Putterman : Go for it!

    Spiro : [to Raquel]  Raquel, do you have Ouzo?

    Raquel Putterman : Uh, no, I don't even know what it is.

    Spiro : Too bad. I make a delicious Ouzo Margarita!

  • [Spiro asks Raquel if Stanley is a manly man] 

    Spiro : So tell me, Raquel, is Stanley a manly man?

    Raquel Putterman : [Raquel smiles]  Oh, God, yes. A real stallion.

    Spiro : No, what I mean is does Stanley take it like a man?

    Raquel Putterman : Oh, yeah. I guess so.

    Spiro : [Spiro smiles]  I thought so.

    Raquel Putterman : And what about you, Spiro? Are you a really manly man?

    Spiro : [Spiro smiles big]  Oh, yes, indeed. Spiro Xeros is the manliest of men.

  • [Spiro tells Raquel he likes boys] 

    Spiro : Well, I'm Greek you know.

    Raquel Putterman : Oh, of course, you're Greek. It said so in the classifieds. Oh, don't worry. We're not prejudice.

    Spiro : No, no, no. You don't understand. I am into Greek. I am into Greek culture. I like boys.

    Spiro : [Raquel in shock, as Spiro smiles bigger]  Stanley is such a manly man.

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