TerrorVision (1986) Poster


William Paulson: Pluthar


  • [Pluthar gives out his warning from the TV] 

    Pluthar : People of Earth, you must heed my warning. Destroy your satellite receivers. Dismantle your communications systems. Render your TV sets inoperable for the next 200 Earth years. It may already be too late.

  • [the Putterman kids tells Pluthar the alien monster has killed their parents] 

    Pluthar : The beast has ingested Earthlings? Oh dear heavens, I'll lose my position for this.

  • [Medusa arrives in time to kill who she thinks is the alien monster] 

    Sherman Putterman : Medusa!

    Medusa : [Medusa sees Pluthar]  Not so fast, asshole! Yah!

    Medusa : [hitting Pluthar over the helmet with her purse]  Ugly bastard!

    Pluthar : [as Pluthar's helmet starts to lose air pressure]  Uh! I'm losing pressure!

    Suzy Putterman : [Pluthar falls dead]  Oh, my God!

    Medusa : Right in the nick of time, huh?

  • [Sherman watches Pluthar continue to give warnings thru the TV] 

    Pluthar : I am Pluthar, sanitation captain of Pluton. A stray energy beam containing garbage from my substation may be headed for your solar system and could possibly result in the total annihilation of your species. I'm so terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

  • [Sherman and Suzy meet Pluthar] 

    Pluthar : Please, Earthling, there is little time. I've come to exterminate the hungry beast.

    Suzy Putterman : Like, what is going on around here? What is a hungry beast?

    Pluthar : On my planet, the hungry beast is a house pet, similar to your Earthly dogs and cats. But, they are highly unstable, prone to mutate wildly and eat everything in sight. When mutation occurs, they must be exterminated at once.

    Sherman Putterman : You mean, like, he was somebody's pet?

    Pluthar : Oh, yes, they're very lovable, before they mutate.

  • [O.D. watches Pluthar's warning on the TV] 

    Pluthar : [O.D. plays an imaginary guitar while watching Pluthar]  Earthlings, please, you must heed my warning. It's appetite is insatiable. Its curiousity is boundless. Its strength knows no limits. It will continue to absorb all life forms.

  • [Pluthar tells Sherman and Suzy how he can return their mother and father] 

    Pluthar : Well, we do have a process. If I can take the beast back alive, which isn't likely, the victim's genes could be extracted from the hungry beast's tissue and grown in special serum cultures.

    Sherman Putterman : You mean, like, clones?

    Suzy Putterman : Clones of mommy and daddy?

    Pluthar : No, no, they'd be the real mommy and daddy. Of course, they'd have to live in special aquariums.

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