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Gerrit Graham: Stan



  • [Spiro sees the movie playing on Stanley's TV] 

    Spiro : Fantastic idea for a movie! Martians diddling the women of the universe.

    Stanley Putterman : Yeah, yeah, yeah... you got it, Spiro. Intergalactic swingers.

  • [the Putterman parents meet O.D. for the first time] 

    Suzy Putterman : It's O.D.

    Stanley Putterman : O who?

    Suzy Putterman : O.D., my new boyfriend.

    Stanley Putterman : Oh. Irish boy?

  • [Cherry asks Stanley if she can go into his Jacuzzi] 

    Cherry : Is it cool if I get in there?

    Stanley Putterman : Cool? Babe, it's a perfect 98.6. It's like floatin' in your mother's womb!

  • [first lines] 

    Raquel Putterman : [Raquel watches her exercise program while Stanley works on the satellite dish]  Stanley! Stanley! Quit screwing around... Stanley! Stanley, I'm right in the middle of my program. For Christ's sakes, Stanley!

    Stanley Putterman : Lay off me, Beautiful. I almost got this baby wired.

  • [the Putterman's discover the sludge floating in the Jacuzzi] 

    Raquel Putterman : Spiro...? Cherry...?

    Stanley Putterman : [about Spiro]  What the Hell did that homo do to the Jacooz'?

    Raquel Putterman : Maybe Spiro's cocktail made someone sickie-poo.

  • [Cherry and Spiro express that Sherman should be in the movies] 

    Cherry : You know, you really got a cute kid there. Have you ever thought about putting him in the movies? I mean, I know a really sweet agent.

    Raquel Putterman : Oh, God no. Sherman's much too neurotic to be an actor.

    Stanley Putterman : Yeah, the only thing the kid is interested in is being a soldier.

    Spiro : Ahh, such a manly pursuit - raping and pillaging and creating life, but taking it away. Like the gods of the ancient Greeks.

  • [Stanley turns on the new satellite TV for the first time] 

    Stanley Putterman : Get ready, you guys. This baby is going to open up a whole new dimension in television pleasure.

    Sherman Putterman : Oh, boy.

    Raquel Putterman : Oh, Stanley, I'm so excited.

    Stanley Putterman : [the TV turns on to show an Asian Samurai movie]  Check it out! Dyno picture!

  • [Stanley changes the satellite TV channel to a porn station] 

    Stanley Putterman : Channel, 69, pop.

  • [the Putterman's see Medusa for the first time on their new satellite TV] 

    Medusa : Hello, bloodsuckers. Ready to be turned to stone?

    Grampa Putterman : Would you look at those hooters!

    Stanley Putterman : Holy tomato!

    Sherman Putterman : Let's watch her tonight, okay, Grampa? All the way to midnight.

    Grampa Putterman : Hell yeah, we'll watch her!

  • [Raquel and Spiro decide to make drinks together] 

    Raquel Putterman : Spiro, why don't you come and out me make the drinks?

    Spiro : Excellent idea. I make a wonderful Margarita. Very unusual.

    Stanley Putterman : Go for it!

    Spiro : [to Raquel]  Raquel, do you have Ouzo?

    Raquel Putterman : Uh, no, I don't even know what it is.

    Spiro : Too bad. I make a delicious Ouzo Margarita!

  • [Stanley sees Cherry dress down into her bikini] 

    Stanley Putterman : Holy tomatoes!

  • [Stanley warns Cherry to not touch the remote control while in the pool] 

    Stanley Putterman : Look, whatever you do, don't touch this. There's something screwy with the waterproofing and, well, uh... I wouldn't want you to get electrocuted.

    Cherry : [Cherry smiles]  Oh, me neither.

  • [Stanley finds out that Spiro wants to swing with him] 

    Stanley Putterman : Well, just gonna have to straighten out old Spiro about the facts of life!

  • [Suzy and Sherman find their alien Putterman parents and the alien swingers in bed together] 

    Raquel Putterman : [alien Raquel]  Remember, kids, you do your thing, we do ours.

    Suzy Putterman : Mother, that is so disgusting!

    Stanley Putterman : [alien Stanley]  Night, night, now, kids. Try and keep it down, will ya? Thanks.

    Suzy Putterman : Barf me out!

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