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DeForest Kelley: McCoy



  • Kirk : Mr. Spock, have you accounted for the variable mass of whales and water in your time re-entry program?

    Spock : Mr. Scott cannot give me exact figures, Admiral, so... I will make a guess.

    Kirk : A guess? You, Spock? That's extraordinary.

    Spock : [to Dr. McCoy]  I don't think he understands.

    McCoy : No, Spock. He means that he feels safer about your guesses than most other people's facts.

    Spock : Then you're saying...


    Spock : It is a compliment?

    McCoy : It is.

    Spock : Ah. Then, I will try to make the best guess I can.

    McCoy : Please do.

  • McCoy : [probing Chekov's head]  Tearing of the middle meningeal artery...

    Doctor #1 : What's your degree in, dentistry?

    McCoy : How do YOU explain slowing pulse, low respiratory rate and coma?

    Doctor #1 : Fundascopic examination!

    McCoy : Fundascopic examination is unrevealing in these cases!

    Doctor #1 : A simple evacuation of the epidural hematoma will relieve the pressure!

    McCoy : My God man, drilling holes in his head is not the answer! The artery must be repaired! Now, put away your butcher's knives and let me save this patient before it's too late!

  • Kirk : Out of the way...

    Shore Patrolman : Sorry, Doctor, I have strict orders...

    Dr. Gillian Taylor : [Gillian moans in pain] 

    McCoy : My God, man. Do you want an acute case on your hands? This woman has immediate postprandial, upper-abdominal distention. Now, out of the way! Get out of the way!

    [They enter the operating room] 

    Kirk : What did you say she has?

    McCoy : Cramps.

  • McCoy : [McCoy, masked and in surgical garb, passes an elderly woman groaning on a gurney in the hallway]  What's the matter with you?

    Elderly patient : [weakly]  Kidney


    Elderly patient : dialysis.

    McCoy : [geniunely surprised]  Dialysis?

    [musing to himself] 

    McCoy : What is this, the Dark Ages?

    [He turns back to the patient and hands her a large white pill] 

    McCoy : Here,


    McCoy : you swallow that, and if you have any more problems, just call me!

    [He pats her cheek and leaves] 

  • McCoy : You, ah, realize of course that if we give him the formula we're altering the future.

    Scotty : Why? How do we know he didn't invent the thing?

  • McCoy : You sure this is such a bright idea?

    Kirk : What do you mean?

    McCoy : [referring to Spock]  I mean him! Back at his post like nothing happened. I don't know if you got the whole picture or not, but he's not quite operating on all thrusters!

    Kirk : It'll come back to him.

    McCoy : Are you sure?

    [Kirk doesn't answer] 

    McCoy : That's what I thought.

  • McCoy : [Dr. McCoy is talking about Mr. Spock] 

    McCoy : I don't know if you've got the whole picture, but he's not exactly working on all thrusters.

  • McCoy : I mean, I may have carried your soul, but I sure couldn't fill your shoes.

    Spock : My shoes?

    McCoy : Forget it.

  • McCoy : You're going to try time traveling in this rustbucket?

    Kirk : Well, we've done it before.

    McCoy : Sure, you slingshot around the Sun, pick up enough speed - You're in time warp. If you don't, you're fried.

    Kirk : I prefer it to nothing.

    McCoy : I prefer a dose of common sense! You're proposing that we go backwards in time, find humpback whales, then bring them foward in time, drop 'em off, and hope to Hell they tell this probe what to do with itself!

    Kirk : That's the general idea.

    McCoy : Well, that's crazy!

    Kirk : You've got a better idea?


    Kirk : Now's the time.

  • [Kirk is pacing back and forth, considering a below-decks room in the Klingon ship for possible whale transport] 

    Kirk : Scotty, how long is this bay?

    Scotty : About sixty feet, Admiral.

    Kirk : Can you enclose it to hold water?

    Scotty : [laughs]  I suppose I could. You planning to take a swim?

    McCoy : [sourly]  Off the deep end, Mr. Scott!

    Kirk : We got to find some humpbacks.

    Scotty : Humpbacked... people?

    Kirk : Whales, Mr. Scott, whales! Forty to fifty feet long and about 40 tons each.

  • Spock : Ready to engage computer, Admiral.

    Kirk : What's our target in time?

    Spock : Late twentieth century.

    Kirk : Can you be more specific?

    Spock : Not with this equipment. I've had to program some of the variables from memory.

    Kirk : What are some of the variables?

    Spock : The availability of fuel components, mass of the vessel through a time continuum, and probable location of humpback whales - in this case, the Pacific Basin.

    Kirk : And you programmed all that from memory?

    Spock : I have.

    McCoy : Angels and ministers of grace, defend us!

    Spock : [recognizing the quote]  Hamlet, Act One, Scene Four.

    Kirk : [smiling]  No doubt about your memory, Spock. Engage computers. Prepare for warp speed.

  • McCoy : Perhaps, we could cover a little philosophical ground. Life


    McCoy : Death


    McCoy : Life.


    McCoy : Things of that nature.

    Spock : I did not have time on Vulcan to review the philosophical disciplines.

    McCoy : C'mon, Spock, it's me, McCoy. You really have gone where no man's gone before. Can't you tell me what it felt like?

    Spock : It would be impossible to discuss the subject without a common frame-of-reference.

    McCoy : You're joking!

    Spock : A joke


    Spock : is a story with a humorous climax.

    McCoy : You mean I have to die to discuss your insights on death?

    Spock : Forgive me, Doctor. I am receiving a number of distress calls.

    McCoy : I don't doubt it.

  • McCoy : My God, man! Drilling holes in his head isn't the answer! Now put away your butcher knives and let me save this patient before it's too late!

  • McCoy : So, this is the probe's way of saying, "hello" to the people of Earth?

    Spock : [looking annoyed]  There are other species on earth. Only human arrogance would assume the signal must be meant for mankind.

  • McCoy : Hi. Busy?

    Spock : Uhura is busy. I am monitoring.

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