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Kathleen Quinlan: Joanie Morse



  • Tom Schmidt : I'm dying.

    Joanie Morse : You are not going to die! I've got the stuff, I just need a syringe!

    Tom Schmidt : It's going to be terrible. You've got to leave!

    Joanie Morse : There's nowhere left to go.

  • Tom Schmidt : Joanie, did they hurt you? It's all my fault... you were right! Protocol 1! We're all dying Joanie, except you.

    Joanie Morse : What happened Mr. Schmidt, what went wrong?

    Tom Schmidt : [guiltily looks away] 

  • Tom Schmidt : Joanie, listen to me, you don't have to say a word, just show me your daybook!

    Tippett : [holds up burned paper]  Here it is! You stupid cow, you burned the page but you remember the numbers, don't you?

    Joanie Morse : I'm not telling you anything!

    Tom Schmidt : Joanie, we don't have time to be nice!

    Tippett : She'll talk.

    [Tippett holds Joanie down and holds up a cut lamp cord] 

    Tom Schmidt : Wait a minute! Wait a minute, this is getting out of hand... NO, NO!

    Tippett : Now I know you're frightened but we all wanna leave, don't we?

    [zaps her with the cord] 

    Joanie Morse : [screams] 

    Tom Schmidt : Jesus christ, Tippett!

    Tippett : Just my way of saying please! Look, you're killing us, don't you understand?

    [zaps her with the cord again and she screams] 

    Joanie Morse : D-44! 8 over 5!

    [scrambles against the wall] 

    Tippett : [types in code on computer but it reads "CODE EXPIRED. NO NEW CODE. PLEASE STAND BY."] 

    Joanie Morse : Aah, aah!

    [Schmidt stares at her in regret] 

  • Joanie Morse : We're all crazy now, the whole world... he was part of it Cal, so was I!

    Cal Morse : Yeah but he knew about it and you didn't... I guess sometimes when people see a problem they've just got to solve it.

    Joanie Morse : Yeah.

  • Tom Schmidt : Joanie, wait... something's up ahead.

    Joanie Morse : I don't think we should go down there...

    Dr. Nielsen : Why not, Joanie?

    Joanie Morse : [Screams]  Dr. Nielsen!

    Dr. Nielsen : Very much alive, despite what they told you!

    Joanie Morse : You're sick!

    Dr. Nielsen : I was, for a moment, but not anymore.

    [Nielsen reaches for Schmidt's face] 

    Dr. Nielsen : Hello, Tom! Don't worry, you'll recover just like the rest of us. Here, let me give you a hand! Kapoor is right down this way!

    Tom Schmidt : No, don't let them take me, Joanie! DON'T LET THEM!

    [hugs Joanie and starts crying] 

    Joanie Morse : It's alright Mr. Schmidt, we aren't alone anymore!

    Dr. Nielsen : Oh, but look at my clothes Joanie, blood all over 'em! Do you think this will wash out?

    Joanie Morse : [nervously]  what's the blood from?

    Dr. Nielsen : I don't want outsiders coming in here! They mustn't see what's happened! It's very shocking.

    Joanie Morse : Who mustn't see?

    Dr. Nielsen : Ask Ramesh!

    [Ramesh jumps out from behind a pipe on the wall, trying to murder Joanie and Mr. Schmidt with an ax] 

    Dr. Nielsen : I feel rage, Joannie! BEAUTIFUL RAGE!

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