The Toxic Avenger (1984) Poster

Robert Prichard: Slug



  • [Melvin catches Slug and Wanda having sex in the locker room] 

    Slug : Get out of here you pervert.

    [Wanda pulls out a switchblade] 

    Wanda : Or I'll kill you.

  • Wanda : Slug, are you sure no one will come in?

    Slug : I paid Tony 15 bucks. He said the place is ours till tomorrow morning.

  • Bozo : [about Melvin, who is clumsily mopping]  Would you take a look at that fucking guy? The mop boy. Can't even mop right!

    Julie : He's SO stupid!

    Slug : He's always got that shit-eatin' grin on his face. What's he so happy about?

    Bozo : I HATE that mop boy.

    Julie : [as Melvin approaches]  I think that creep's comin' over here!

    Bozo : [sniffs]  Julie, you... uh, smell somethin'?

    Julie : Ew! Pee-you! What's that stink?

    Melvin Junko : [sniffs]  G-Gee, t-that's funny, I don't smell nothin'.

  • Bozo : Julie, does it count if i graze em.

    Julie : You got to destroy them, Bozo... I want them dead.

    Bozo : Oh, now we're gonna get em. Come on, come on, come on now. Where the fuck is everybody, where the fuck is everybody.

    Bozo : How much is a kid on a bicycle.

    Slug : Where.

    Julie : 28 Points if you get both the kid, and the bike.

    Julie : Let's take a closer look,

    Wanda : Oh, he's a cute little boy isn't he.

    Julie : How pretty late, aren't ya buddy.

    Wanda : The coast is clear Bozo.

    Bozo : We got em.

    Bozo : We're gonna get him, we're gonna get him.

  • Slug : You know, I think you oughta work a little bit on your gut. You're getting a little bit flabby there!

    Bozo : [stops lifting]  What? What are you talking about? I ain't go no fat! There's no fat on here, there's no

    [grabs a piece of his stomach and is shocked] 

    Bozo : ... FAT! FAT!

    [lifts weights harder] 

    Bozo : .

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