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Sex & Nudity

  • Romance and kissing occurs frequently.
  • The episode "Runners" focuses on a teenaged prostitute attempting to escape from her employer, and at one point a man says she propositioned him. No intercourse occurs on or off-screen.

Violence & Gore

  • Common fight scenes consist of punches, kicks and tackles. The main protagonist expresses his opposition to the use of firearms.
  • Occasional deaths by gunshots (with some blood), cliffs, etc. Few violent deaths appear that are uncharacteristic of the series, such as:


  • Occasional usage of "damn" and "hell" is seen ; however ,the protagonist is never seen using abusive words .

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The season 4 episode "Blood Brothers" features heavy usage of crack. It is no way promoting it and shows its negative effects of it.
  • Main protagonist smoking three cigarettes at a one go is shown in the episode " Pilot " ,however that was done as a trick to sense the laser rays . Except that ,he's never seen smoking or using alcohol.
  • Season 6 episode " Twenty questions" features protagonist's fight to prevent his 15 year old teenage friend from alcoholism .Scenes of excessive beer consumption and intoxication of teenagers is shown in two instances of this episode . No promoting of alcoholism occurs though . Adverse effects of alcohol consumption and bad peer group association is emphasized
  • Occasional smoking, consumption of wine or other alcoholic beverages. Mostly shown as used in moderation.
  • Smuggling, production or possession of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and PCP is shown in various episodes.
  • Illegal drug operations are severely fought against by the allied characters, and the main protagonist frowns upon the use of tobacco and alcohol products.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rare deaths of allied side characters are dramatic and shocking.
  • Frequent moments of peril (cliffs, hostages, gunpoint, time bomb moments)
  • The episodes "Deadly Dreams" and "A Lesson in Evil" have a moderate suspense/horror theme, and may result in the first exposure of younglings to this genre of entertainment.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A neutral character being hit in the chest by a thrown axe in "Gold Rush", however ,it 's done by the villain of the episode .
  • A villain accidentally running himself through with his own saber in "The Golden Triangle",
  • Another neutral character opening a door and receiving an axe to the chest in "Deadly Dreams", with a flashback to this event in "A Lesson in Evil", and possibly others. Be sure to preview episodes before showing them to young children, especially those with a potentially violent premise.
  • The villain of the series Murdoc is frequently assumed throughout the series to have met his end via fiery explosions, cliffs, vats of a boiling and flaming liquid, and an off-screen firing squad. Every time, he either returns with increasingly visible facial scars (resetting via plastic surgery at one point) or the characters and audience being informed that his body was not recovered at the location of his supposed death.


  • Mild cursing. Hell and damn are said. Approximately 0-2 swears per episode.

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