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8 Jan. 1990
Exhausted from being overworked, MacGyver falls asleep watching an old western. He dreams that he is in the Old West where he encounters Murdoc and Pete who conspire to force MacGyver off his land.
15 Jan. 1990
Live and Learn
MacGyver is mentoring a troubled high school student who drops out of school to work at a construction site with his dad. While there, the kid discovers that the site may be unsafe when he witnesses a safety inspector being bribed.
5 Feb. 1990
Log Jam
MacGyver goes undercover as a logger in the Pacific Northwest in order to expose the illegal practices of a Japanese businessman.
12 Feb. 1990
The Treasure of Manco
A friend of MacGyver's is killed in Peru looking for a mythical treasure. MacGyver helps his daughter to continue her father's quest.
19 Feb. 1990
Jenny's Chance
MacGyver organizes a gambling sting operation in order to catch the murderer of a horse trainer, a money launderer for a Cuban drug lord.
26 Feb. 1990
Deep Cover
A female scientist designs an innovative sonar detection system for the Phoenix Foundation. The shady owner of a submarine company wants to sell her system to a drug-smuggling cartel.
19 Mar. 1990
The Lost Amadeus
A famous musician is abducted by criminals who want a violin originally owned by Mozart as the ransom. A young woman enlists MacGyver's help to defeat the criminals.
9 Apr. 1990
Hearts of Steel
Disgruntled steel-mill workers kidnap the daughter of the industrialist who put them out of work.
16 Apr. 1990
Rush to Judgement
MacGyver is serving as a sequestered member of the jury in a racially-charged trial. MacGyver sneaks out to investigate the crime scene, uncovering new evidence, but also landing him in contempt of court.
30 Apr. 1990
While in a coma resulting from a great fall, MacGyver has a near-death experience, where he is reunited with his grandfather Harry and his long-deceased parents.
17 Sep. 1990
Tough Boys
A gang of young vigilantes is destroying the city's crack houses. MacGyver suspects that an ex-marine from the youth center is the person training the vigilantes.
24 Sep. 1990
MacGyver saves the life of a Romanian soldier who has taken him hostage. MacGyver then tries to appeal to the soldier's sense of humanity.
1 Oct. 1990
The Gun
When a cop is shot, a gun used to assassinate a presidential candidate years ago is found, leading investigators to accuse MacGyver's friend from the youth center of the crime.
8 Oct. 1990
Twenty Questions
MacGyver's young friend Lisa has problems with alcohol. She gets arrested for being involved in several burglaries.
22 Oct. 1990
The Wall
With the help of MacGyver, an elderly German man is reunited with his long-lost granddaughter. However, she is now an agent involved in a plot to steal her grandfather's gold.
29 Oct. 1990
Lesson in Evil
The infamous Dr. Zito escapes from court during his insanity hearing. MacGyver and the police, including the same officer responsible for Zito's incarceration, are now the victims of Zito's sadistic games.
5 Nov. 1990
Harry's Will
Harry's will leaves a vintage station wagon in MacGyver's possession. However, a bunch of crooks express great interest in finding the car, believing a priceless diamond pendant to be hidden inside.
12 Nov. 1990
MacGyver's Women
MacGyver is accused of having a fear of commitment by the women in his life. A dream takes him back to the Old West where the women are mail-order brides.
19 Nov. 1990
Bitter Harvest
A farm-worker organizer who uncovered evidence against growers using deadly pesticides is found dead. MacGyver goes undercover to investigate the man's death.
3 Dec. 1990
The Visitor
While driving through a small town, MacGyver sees something resembling a UFO landing, and starts to investigate.
17 Dec. 1990
Squeeze Play
Mama Colton, MacGyver, and the daughter of a baseball legend join forces to take down a group of criminals that produce counterfeit baseball cards and other baseball related collector's items.

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