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Season 5

18 Sep. 1989
Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 1
An archaeologist friend pays MacGyver a visit to get his help in using a map to find an ancient artifact called the Holy Rose.
25 Sep. 1989
Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 2
MacGyver and his archaeologist friend continue on to London and France in their search for the Holy Rose. Along the way they come across a notorious jewel magnate who has deadly intentions.
2 Oct. 1989
The Black Corsage
A female defector, who is a witness to a murder, is protected by the Phoenix Foundation. She also holds the key to the location of a priceless necklace.
9 Oct. 1989
Cease Fire
While in Geneva, MacGyver is wounded in an assassination attempt. He is framed as the sniper and meets an American schoolgirl who helps him in clearing his name.
16 Oct. 1989
Second Chance
Renegade America service men steal everything that's not nailed down in Thailand, creating a life-threatening situation. MacGyver helps set things right, while helping an old friend get acquainted with a son he never knew he had.
30 Oct. 1989
Halloween Knights
Murdoc enlists MacGyver's help to rescue his sister from his former employer. She is scheduled to be executed during a Halloween Party put on by the professional assassination organization.
6 Nov. 1989
Children of Light
When a Chinese college student shows up at MacGyver's front door, she brings with her a continuation of the struggle that began in Tiananmen Square.
13 Nov. 1989
Black Rhino
MacGyver trails a friend, Billy Colton, to Africa where he witnesses the cruel slaughter of the endangered Black Rhino. When he joins the activists, hoping to prevent the poaching, Mac meets up with the men behind the scheme - Ladysmith.
20 Nov. 1989
The Ten Percent Solution
A massive neo-Nazi movement within the American political system is uncovered by MacGyver after investigating the claims by a Holocaust survivor.
11 Dec. 1989
Two Times Trouble
A rock-star friend of MacGyver's is filming a video for the Rock Against Drugs campaign. A series of mysterious accidents that occur during filming convinces her that her twin sister is attempting to kill her.
18 Dec. 1989
The Madonna
MacGyver and the kids at the Challenges Club are taught the true meaning of Christmas by a mysterious homeless woman who comes to stay there.
8 Jan. 1990
Exhausted from being overworked, MacGyver falls asleep watching an old western. He dreams that he is in the Old West where he encounters Murdoc and Pete who conspire to force MacGyver off his land.
15 Jan. 1990
Live and Learn
MacGyver is mentoring a troubled high school student who drops out of school to work at a construction site with his dad. While there, the kid discovers that the site may be unsafe when he witnesses a safety inspector being bribed.
5 Feb. 1990
Log Jam
MacGyver goes undercover as a logger in the Pacific Northwest in order to expose the illegal practices of a Japanese businessman.
12 Feb. 1990
The Treasure of Manco
A friend of MacGyver's is killed in Peru looking for a mythical treasure. MacGyver helps his daughter to continue her father's quest.
19 Feb. 1990
Jenny's Chance
MacGyver organizes a gambling sting operation in order to catch the murderer of a horse trainer, a money launderer for a Cuban drug lord.
26 Feb. 1990
Deep Cover
A female scientist designs an innovative sonar detection system for the Phoenix Foundation. The shady owner of a submarine company wants to sell her system to a drug-smuggling cartel.
19 Mar. 1990
The Lost Amadeus
A famous musician is abducted by criminals who want a violin originally owned by Mozart as the ransom. A young woman enlists MacGyver's help to defeat the criminals.
9 Apr. 1990
Hearts of Steel
Disgruntled steel-mill workers kidnap the daughter of the industrialist who put them out of work.
16 Apr. 1990
Rush to Judgement
MacGyver is serving as a sequestered member of the jury in a racially-charged trial. MacGyver sneaks out to investigate the crime scene, uncovering new evidence, but also landing him in contempt of court.
30 Apr. 1990
While in a coma resulting from a great fall, MacGyver has a near-death experience, where he is reunited with his grandfather Harry and his long-deceased parents.

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