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Season 6

10 Sep. 1990
A Gummi's Work Is Never Done
At each other's throats as usual about their efficiency in their respective jobs, Gruffi and Grammi decide to switch chores for the day. While trying to repair one of the ogre traps, Grammi is captured by Duke Igthorn's ogres, and he tries to interrogate her on how to use a newly-built Gummi logging machine based on a blueprint Toadwart found to attack Dunwyn with.
12 Sep. 1990
Friar Tum
Tummi can't seem to refuse a request for help, so when he follows the smell of food to a monastery, he ends up taking the abbot up on his offer to stay. But when Tuck, Clutch, and Nip strike in disguise, he must learn how to refuse their demands quickly to stop the peaceful monks from being robbed and subject to their demands and destruction of their monastery.
18 Sep. 1990
Tuxford's Turnaround
Dunwyn is about to host a knights' tournament and the local hero, Sir Tuxford, doubts he can stand up to his rivals, and an attempt by Cavin with Cubbi's help to make he think he's doing a great deed backfires, making him feel mocked. On the day of the tournament, Tummi and Cubbi are helping Gruffi repair their tunnels under Dunwyn when they'd rather be watching it. But they stumble across a plan by Duke Igthorn to invade while the festivities have called everyone away from their work so he can sneak in. They try to stop him, but Cavin is having a harder time ...
19 Sep. 1990
Toadie the Conqueror
When Duke Igthorn hears a story of an armor that makes its wearer invincible, he knows where it would be located and steals it, but to his disappointment it only hits Toadwart. Still, he's delighted when Toadwart defeats King Gregor's knights...until Toadwart decides not to drop his newfound power in favor of Igthorn after all. With the other Gummis away, Zummi, Sunni, and Cubbi are approached by an escaped Calla to form a plan to bring down Toadwart and free Dunwyn from his rule.
25 Sep. 1990
Zummi in Slumberland
Zummi is determined to memorize all his spells so he will stop making mistakes when quoting them. But he pushes himself so hard that he isn't getting enough rest, and when he finally does fall asleep he speaks the words to the spells, causing mysterious events that none of the other Gummis can explain...
26 Sep. 1990
Patchwork Gummi
Zummi uncovers a magical quilt that contains pictures of every noble deed a Gummi ever performed. Sunni borrows it to show Calla, but Lady Bane runs into her and steals it, trying to harness its energy for her own power. The Gummis try to retrieve it, but she has already grown strong enough to capture King Gregor even without completely controlling the quilt, and has the assistance of a lovesick Duke Igthorn, who blindly assists her without realizing she's just using him...
19 Oct. 1990
Thornberry to the Rescue
Sir Thornberry comes to visit Gummi Glen, causing havoc with his wackiness and unclear thinking. While using one of the Quick Cars and handling it clumsily, he ends up awakening the Spinster, a giant spider. She traps the local six, forcing Cavin to trust the old knight as they go to free them before they are eaten.
5 Nov. 1990
Once More, the Crimson Avenger
Cubbi has two encounters with a group of culinary thieves as The Crimson Avenger but regrets the mockery he gets at home. Then, during a third battle, he is humiliated and his face is almost seen by the enemy, and he flees in shame, burns his costume, and vows never to fight again, disillusioning a boy named Milton who admires The Crimson Avenger. The following day, the villain's plan is revealed as he steals the kingdom's taxes, replacing them with gold-wrapped chocolate coins. Milton learns of this but is kidnapped, and Cubbi's alter ego is the only one who can save...
6 Nov. 1990
A Recipe for Trouble
Lately everyone is unhappy with Grammi's cooking. So she decides to become a better cook. Grammi goes out and gathers a number of strange roots. Three gnomes see Grammi collecting the exact same roots they need. The gnomes are enslaved by a non-stop hungry monster that keeps them alive only to get food. The three gnomes decide to kidnap Sunni, Gruffi, Zummi and Tummi to feed them to the monster. To rescue the gummi bears, Grammi comes with the ingenious plan to cook for the monster.
15 Nov. 1990
Queen of the Carpies
During a fight among the Carpies, their king falls and loses his crown and is found by Tummi, who tries to help him along with Grammi despite Cubbi's and Gruffi's distrust, while the crown is donned by Sunni pretending to be a princess. But the Carpies take this to mean she is now their leader and kidnap her again. She must think of a way to force them to release her while the king is equally set on getting home and dealing with his subjects.
19 Nov. 1990
True Gritty
While on a trip to Ursalia with Gruffi, Cubbi goes into the desert with Gritty to use some ramas to haul water in after accidentally shooting the pump dry while Gruffi, Sir Thornberry, and a reluctant Ursa try their luck at the aqueduct. However, Cubbi learns of a dark side to the warrior when Gritty, still harboring a grudge against humans, tries to drive away the flock of a shepherd boy named Rafi who believes in Gummi Bears, resulting in his leaders' entering the desert to seek the wild animal they think is responsible.
27 Nov. 1990
King Igthorn: Part I
Duke Igthorn has gone searching for Bigtooth, a legendary termite with an immense ability to destroy. But all that Cavin, Sunni, and Cubbi know when the Monarch's Day float they are helping set up blows by Drekmore is that the place is, uncharacteristically, deserted. A year later, there has not even been a sign of Igthorn, and most of the Gummis reason that the most dangerous human is gone so they can call the Great Gummis home again, and send a letter to Ursalia with Artie so the signal can be sent. Then Igthorn shows up and plants Bigtooth in the Gummis' wooden ...
28 Nov. 1990
King Igthorn: Part II
Zummi has escaped but is alone, with Grammi and Tummi still forced to run the gummiberry-juice-producing factory, Gruffi and Gusto imprisoned in Dunwyn Castle under Igthorn's control, and Sunni and Cubbi unaware of the others' fates and searching for them with Cavin. Gusto, Gruffi, Tummi, and Grammi manage to escape but Dunwyn still needs to be saved. And when Sir Thornberry's clumsiness prevents the Gummiscope from being reused right away, the Great Gummies approach not knowing they are headed not for peace but danger, so Zummi has to do whatever it takes to warn ...
14 Feb. 1991
Tummi Trouble
Duke Igthorn buys a gypsy love potion to make Lady Bane fall for him. She, meanwhile, has had her Troggles out Gummi Bear-hunting and has succeeded in capturing Tummi. As their two carriages race toward each other and crash, the bottle of potion breaks and sends it spraying over the other carriage. Lady Bane has fallen in love with Toadwart, to Igthorn's misery, and is aware that Tummi has fallen in love with her so tries to exploit this to get him to give her the Great Book of Gummi so she can be all-powerful.
18 Feb. 1991
Rocking Chair Bear
Lady Bane's youth potion taken a century before has worn off and signs that she is a millennium old begin to show before she has company, so she sends her Troggles to find something young enough to exchange her age for that being's youth. They run across Sunni and don't succeed in capturing her but do get a tuft of hair. The next day the others think she's grown to the point where they can finally tell, and she is delighted to be taken as something more than a child by the others, especially Gusto. But the next day she is elderly, and Zummi, Gruffi, and Gusto set out ...
19 Feb. 1991
Trading Faces
When Sir Tuxford injures his leg after unknowingly triggering one of the Gummi Bears' anti-ogre traps, Gruffi decides they can't be involved in human affairs anymore and the others challenge him to tell Cavin and Calla so he'll lose his nerve. Sir Victor is called in as a temporary replacement and beats back Duke Igthorn attempting to sneak into Dunwyn Castle. But Igthorn is inspired by Toadwart to disguise himself and replace his brother to conquer Dunwyn from within, so Toadwart traps Sir Victor by pretending to need help while he is out seeing what he can do for ...
20 Feb. 1991
May the Best Princess Win
Sunni visits Calla to cheer herself up while being stuck cleaning with Tummi and Cubbi, but hides in a box transferred with Calla and King Gregor to King Jean-Claude's country, forcing Cubbi and Tummit o follow. Calla is not happy to see Marie again, and her mood doesn't improve when Sunni's refusal to hide as bidden results in her humiliation when she is forced to claim clumsiness so no one knows Sunni caused disturbances around her. Sunni leaves the next day, sure their friendship is over, then witnesses Calla and Marie, in a competitive horse-race, being kidnapped ...
21 Feb. 1991
Wings Over Dunwyn
Grammi goes to offer food to the feather-tailed zephyrs like every year, but this year she and Tummi witness Toadwart and some other ogres capture them intending to use them as food for Duke Igthorn. However, when he receives them he decides their size would be better suited for an aerial attack on Dunwyn. Grammi has taken in a chick whose mother was caught and leaves Tummi, Sunni, and Cubbi to deal with it while she goes with Gruffi and Zummi to free the birds and keep Dunwyn safe...
22 Feb. 1991
The Rite Stuff
Cubbi, Gruffi, Tummi, and Cavin go to visit Ursalia after an invite from Sir Thrornberry, but Ursa doesn't want to let Cavin in because he is a human. Gruffi passionately defends him, saying he could easily win the test of bearhood a reluctant Buddy is about to undergo. They agree to see who gets the victory, but the day gets more and more complicated with unseen and forgotten obstacles in the landscape, including a pair of satyrs who need fur coats and decide a bear's would work just fine...

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