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2 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 2 January 2020
When Ian provides Sharon a place to stay Ben makes it clear he is far from happy about it.
7 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 7 January 2020
Whitney is unsettled when Leo starts to work at the market.
9 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 9 January 2020
Kathy gives Ian an ultimatum either Sharon leaves or she will. However Ian sides with Sharon resulting in Kathy departing the Beale Household.
10 Jan. 2020
10 January 2020: Part One
Billy confronts Honey over her eating disorder.
10 Jan. 2020
10 January 2020: Part Two
Mick discovers Linda paid for a hotel room on New Year's Eve.
13 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 13 January 2020
Lisa prevents a struggling Louise from harming Peggy.
14 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 14 January 2020
Shirley makes it clear to Linda that she doesn't trust her and she will be keeping a close eye on her.
16 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 16 January 2020
Phil and Ben are panicked when the police show up with questions about Keanu's disappearance.
17 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 17 January 2020
Martin receives divorce papers from Stacey and it makes him see he still loves her so he ends it with Sonia.
20 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 20 January 2020
Linda lets Sharon in on the secret that Keanu is alive.
21 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 21 January 2020
Mick and Linda are left shocked when they attend a meeting with Ollie's teacher.
23 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 23 January 2020
Sheree reveals to Patrick that she hasn't been unfaithful to him and that Isaac is her son.
24 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 24 January 2020
Ben agrees to join Phil, Lisa, Louise and Peggy in moving to Portugal. However he has a change of heart at the eleventh hour and decides to stay to be with Callum and Lexi.
27 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 27 January 2020
The Panesar's Mother Suki arrives in the Square.
28 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 28 January 2020
Dennis continues to reject Sharon by refusing to stay with her.
30 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 30 January 2020
Linda is furious when she finds out Mick has told Social Services that she is an alcoholic.
31 Jan. 2020
Episode dated 31 January 2020
Suki befriends Jean to get information about her battle with cancer in order to lie more convincingly to her children about having the same illness.
3 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 3 February 2020
Bobby tries to make amends with Dennis however Dennis doesn't accept Bobby's apology and publicly humiliates him.
4 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 4 February 2020
Tensions arise when Iqra attends a Panesar's family meal.
6 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 6 February 2020
Bernadette wants answers with regard to Keanu and his disappearance.
7 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 7 February 2020
Sharon is shocked by Keanu's sudden appearance.
10 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 10 February 2020
Mick and Linda try to put on an united front for the visit from social services regarding Ollie.
11 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 11 February 2020
Ben is distraught that Callum has been caught up in the Mitchell's ongoing feud with Keanu.
13 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 13 February 2020
Linda drunkenly goads Mick in front of the Queen Vic regulars.
14 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 14 February 2020
Leo attacks and attempts to murder Whitney however he ends up as the person who is killed.
17 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 17 February 2020
Linda's life is in peril when disaster strikes on the party boat.
18 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 18 February 2020
Bobby is brutally attacked by a bunch of thugs and rushed to hospital.
20 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 20 February 2020
Phil and Keanu come face to face for a showdown.
21 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 21 February 2020
As chaos ensues, the grave situation for those on board the boat grows worse. Back in Albert Square, the drama continues.
24 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 24 February 2020
Gray agrees to be Whitney's lawyer after some persuasion from her family and friends.
25 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 25 February 2020
After arriving back in Walford to check up on a hospitalized Bobby a reluctant Peter agrees to a short stay at the Beale's residence,
27 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 27 February 2020
Daniel succumbs to his illness following Jean being declared cancer free.
28 Feb. 2020
Episode dated 28 February 2020
Dotty suspects Ian. Jean tells Shirley the good news. Keegan tries to cheer up Tiffany. Callum and Ben are reunited.
2 Mar. 2020
Episode dated 2 March 2020
Bex decides she is going to leave Walford to go travelling.
5 Mar. 2020
Episode dated 5 March 2020
Sharon continues to grieve for Denny. Ian must deal with guilt and fear. Dotty makes a play to get what she wants. Lola and Jay could have their lives changed. Gray's law firm wants results and paying clients. Keegan tries to move on.
6 Mar. 2020
Episode dated 6 March 2020
Whitney suffers a setback when she is denied bail.
9 Mar. 2020
Episode dated 9 March 2020
Jean uncovers the truth. Jay has plans involving Lola. Mick and Linda try to turn the page. Gray thinks he can't help Whitney, takes it out on Chantelle.
10 Mar. 2020
Episode dated 10 March 2020
Lola rejects Jay's marriage proposal.
12 Mar. 2020
12 March 2020: Part One
Lola goes through with the abortion and reconciles with Jay however she fails to disclose her night of passion with Peter.
12 Mar. 2020
12 March 2020: Part Two
Gray launches another violent attack on Chantelle when he incorrectly suspects her of telling Mitch that he has lost his job.
16 Mar. 2020
Episode dated 16 March 2020
Gray is happy to find Leo's secret attic hideout in which he used to spy on Whitney. He knows this will help her case no end in court.

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