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S1, Ep5841
1 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.5841
Following on from the previous episode, on her wedding day, Mel tells her son, Hunter, that everything is fine with her fiancé, Ray, and Hunter's ex-girlfriend, Louise, tells Hunter that Ray tried to kiss her. Ray discovers that Mel's engagement ring is fake and then tells Hunter that Louise tried to kiss him. Ray confronts Mel, revealing he knows that she knows he is already married to Nicola and she reveals she also knows he is married to Maddie. He tells her that he knows she has emptied his bank account; Mel asks about his secret lives and he says as an undercover...
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S1, Ep5842
3 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.5842
Ray escapes police custody.
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S1, Ep5844
4 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.5844
One family is left to deal with the consequences of recent events, while Tiffany is given food for thought.
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S1, Ep5845
8 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.5845
Tiffany feels uncomfortable around Evie. Linda tries to support Mick. Max's idea to make Abi's birthday special does not go to plan. Alfie takes drastic measures regarding his and Hayley's daughter. Max finds Rainie passed out on the kitchenfloor.
24 Sep. 2019
Episode #1.5995
With the pressure from Mel rising, Sharon suggests going for lunch with Keanu and Louise to talk but is frustrated when Phil invites himself along. Ben tries to impress Jason, one of Phil's business associates, by telling him he can get him a good deal on a fancy car. Ted and Wanda's second date ends in disaster, Rainie loses control after Ian confronts her about her drug-taking and Gray tells Chantelle he's going to see a therapist about his behaviour.
1 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 1 January 2019
Is Mel's life in danger now Ray knows all his secrets are exposed ?
4 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 4 January 2019
Mel and Hunter try to cover their tracks after the murder of Ray.
8 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 8 January 2019
Evie continues to create problems in Tiffany and Bernadette's already complex relationship.
10 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 10 January 2019
Tiffany takes young boy Cameron aka Rat under her wing much to Evie's disapproval.
11 Jan. 2019
11 January 2019: Part One
Bev Slater returns. Is Hayley right to be suspicious of her ?
11 Jan. 2019
11 January 2019: Part Two
Bev is genuinely trying to make a fresh start however due to her past form Jean and Hayley don't believe her.
14 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 14 January 2019
Tiffany is feeling the pressure from Evie who has tasked her in finding a new recruit for her drug dealer gang.
17 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 17 January 2019
Mick finally confesses to Linda how difficult prison really was.
18 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 18 January 2019
Alfie, Kat, Jean, Stacey and Martin rush to the hospital after finding out about Hayley's 'accident'.
22 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 22 January 2019
Denise and Kush call time on their relationship.
24 Jan. 2019
24 January 2019: Part One
Mitch inadvertently reveals he is Bailey's Father to an angry Karen and Keegan.
24 Jan. 2019
24 January 2019: Part Two
Mitch catches Keegan buying drugs from Evie.
28 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 28 January 2019
Keanu punches Hunter after he talks disrespectfully about Louise.
29 Jan. 2019
Episode dated 29 January 2019
Sharon returns and is shocked to find that Keanu is in a relationship with her step daughter Louise.
31 Jan. 2019
31 January 2019: Part One
Keanu doesn't want to take no as an answer from Sharon.
31 Jan. 2019
31 January 2019: Part Two
Keanu breaks up with a devastated Louise in the hopes of winning Sharon back.
4 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 4 February 2019
Will a misunderstanding finish Jay and Ruby's relationship before it has a chance to start properly?
5 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 5 February 2019
News of Nancy and Tamwar's engagement reaches Walford and their families.
7 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 7 February 2019
Kathy returns and reveals to Masood that she wants them to make a proper go of their relationship after their previous false starts.
8 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 8 February 2019
Ian learns of Kathy and Masood's relationship.
12 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 12 February 2019
Jack gives the police a false alibi for Mel and Hunter.
14 Feb. 2019
14 February 2019: Part One
Dot is upset to learn that Doctor Legg does not want to return to her home to live out his last remaining days of his life.
14 Feb. 2019
14 February 2019: Part Two
Evie shows her vulnerable side to Tiffany. Is this another manipulation?
15 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 15 February 2019
Doctor Legg passes away with Dot by his side.
19 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 19 February 2019
The funeral of Doctor Legg brings back old faces such as Lofty and Mary who join the Albert Square residents to pay their respects.
22 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 22 February 2019
Tiffany chooses to spend time with Bernadette over Evie.
25 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 25 February 2019
Jean is still keeping all her loved ones in the dark about her diagnosis.
26 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 26 February 2019
Kat discovers Jean has cancer however Jean pleads with Kat to keep her secret.
28 Feb. 2019
Episode dated 28 February 2019
Ruby regretfully breaks up with Jay telling him she's not ready for a relationship following her rape.
1 Mar. 2019
Episode dated 1 March 2019
Dot inherits a great deal of money from Doctor Legg's will.
5 Mar. 2019
Episode dated 5 March 2019
Karen demands answers from Keegan. She wants to know who supplied him with drugs.
7 Mar. 2019
Episode dated 7 March 2019
Mo makes herself at home at Kush's flat. Will he be able to get rid of his new unwanted flatmate?
8 Mar. 2019
Episode dated 8 March 2019
Karen is shocked to find out about Bailey's home life.
11 Mar. 2019
Episode dated 11 March 2019
Mel sees an opportunity at Ian's restaurant when she is faced with Hunter's legal fees.
12 Mar. 2019
Episode dated 12 March 2019
Rainie is not best pleased to discover Max is having a holiday romance while away in Paris.