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6 Feb. 1988
VCR - Very Careful Rape
A woman is raped while she is recording videotape message.
13 Feb. 1988
Animal Lovers
A woman thinks her dog was euthanized illegally.
20 Feb. 1988
Several women who all happen to have something in common are suspects in a philandering lawyer's murder.
27 Feb. 1988
A Stolen Heart
A dying old rich man pays 2 million dollars to be the first in line for a heart transplant. Furious Dr. Burke demands that his patient, a dying young girl, gets the priority status. Meanwhile, someone steals the donor's heart for ransom.
5 Mar. 1988
Houdini on Channel 4
A magician summons the spirit of Houdini to rescue his kidnapped niece.
12 Mar. 1988
Killer Takes All
Two elderly men make a life-insurance pact.
19 Mar. 1988
Hippocritic Oath
A failing medical student plans to use murder to graduate.
26 Mar. 1988
A corrupt prosecutor pursues the death penalty in a homicide case.
23 Apr. 1988
If Looks Could Kill
A desperate woman in love has plastic surgery to resemble a wealthy man's past love.
30 Apr. 1988
You'll Die Laughing
A comedian becomes obsessed with his fatal destiny.
7 May 1988
Murder Party
A wealthy shady businessman is poisoned during his birthday party at his mansion. The main suspects are four of the people closest to him and they all had very good reasons to want him dead. Darkly comical plot twists ensue.
14 May 1988
Thinking that his rich wife is dying, a man plans his future with his mistress. What follows is twist, after twist, after twist, after twist.
21 May 1988
User Deadly
A grumpy luddite detective facing retirement investigates a string of brutal serial killings committed by a sadistic computer freak.
28 May 1988
Career Move
A singer fakes suicide to boost his career.
18 Jun. 1988
Full Disclosure
A former Vietnam War corespondent plans to write a tell all book about the government's dealings there. He immediately becomes a target but who exactly wants him dead quickly becomes less clear.
25 Jun. 1988
Kandinsky's Vault
A man has a secret reason for refusing to sell his old bookstore.
2 Jul. 1988
There Was a Little Girl...
Young unscrupulous seductress tries to seduce and murder her rich stepfather but her mother has a different plan.
9 Jul. 1988
Twisted Sisters
A sorority president encounters tragedy when she tries to get revenge on a new member by taking her one night to a haunted house in a closed fun park where a pledge of hers had previously died.
16 Jul. 1988
The 13th Floor
An unscrupulous land developer who razes historic buildings is terrorized by what seems to be a vengeful ghost.
30 Jul. 1988
The Hunted: Part 1
A man holds a real estate agent hostage in an office and threatens to shoot people from the window.
6 Aug. 1988
The Hunted: Part 2
The sniper's hostage learns his motive.
8 Oct. 1988
On a fogbound night haunted by a serial killer, a man plans to seek revenge on the woman he blames for his girlfriend's murder.
15 Oct. 1988
Pen Pal
A murderer escapes from prison and seeks his pen pal, a teenage girl, at her home, only to find her scared elderly aunt there instead.
12 Nov. 1988
Ancient Voices
A rich Hollywood lawyer is jealous when his wife tries to contact her dead ex-husband, so he kills her and frames the medium. Young eccentric rookie cop assigned to the case begins his investigation. Old western star Clete helps him.
19 Nov. 1988
Survival of the Fittest
At his home, an Englishman plays a deadly game of wits with a survivalist.

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