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5 Jan. 1986
The Gloating Place
Horrifying fate awaits an unpopular, gawky teen girl who feigns an assault in order to appear on the news with her favorite showy crime reporter.
12 Jan. 1986
The Right Kind of Medicine
An alcoholic doctor gives a wounded bank robber a prescription.
19 Jan. 1986
Beast in View
A psychiatrist who is getting married receives threatening phone calls.
16 Feb. 1986
A Very Happy Ending
A bitter son blackmails a hit man to kill his wealthy father.
2 Mar. 1986
The Canary Sedan
A wife travels to Hong Kong to join her businessman husband only to become haunted by the friendly spirit of his late Chinese lover. Since he still hasn't gotten over her, her spirit must help the wife win him back to join the afterlife.
9 Mar. 1986
Enough Rope for Two
A man's girlfriend invites her unstable cousin to join their weekend camping trip.
16 Mar. 1986
The Creeper
A fashion designer thinks a serial killer has the keys to her apartment.
23 Mar. 1986
Happy Birthday
A man's quiet 50th birthday is interrupted when he is arrested for a murder from 22 years before. Dumbfounded, he tries to convince the detectives who are transporting him to the station of his innocence.
6 Apr. 1986
The Jar
A suffering artist finds a mysterious jar and decides to incorporate it into his exhibition. It's a enormous success, but it also causes problems around the household.
13 Apr. 1986
Deadly Honeymoon
A woman learns from a P.I. that her new husband is suspected of killing his first two wives for insurance money to cover his gambling debts. However, he convincingly denies it. Who to trust?
4 May 1986
Four O'Clock
A vengeful judge sets a lethal trap for his cheating wife and her mysterious lover but things don't go as planned.
11 May 1986
Road Hog
An obnoxious, self-centered, oblivious road hog, Ed Fratus, prevents a man to get his dying son to a hospital in time. A couple of months later, Fratus returns to the same area. He's in for a surprise.

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