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14 Sep. 1985
Mary regrets her offer to pay for the damage to a car she dented.
21 Sep. 1985
Mary's Brother
Mary's attempt to fix her brother up with Rose falls through when he falls for Sandra.
28 Sep. 1985
Family Hero
While helping Brenda find an interesting ancestor for an essay assignment, she discovers a Civil War corporal -- and his claim to fame.
5 Oct. 1985
The Refrigerator
Mary agrees to let Sandra use her apartment for a party if Sandra can talk the landlord into getting Mary a new refrigerator.
19 Oct. 1985
Do You Love Me?
When Mary learns that her neighbors' marriage has ended, she thinks the same thing may happen to her and Lester.
26 Oct. 1985
The landlord of Mary's apartment building dies, leaving it in the care of a "tenant".
2 Nov. 1985
The Sidewalk Sale
Rose inherits the building. But after a building inspector drops by, he notes so many violations that it's going to take a lot of money to repair them. So the guys decide to have a sidewalk sale. After nearly reaching their goal, Mary gives the money to Lester to hide. He hides it. Mary sells something that Lester told her not to. They learn it's where Lester kept the money.
9 Nov. 1985
Letter to the President
Mary receives praise for complaining to the president about a pothole, then the Secret Service shows up.
16 Nov. 1985
Pity the Poor Working Girl
Mary is concerned when Sandra is fired from her old job and begins a new one at Lester's construction firm.
23 Nov. 1985
Football Widow
Tired of being a lonely widow, Mary tries to buy tickets to a Redskins game for herself and Lester.
30 Nov. 1985
A Daughter Is a Precious Thing
Brenda ignores her mother's advice and listens to Sandra's about impressing a boy who's into "older women".
7 Dec. 1985
The Big Piano Play-Off
Mary and Sandra compete to see who's learned more from Rose about playing the piano in three weeks.
14 Dec. 1985
Mary's Christmas
Sandra, upon learning the Church is being asked to move out of the land they're on, volunteers Lester to help move it to it's new location. It's also Christmas time and the annual pageant will help commemorate the Church on it's new location. But the Church doesn't arrive there and they're wondering what they'll do for the pageant.

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