227 (TV Series 1985–1990) Poster


Alaina Reed-Hall: Rose Lee Holloway



  • [Sandra is paying rent to Rose] 

    Sandra : Three months' rent.

    Rose Lee : Good, now you're only two months behind!

  • Rose Lee : Mary, now you know I am a very understanding person.

    Sandra : HA!

    Rose Lee : But I told Sandra if she didn't have that rent money by the end of the week, she was out of here!

    Sandra : And after all the favors I've done for her!

    Rose Lee : Favors? What favors?

    Sandra : What about last week? You were feeling kind of low. You spent all that money on a new dress and you didn't know if it was attractive. You came to me for help, and I looked you straight in the eye and said it was gorgeous.


    Sandra : I lied, Rose.

  • Rose Lee : [while interviewing applicants to be Sandra's roommate]  Hello, I'm Rose Holloway, the landlady here, and this is Miss Sandra Clark.

    Muffin Tee Matthews : [in a Southern accent]  Nice to meet you! Muffin Tee Matthews

    Sandra : Muffin?

    Muffin Tee Matthews : Oh, that's not my real name. I just use it for the beauty pageants.

    Sandra : Beauty pageants?

    Muffin Tee Matthews : And may I say that living with you would be so fufilling and rewarding!

    Sandra : What are you, Miss Congeniality?

    Muffin Tee Matthews : No. I'm Miss Tuscaloosa. And next year, we're going after Miss America. My manager says I'm a perfect 10!

    Sandra : Oh, what a shame!

    Muffin Tee Matthews : Why?

    Sandra : Rose has it in her lease: Two perfect 10's can't share the same apartment.

    [grabbing Muffin's hand] 

    Sandra : Oh, I'm so sorry! Oh, thank you! See you on the runway... Miss Tuscaloosa!

    [pushes Muffin out of the door] 

  • Rose Lee : [referring to Sandra]  Mary, this woman has got me at the end of my rope!

    Sandra : [muttering]  It should be around your neck.

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