227 (TV Series 1985–1990) Poster


Marla Gibbs: Mary Jenkins



  • Holdup Man : Who are you?

    Mary : I'm Gladys Knight and these are my Pips.

  • [Julian asks Mary about painting the master bedroom] 

    Julian : It's House and Condo's Color of the Month.

    Mary : I don't care if it's Baskin Robbins flavor of the month! You are not painting our bedroom passion purple!

    Lester : Passion Purple, Are you Crazy?

    Travis : Cheap! $3.95 a gallon and they threw in the beret!

    Julian : Balderdash!

  • Sandra : [after receiving a bouquet of flowers]  Oh, Mary! You know what? These are probably from Tony apologizing for last night.

    Mary : You see there? All upset for nothing.

    Sandra : [reading the attached note]  Oh! Dear Snookums, please accept these flowers as well as an invitation to dinner Friday night at La Bamba! Love, Tony!

    Mary : La Bamba? Child, that place is so expensive, even the doorman takes credit cards.

    Sandra : [laughs]  Oh, look, Mary, isn't this cute? There's a P.S! Please don't tell... Sandra.

    [voice changes to an angry tone upon realizing the flowers are for her roommate, Donna] 

    Donna Dalton : Hi!

    [seeing flowers in Sandra's hand] 

    Donna Dalton : Oh, those are so pretty!

    Sandra : They're yours.

    Donna Dalton : Aw!

    [grabbing the flowers] 

    Donna Dalton : From who?

    Sandra : From Tony.

    Donna Dalton : Aw! I wonder where I should put them?

    Sandra : [menacingly moves towards Donna]  I know exact...

    Mary : [while pulling Sandra back]  Uh! Uh! Um!

    Donna Dalton : I-Is there something wrong?

    Sandra : [mockingly]  I-Is there something wrong? Yeah, there's something wrong! You obviously made a mistake in judgement! Nobody, I mean, nobody messes with Sandra Clark!

    Donna Dalton : What are you so upset about? You got a 100 guys calling you!

    Sandra : [defiantly]  Well, today's it's 99.

  • Mary : [while watching Donna walking, laughing, and flirting with two guys]  Um, Madonna? I mean... Donna. I think we need to talk.

    Donna Dalton : Sure, Aunt Mary, what about?

    Mary : [referring to Donna's new look and attitude]  About your... your, um... difference.

    Donna Dalton : Oh, I know, isn't it wonderful? I feel like a whole new person! I've never had this much fun in my entire life! I feel so good and confident about myself! Coming to see you and Uncle Lester has been the best thing that's ever happened to me! Oh, I love it here!

    [kisses Mary on the cheek and walks inside the apartment] 

    Pearl Shay : Well, you sure straightened her out.

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