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Defending Chuck Norris my favorite underrated bad-ass action war flick
ivo-cobra87 May 2017
In Thursday 4th May Chuck Norris arrived in Ljubljana Slovenia and he visit us to make a car commercial. He stays by us till tomorrow then he returns back to his homeland. I love Chuck Norris I grew up watching his movies and Missing in Action defines my childhood and I grew up watching this movie. I am writing this review in honor of Chuck Norris. Slovenia loves Chuck Norris!

Missing In Action is an underrated solid, very decent, good, pure bad-ass action war flick. It is my number 1 favorite Chuck Norris movie! I love this movie to death and I have it on Blu-ray in Hi-def in my collection. I love the music score from Jay Chattaway it is a beautiful score. it is rated Hard-R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. It is not for kids it is a pure sample entertaining flick, it has explosions, a lot of gun shootouts, martial arts, climbing the electric wire and walls, you have even bobby traps, you see a lot of boats on the water, a lots of jungle and it is one-man army action hero type. One man on a mission to find American POW's who are still imprisoned in the country. You'll see lots of heavy automatic and explosive weapons, and you'll see them used well. This is my favorite Chuck Norris film for the simple fact that it has one of the best action hero moments ever with Braddock coming out of the water in super slo- mo and blasting bad guys to pieces.

Missing in Action and Missing in Action 2: The Beginning were made back-to-back, with part 2 being ready first, so they released it as this movie, Missing in Action. I am defending this film: Why I am keep hearing from film critics and assholes like Maziun who has no dick about movies how bad this movie is, it is as a rip-off of the Rambo film series. Rambo was better, Rambo was looking for American POW's and blah, blah, blah! Shut up all of you!! Missing in Action and Chuck Norris is not yours kind of type action hero or his movies, they are just not for you so f**k You!

"It was more like 20,000. Why don't you tell us why there was a price on my head?" *For your war crimes, of course.* , "For killing assholes like you!"

I am big fan of Rambo movies I love all of them, but Missing in Action is different Vietnam action-War movie who is really fictional portrayed. The movie is not perfect, it is not great, realistic, or the best it does have a plot holes which I am little confused but I love Colonel James Braddock I love the character portrayed. Chuck Norris does a fine and solid job as the hero. I love the action the rescue mission I love this movie from the 80's and I miss these kind of action movies today. They don't make'em like this anymore. He saves people, he saves 4 American POW prisoners and he help them I love the ending of the movie. I love the jungle I love how Col. James Braddock (Chuck Norris) uses the M60 during the POW rescue mission and he opens fire with the M60 mounted on the fast boat classic scene and he blast all the bad guys away.

There's a lot of Chuck Norris sneaking around in this movie more than Norris smashing guys, but that's present too. Norris doesn't take any crap, and I love the muscle duel between him and one enemy where Chuck slaps a knife right into his heart, literally. James Hong makes an appearance as General Trau as the villain and he's good at his job. He constantly taunts Braddock until Braddock literally attacks Trau in his sleep! The movie really lets you know where they stand on the issue of whether or not there are POWs being secretly kept in Vietnam with its exhilarating, "In your face, Vietnamese government!" ending.

Missing in Action get's 8/10 it my favorite Chuck Norris film a brisk action/adventure with good old Chuck playing a stoic American super soldier fighting for America's freedom no matter the risks. It's a great Regan-era action flick, unapologetic and brutal.

Missing in Action is a 1984 American action film directed by Joseph Zito and starring Chuck Norris. It is set in the context of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue. Colonel Braddock, who escaped a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp 10 years earlier, returns to Vietnam to find American soldiers listed as missing in action during the Vietnam War. The film was followed by a prequel, Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985), and a sequel, Braddock: Missing in Action III (1988).

8/10 Grade: B Studio: The Cannon Group, Inc. Starring: Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh, Lenore Kasdorf, James Hong Director: Joseph Zito Producers: Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus Screenplay: James Bruner Story by John Crowther, Lance Hool Based on the characters by Arthur Silver, Larry Levinson, Steve Bing Rated: R Running Time: 1Hr. 42 Mins. Budget: $2.550.000 Box Office: $22,812,411
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siektwo28 January 2005
CLASSIC.........bad movie. It does all the things that critics would laugh at and more. It has bad acting, and a lame story. However, it's a lot of fun for those of you that enjoy lazy afternoon cheeseball films (such as myself).

The best scene has to be the slow motion shot of Chuck Norris emerging from the swamp water with a rifle letting rounds off and keeping a "stone face"...hahahaha.

Oh wow, how i love this movie. You really cannot argue a movie's credibility with a powerhouse lead actor such as Chuck Norris.

RATING: 8/10 - Because it's an entertaining bad movie...great for those times when you're bored out of your mind on a rainy day.
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Quit Your Whining, Liberals--It's a Guy's Flick
yarborough3 November 2003
After reading all the Bin Ladens here claiming that "Missing in Action" is a "pseudo-patriotic", "racist" or jingoistic film, I thought I'd weigh in: "M.I.A." was made for the same audience that all overdone, action-packed, unreal, B-films are, AND for the same purpose--pure entertainment. I'm no mind-reader but the people watching "M.I.A" aren't doing it for a serious understanding of past social and political issues or controversies. They're watching it to see guys get beaten up with karate moves or shot up by M-60s, or to see completely naked women make total asses out of themselves by dancing around or strutting their stuff. I pity those who use their review of this film to make some grand, anti-American political statement. If you know what Norris flicks are like and you can't stand them, why the Hell did you pop this one in!?
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"You're crazy, Braddock."
utgard1417 June 2014
Colonel James Braddock (Chuck Norris) was a POW during the Vietnam war. He escaped ten years ago and has tried repeatedly to get the government to go back in looking for other POWs. Finally, he gets fed up with the cowardly politicians and decides to go back in and get them himself!

This is not a bad movie. Get real, haters. Yes, it has something of a cheese factor but even the best action films do. It just adds flavor. It's a great action movie tailored to Chuck's strengths -- namely being the strong, silent hero who kicks ass and can't be bothered to take names. I'm not surprised certain types hate this so much. No doubt it reminds them of their inadequacies. Some people derisively refer to movies like this and Rambo as "revisionist fantasies." Well, so what? What is fantasy without wish-fulfillment? That's what this is -- a movie for Americans who wish we could have gone back in and gotten our boys out. If you're an American, put your petty politics and misplaced sympathies aside and tell me what's wrong with that?

There's awesome fist-pumping action as well as lots of drama but there are some lighter moments with foxy Lenore Kasdorf and sidekick M. Emmet Walsh. Despite the serious nature of the story, neither of these seem out of place. It's one of Chuck's best movies. If you're a fan of his and haven't seen this one yet, you're in for a treat. Followed by a prequel and sequel. Children of the '80s -- this is the only time you're ever going to catch Chuck Norris watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends so cherish that memory.
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Finally found it, on sale too! SPOILER ALERT
ladulaser14 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER ALERT! Further down, I will reveal what I thought was the most funny parts of this movie, including stuff from the ending!

I would like to start off with introducing myself as a fan of Chuck Norris. Although (or perhaps, just because) I'm a member of Mensa and have just recieved a bachelor's degree in computer networking, I enjoy to sometimes just put the whole intellectual/elitist attitude behind me and dive into a macho B-action from the 80's starring people like Chuck Norris, Steven Segall, Charles Bronson, Dolph Lundgren or Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The mid-80's was the age of bazookas, M16s and M60s, and the heroes were super-heroes who could stand how much punishment as imaginable by the director, just as long as they stayed focused on getting to the goal. 10 years later it became more popular to depict action with a somewhat deeper touch of realism, often performed by people acting as elite troopers with M4s and M249s (weapons which are "successors" of the classical M16 and the M60). I like both decade's action movies, but the mid-80's action has the power of nostalgia...

After having heard a lot about this particular movie from several friends in my class at college - who were also into B-actions - I decided to dedicate a couple of hours trying to find it. Since the DVD version of this movie probably hasn't been printed in too many copies, there were no DivXs available anywhere. So I settled out to do what I should've done from the beginning - supporting one of my favorite action heroes by buying his stuff! I mean, Chuck doesn't seem like the gazillonare-type actor that you see in Sylvester Stallone :)

So finally, the day before yesterday, tuesday 2002-03-12, I found it at Mega Skivakademien, Stockholm's largest (?) record/video store in the very heart of the capital kernel. It was on sale, too! Only 99 swedish kronas (less than ten bucks) for 1 hour and 52 minutes of brainless entertainment!

So I watched it, and what did I like? These are the things i remember and will carry with me until I become old and senile (or maybe turn psycho after having watched too many B-actions from the 80's):

1. The sunglasses Chuck wear at the diplomatic meeting in Vietnam! Brown-to-transparent fade, and they are HUGE!

2. Chuck's attack-raft... Its potons are made out of kevlar and therefore it is regarded as bullet-proof! It can take fire from an AK-47 Kalasjnikov without being punctured! Brilliant! :D

3. After the vietcong have sunk the attack-raft with a rocket launcher and stand laughing at their typical Pacific-Rim-fishing-boat-ish boat, Chuck surfaces with the M60 from the raft that he seems to have dismounted at swimmed up with (those things weigh in at... Like... 30 pounds!) and finished off all three of them in one sweep! Is he cool or what...

4. When Chuck returns home with the POWs at the very end of the movie and enters the hotel where the diplomatic conference is held with an american MIA soldier under his right arm, the movie is abruptly ended and the aftertexts starts scrolling up. Now THAT'S a Norris movie in a nutshell... No bull to be found there! :)
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I liked it.
Rottweiler7 January 2001
Okey, first of all...those who where against the Vietnam war hate this movie, no doubt about that. But i liked it, because i have great respect for those American servicemen lost or died in Vietnam.

Chuck Norris performance in this and the following two movies is really good. He is a fine actor, i hope we could see more of him =/

One thing thats irritates me is that i can hear the same sound FX in this movie as i hear in 'Invasion USA' .. but thats just about it.
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Chuck Norris vehicle as tough Colonel Braddock and followed by two sequels
ma-cortes16 July 2007
A Vietnam war vet (Chuck Norris) and previous POW goes back to Vietnam ten years after . When Braddock arrives is accused of war crimes by a Vietnam general (James Hong) . He then schemes to free some American soldiers still held prisoners in a far prison camp into Vietnam . As long as he's there , Braddock decides to head Thailand where is pursued by a former enemy who tortured him in the concentration camp where he was prisoner . He's helped by a gunrunner friend (M. Emmet Walsh) . The two-fisted Colonel Braddock tries continuously to free the prisoners held captives suffering various tortures in charge of the camp wardens and the evil ruler.

This is a routine actioner with Karate star Chuck Norris as the Vietnam veteran resulting go be one of the best roles he'd made to date , as he's nice as tough , cold and stubborn Colonel Braddock . It's a predictable , shallow and brainless film , though it will appeal to Chuck Norris enthusiasts because of it contains some excellent action sequences (when Braddock shoots with his machine gun or scenes about bounds and leaps aboard a motorboat) . Chuck stated that he made this picture as a memorial honor of his younger brother who was a war casualty in the long Vietnam conflict . In the wake of ¨ Uncommon courage ¨(by Ted Kotcheff) and ¨ Rambo II ¨(George Pan Cosmatos) with Norris attempting to imitate Silver Stallone or Arnold Schwarnezzegger like an one army man .

The film is the original from a trilogy , concerning the second part (directed by Lance Hool , the first one 's producer) about tortures and Braddock suffering in a prisoner camp , and the third part (directed by Aaron Norris , Chuck's brother , who in 'Missing in action 1' was the stunt coordinator) upon looking for his wife after downfall Saigon . Shot right after Missing in action 2 (1985) , this movie was supposed to be the follow-up . Nevertheless, when ¨Cannon¨ realized this film was the better of the two , they re-titled them and made the other film a prequel . In the three movies there are some nasty , ominous villains well played by Asian players : James Hong , Soon Teck Oh , and Aki Aelong , who bear offensive racial stereotypes . Appropriate musical score by Jay Chattaway and adequate as well as atmospheric cinematography by cameraman Joao Fernandez , filmed in Philippines . The motion picture produced by Cannon films (Mennahem Golan and Yoram Globus) was professionally directed by Joseph Zito (USA invasion , again with Norris). The motion picture will appeal to Chuck Norris fans .
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Ghosts of Vietnam hell haunting Norris...
Nazi_Fighter_David25 June 2004
There has been great controversy about U.S. prisoners of war (POWs) and those missing in action (MIAs) during the Vietnam War…

While Colonel Braddock - one of the outspoken proponents of the theory that Americans are still being held in Vietnam today - is now in Saigon at the president's request to see if there are more MIAs in Vietnam…

The American delegation hopes Braddock's presence would increase their ability to negotiate… But General Trau (James Hong) believes that Colonel Braddock is not a prisoner of war, but a common criminal, brought to Saigon only in an attempt to embarrass his government…

The sexy aide of Senator Porter, Lenore Kasdorf, thinks that Braddock is the most undiplomatic man she has ever met…

The action begins when the Vietnam vet - not supposed to leave the hotel without an escort - assaults General Trau's residence, pays for a bullet-proof speed riverboat and blazes his way with an old war buddy called Tuck (M. Emmet Walsh) through the jungles of Saigon…

Norris, challenging several unpredicted attacks from his enemies, takes at last his revenge after he experiences the fear, chaos and atrocities of the Vietnam hell
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Sorely missing in action!
Wizard-829 May 2004
This was filmed back-to-back with part 2, and was originally intended to be released as the second film in the series, but Cannon executives moved it to be the first entry after realizing it was much better than the other film. It is indeed a better movie, but it still can't be called a good movie. To be sure, the production values are decent, and director Joseph Zito occasionally creates an effective moment. But for the most part, the movie is extremely dull; it takes more than halfway through the movie before Norris starts his primary mission, and the action sequences (the few that there are) are mediocre at best. Zito also shows no sense of pacing; there are a number of scenes that serve no real purpose, or are let to run on for what seems like forever. As for Norris, he is his usual stony near-mute self, though he is to be admired for doing some of the risky stunt sequences himself.
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chcamp25 July 2005
Hilarious! There is not another word to describe this film. I remember I've seen this when I'm 15 and I could not get a ticket to another film. This weekend I rented it – just to review what i already thought, 20 years ago, it was a disaster. It was a period of ufanistic productions where one hero could destroy anything that threats America or its ideal of freedom. Films like Rambo II, Red Dawn, Commando or Rocky IV looked seen to be wrote by someone at Reagan's office, but at least they had some qualities. This Braddock had none. Chuck Norris leads the scariest cast of all times (M Emmet Walsh should be punished to do a film like that - how come he had done Blood Simple later?). The screenplay does not make any sense (Braddock kills a character vital to the story – a big shot Vietnam general – and there are no consequences), the action scenes are primary (the sequence with the boat – that should be the climax! - seems to be shot by high school students), the cinematography is awful (mixing up sequences on a bright day and others made on a numb one). So... if you want to remember how the action movies in the 80's were disastrous without its great icons (Stallone and Schwarzenneger), take a look at Braddock... I only wonder if "Invasion USA" is even worse...but that you can tell me.
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Mindless and exploitative
Rhealist1 August 2003
My expectations for muscle movies aren't that high - but this one failed miserably to even come close to meeting those low expectations.

This is a piece of exploitation, trying to build on popular sentiments over the possibility of US POWs in Vietnam, but without showing enough respect for its subject to make a decent movie. Instead, we are offered offensive stereotypes (the weasel politician, the noble veteran, the trusty sidekick, the so-evil arch-enemies) and idiotic plotting.

Even the action scenes fall flat - the hero is so heroic (if careless, walking into traps over and over again), the villains so incompetent, that there's never any suspense. Braddock just goes through the motions, because that's what the plot calls for.

Rating: forget this one - watch Rambo instead.
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Typical Chuck Norris film
PrivateBits7 August 2008
This is a typical Chuck Norris film and typical 80's action film. It follows a simple and commercially successful script: Lots of action scenes, lots of nudity, one liners, plenty of stunts and some moments of pure fantasy.

This film is great for those wanting to sit with popcorn and watch a film where you know what you're going to get. But this film sacrifices a lot of realism to achieve it. Scenes of helicopters making outrageous pick ups or so many Vietnamese henchmen with poor aims when it comes to shooting Chuck are some examples. This film is pure action based, as the movie went on, it was action sequence after action sequence and personally, I was fed up with too much.

There is so much wrong with this film technically and is you want to watch a clever, powerful dramatic and original action film ,then this isn't for you. If you want to watch a predictable, satisfying, simple adrenaline fuelled kill-fest, then you'll like this.
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oh my god its damn good
fuzzy-3128 April 2003
this film kicks so much ass its all about chuck norris who goes back into vietnam and takes on the viet cong all by himself and WINS outnumber like a million billion commies to one ass kickin' dude .

Thank god for this true story adaptation, cause without chuck norris vietnam would be ruled by dirty pinkos.

it starts off with him having a dream about kicking ass in vietnam, then he takes that dream and makes it a reality and goes back to 'nam to kick all the commie ass he can find .

seriously buy this movie.
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What are all off you talking about
AdmiralPellaeon3 October 2003
I am not happy with the reviews of this film.i can't believe so many of you just don't get it..... It's funny all of you take it so serious.

I am a big fan of funny action films and thats what this is, it's action packed with real silly moments it's a good film enjoy it for what it is.
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Better than Rambo
showersheets3 November 2001
Better than Rambo! This is the best movie Chuck Norris ever made by far. Missing In Action doesn't take itself too seriously, just good hot fun! It's got none of that PC moralizing the other Viet Nam pretenders wallow in. Too bad parts two and three couldn't match the original.
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Makes Rambo look like documentary material
omega_work10 July 2009
I saw this on TV and still somehow feel like I'm owed a monetary refund.

Of course that may be in part because I'm a fan of the Rambo series and am offended by cheap knock-offs. Actually I'd like to see a Celebrity death match with Rambo and Braddock, though it wouldn't be much of a fight.

And then there's good old Chuck Norris, who for some reason a few people find entertaining, but honestly, the greatest entertainment he gives me is the "Chuck Norris Facts".

This film is pretty easy to laugh at though, but I don't think it was meant to be funny. If you don't believe me, just try not to bust a gut when you see the last frame of the movie.
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Could you make a cheesier movie?
scottgrib29 December 2000
I was staying over-seas with nothing to do. As i searched through the rented room, all i found was Missing in Action. After popping it in I couldn't stop watching. I have never laughed harder at a movie since watching this. This movie was utterly ridiculous. The first scene alone made me fall out of my chair. This is the cheesiest and fakest movie EVER! I'm not saying it's even decent as a movie, at all, but it sure is funny to watch.
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Great Norris Film!, That's Exciting And Well Made!,
callanvass1 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great Norris film that's exciting and well made. It's somewhat similar to Rambo, however it's nowhere near as good, but still it's an exciting little flick, with exciting action and good performances!. The main problem i had with this was, it really didn't have a main villain, and James Hong is absolutely wasted, however it makes up for it, with a fantastic performance From Chuck Norris and lots of exciting action!. It did take a little while to going, however it was never boring, and the setting was great, plus Chuck Norris and M. Emmet Walsh have very good chemistry together. A lot of people found this to be dull, while i admit it starts off a little dull, it soon turns into action packed, and becomes a really enjoyable film!. This is a great Norris film, and i highly recommend it!. The Direction is very good. Joseph Zito does a very good job here, with good angles, good shots, and keeping the film at a very good pace for the most part. There is a tiny bit of gore. We get a couple knives in the chest and some gunshot wounds. The Acting is great!. Chuck Norris is Fantastic as always, and is fantastic here, he is very likable, aggressive, kicks that ass, had good chemistry M . Emmet Walsh, and while he does not have a whole lot of dialog, he still was tons of fun to watch! (Norris rules!). M. Emmet Walsh is very good here, he had very good chemistry with Norris and did his job very well. David Tress is annoying as The Senator, and did not have much to do. Lenore Kasdorf is good in her screen time. James Hong is always excellent, but is sadly waste here, and it kinda made me mad. Rest of the cast do fine. Overall i highly recommend this one!. ***1/2 out of 5
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A damn good bad-ass action war film from the 80's i ever saw my second favorite Chuck Norris Film
NightmareOnElmStreetFan8 February 2019
Missing in Action is a good damn bad-ass action war film from the 80's I ever saw, it is my second favorite film from Chuck Norris. I love, love love, love this film to death. I enjoy watching it so much I enjoy the action in this movie. It was directed from Joseph Zito who directed Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, The Prowler and Invasion U.S.A. another bad-ass actioner with Chuck Norris. This is a decent solid action war film. Yes it is not great it so cheese or it is so bad film it ripped off "Rambo" no it is so good because it is so good movie.

This is the best in the "Missing in Action" trilogy of course the film Is so misunderstood and underrated it is an entertaining action film from Cannon Group Inc. and I love it. It is not for everyone but only for good action junkies like myself. James Braddock, a US Special Forces colonel who escaped from a Vietnamese prison camp during the war and proceeds to return to Vietnam ten years later to investigate a report of American POW's still imprisoned in the country. Braddock then launches his own mission to free the imprisoned soldiers.

This is a rescue mission in which James Braddock goes back to Vietnam to save his American comrades a bad ass action film. Chuck Norris blast bad guys to pieces. He climbs the walls on the hotel, uses his martial arts to disable guards he is a bad ass. I love the music score from Jay Chattaway it is a beautiful score to listen too. The film is rated - R. I love all the "Rambo" movies so much but I am definitely not going to compare this movie to Rambo: First Blood Part II, because Missing in Action is a stand up alone film and that a damn good one. They don't me em like this anymore. Cobra get's 5.7 while this movie only 5.4? I don't understand the hate for this film I don't. They are memorable dialogues Chuck rescue an American POW in the jungles of Vietnam.

Col. James Braddock (Chuck Norris) opens fire with the M60 mounted on the fast boat and yes Braddock looks like Rambo in First Blood with M60 so yes I love this film. You can see my username it is Rambofanlife so yes this one men-army that goes against his own government to prove their are still American POW captured in Vietnamese camps like he was once. He saved all the captured people. So yes it is a decent film because it has rescue mission. Chuck Norris also uses his martial arts in the film.

Missing in Action stars: Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh, Lenore Kasdorf, Ernie Ortega, E. Erich Anderson and James Hong.

The movie has ton's of action it has explosions, a lot of gun fire shootouts, martial arts, climbing the electric wire and walls, you have even bobby traps, you see a lot of boats on the water. My favorite action sequence of all time is Braddock coming out of the water with M60 machinegun like Rambo in super slo- mo and blasting bad guys to pieces. The explosions, the gun fire everything is practical. No CGI, shaky cam in the movie real hard R fight scenes. This was before the CGI and shaky cam took over the action movies today. So yes I still love 80's action movies and Missing in Action is my film probably I am the only that talks on a god way about the film.

Yes it was made back to back with "Missing in Action 2: The Beginning" and that film should have been released first but they released this movie instead so what? This movie get's 9 good score I would have gave 10 but during the explosion in Bangkok a kid died that took shocked me in the film.
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Better than Rambo
paulsier6 May 2017
Yeah, I know low budget...but still good entertainment. This is the first one, not to be confused with the 2 mediocre sequels. Former Special Forces Col. James Braddock escaped from a from a Vietnamese communist POW camp. The Washington establishment want him to be part of a high ranking delegation to put the MIA issue to bed. Braddock reluctantly agrees to join the delegation and fly to Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon, where he insults various communist murderers/butchers and upsets the liberal pantywaist American delegation, except for the the sympathetic and beautiful Ann/Lenore Kadorf. Braddock then goes rogue to rescue the imprisoned American soldiers/MIAs. Much superior to the sanitized TV version, we see the beautiful Lenore in a nice nude scene. However it is the last scene which almost makes this movie a 10! Naturally it was panned by the commie/marxist/responsible conservative movie critics.
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A pretty action-packed Norris flick.
OllieSuave-0072 October 2015
This is not a bad action flick starring Chuck Norris as Col. Braddock, a Vietnam vet, who goes back to the country to rescue MIAs the Vietnamese government denies are being held captive.

The movie starts off a little slow with the mediocre acting, but picks up steam when we get to see Norris in action, decking Communist soldiers left and right and attempts to get information from a general about the missing MIAs. Braddock going on his mission in foreign lands, dodging assassins while he tries to rescue the MIAs were pretty exciting and suspenseful.

Overall, not the best action flick out there. Acting could have been better, but it's still pretty action-packed.

Grade B-
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Missing In Action is undoubtedly a classic.
tarbosh2200018 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Col. James Braddock (Chuck) spent several years in a North Vietnamese POW camp. After escaping, he's now home, but he's a troubled man. He's invited by the American government to go back to Vietnam to investigate/talk about the phenomenon of soldiers still Missing In Action. Tensions flare, thanks to the evil General Trau (Hong). Braddock, being the badass that he is, decides to go off on his own into the jungle (actually with Tuck (Walsh), an old army buddy), and rescue any remaining POW's himself. While in the midst of their mission, they face an endless stream of baddies trying to stop them. It'll take all the firepower and skill Braddock has to defeat the enemy and save the missing men. Can he do it? This is classic Cannon all the way, and they really hit paydirt with this one. Thanks to the high-quality cinematography, the rousing, triumphant score, and the longer running time, Missing In Action has that big-screen feel. While the pace, at least for the first half of the movie, may seem a bit on the slow side to modern viewers, that's just the way things worked back then. It's a pre-ADD generation action movie. And we're all the better for it. It's ultimately a rewarding experience, and Cannon (as well as moviegoers) obviously thought so too, as this spawned two sequels to date (maybe we haven't seen the last of Braddock...?). Surely this film was at the forefront of the exploding hut/guy falling out of a guard tower/mindless shooting jungle movie back in the golden age of the 80's. Along with the Rambo series, not to mention countless Direct-To-Video items, these movies capitalized on the craze for patriotic movies with plenty of violence that were so in vogue in the Reagan 80's. To hammer the point home even more, stock footage of Reagan is actually IN Missing In Action 2. If you even THINK about communism, Braddock, Rambo, or any number of other heroes will mow you down with a machine gun that's taller than they are. So there. Take that you stupid commies.

As for the cast and crew, Chuck Norris here started to take tentative steps toward his Texas-based clothing style that would manifest itself most fully during the Walker: Texas Ranger years. His hair and beard are at their reddest and most impressive here, and when he wears his sunglasses, you really can't even see his face. M. Emmet Walsh is always a welcome sight to see, and he plays a similar character in Red Scorpion (1988), which was also directed by Joseph Zito. As good as Walsh is, we also felt the role could have been played by Nick Nolte. Lenore Kasdorf of L.A. Bounty (1989) fame is onboard, as well as James Hong, who's been in pretty much everything. For our purposes here, he was in the same year's Cannon vehicle, the great Ninja III (1984), and much later was in Talons Of the Eagle (1992). Willie Williams, whose entire movie career seems to have been in Vietnam (or Nam-like) Jungle movies such as Final Mission (1984), Savage Justice (1988), Saigon Commandos (1988) and, not coincidentally, P.O.W. The Escape (1986), continues his tradition with the movie at hand today.

Also it has been said that none other than Van Damme appears in an uncredited role as "Car Driver", but we didn't see him, so we can't necessarily confirm that that's actually true. But he's also credited with stunts, along with Aaron Norris, who would go on to direct the second sequel, Braddock, as well as Dean Ferrandini, who would go on to direct Overkill (1996). The next year after this, Zito would direct the ultimate Chuck movie, Invasion U.S.A. (1985) This is a nice trial run for that masterpiece.

If there was going to be a movie version of the 80's Nintendo game Jackal, this could be it. It's a shoot-em-up where the hero must save the hostages. But here the hero is outspoken on the M.I.A. issue and is Chuck Norris. I guess those are the only two differences.

Missing In Action is undoubtedly a classic and is completely worth seeing. In our eyes, however, the series would improve even more in the subsequent two outings, so watch out for those as well.
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Solid Snake Chuck
BadAndy32827 June 2006
Let's just hope he stays Missing in Action along with this movie. If you're going to watch this movie get ready to say to yourself, "What a big copy off Rambo". This movie tries to make Chuck Norris seem like a state of the art stealth soldier. I mean how hidden can you be when your camoflaged in black and your hiding against a white building. Let's not forget to mention how this movie views people from Vietnam. You can tell that the script writer must have some hatred towards them. Another major factor was the amount of unnecessary nudity within this movie. One meet Chuck is talking to a guy, the next you see some man bring a naked women on top of the table. If you are under the age of 18, you should not watch this movie. Heck, if your under the age of 99 you should not watch this movie.
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Plenty of steak, but no sizzle
Mr-Fusion19 December 2015
I think it's those Internet jokes that ruined me for Chuck Norris. Dude's a meme demigod, but on the movie screen, he hall all the presence of a piece of wood. I've got my own favorites among them, and really, who could live up to the really good ones, but still . . . the guy was best left silent in a Bruce Lee movie.

"Missing in Action", recommended as middle-shelf Norris, makes no effort to dispel that notion, letting the man stare down his enemies offer nothing but flatness in the line delivery department. It doesn't help that his character is kind of a dick, and it's a completely by-the-numbers war movie, but with all these bad guys dropping dead (by the tens) and the explosions, you'd think it'd be a little more exciting than . . . this. Somebody help me out here.

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