The Killing Fields (1984) Poster

Sam Waterston: Sydney Schanberg



  • [last lines - at their reunion, with warm smiles] 

    Sydney Schanberg : You forgive me?

    Dith Pran : Nothing to forgive, Sydney. Nothing.

  • Jon Swain : If the going gets rough, I heard our best bet's the French embassy.

    Sydney Schanberg : Who told you that?

    Jon Swain : [faint chuckle]  The British embassy.

  • Al Rockoff : It bothers me that you let Pran stay in Cambodia because you wanted to win that fucking award and you knew you needed him!

    Sydney Schanberg : [Shocked]  I had no idea that...

    Al Rockoff : The fuck you didn't! The fuck you didn't!

  • Sydney Schanberg : If anybody ever gets to read about this, you won't be able to look them in the face!

  • [first lines] 

    Sydney Schanberg : Cambodia. To many westerners it seemed a paradise. Another world, a secret world. But the war in neighboring Vietnam burst its borders, and the fighting soon spread to neutral Cambodia. In 1973 I went to cover this side-show struggle as a foreign correspondent of the New York Times. It was there, in the war-torn country side amidst the fighting between government troops and the Khmer Rouge guerrillas, that I met my guide and interpreter, Dith Pran, a man who was to change my life in a country I grew to love and pity.

  • Sydney Schanberg : They brought in the whole fucking press corps! They want to sanitize the story? Bastards!

  • Dith Pran : [after requesting from the Khmer Rouge guard a bathroom for Sydney]  ... He said there's no piss, Sydney.

    Sydney Schanberg : [disgusted]  What do you mean, "no piss"?

    Dith Pran : It means there's NO PISS, Sydney.

  • Military Attache : Schanberg, you came on a boat you go back on a boat!

    Sydney Schanberg : That won't stop my story!

  • Sydney Schanberg : I got a story to get to New York!

    Dith Pran : [worried]  Don't leave me!

    Sydney Schanberg : I won't leave you.

  • Sydney Schanberg : [standing outside New York City's World Trade Center]  Dith Pran! P-R-A-N. He disappeared in Phnom Penh in 1975. Pran is his first name. Any information you can give... well, we're hoping for any information at all! He was last seen in '75.

  • Sydney Schanberg : [On the telephone with Pran's son]  Is your mother there?... When?... Alright, I want you to get this down... no, write it down! Write it down...

    [laughing joyfully] 

    Sydney Schanberg : I've got a message from your dad!

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