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What's Wrong With It ?
aesgaard4111 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
"Name's Dangerously… Johnny Dangerously…." - "Did you know your last name's an adverb?" - In the last twenty years, movie parodies have become really bad wastes of time and money utilizing weak actors and exploiting out-of-work celebs, but at one time they used to be funny, hilarious and worth watching more than once. "Airplane," "Naked Gun," "Young Frankenstein," "Blazing Saddles," and "Scary Movie" top the list as among the best movie parodies ever made, but one movie that tends to get forgotten is "Johnny Dangerously." How can anyone not love this movie? It's a hilarious spoof of all the old gangster movies of the 30s and 40s, and if you've never seen them, watch this instead. It has a talented top notch cast with hilarious writing, incredible comedy and one thing modern parodies don't have: a plot!! Michael Keaton has a ball in this role as anything goes playing a young mobster suddenly at the top of the New York mob and putting his kid brother through law school, and when he makes it to city district attorney, the brother vows to arrested Johnny Dangerously, totally unaware he's the only guy unaware its his brother. Popular and recognizable comedy stars fill nearly the entire cast. Marilu Henner is Johnny's girlfriend, Richard Dimitri plays Johnny's nemesis mangling the English language every time he talks (One line concerns he ought to be arrested for murdering the English language.) and Griffin Dunn plays the clueless D.A., but my favorite role has got to be Joe Piscopo. He has all the best lines, and there are a lot of quotable references in this movie. ("You can't park here; it's a handicapped spot!" – "I am handicapped. I'm psychotic!!" – Just as Joe whips out his parking placard describing him as a psychopath.) There are both hilarious lines and visual sight gags through this movie, and no one anywhere close to normal. Danny DeVito, Alan Hale, Ray Walston round out the cast in this under appreciated star-studded action comedy movie that lampoons gangsters and Prohibition a heck of a lot funnier than "Mafia" ever did, and the best part, there aren't any gay jokes, drug references or sophomoric humor anywhere in this movie and the sexual references are so subtle, you can actually watch the movie without rolling your eyes and being offended.
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Very funny movie that gets a bad rap!
JR54113 February 2004
For a movie that gets no respect there sure are a lot of memorable quotes listed for this gem. Imagine a movie where Joe Piscopo is actually funny! Maureen Stapleton is a scene stealer. The Moroni character is an absolute scream. Watch for Alan "The Skipper" Hale jr. as a police Sgt.
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Fargin Corksuckers!!!
the_mad_mckenna22 May 2003
This movie is just too funny, a totally non-PC gangster romp. If Mel Brooks made a picture about the Mob in the 30's, it would probably look like this. Too many great one-liners to to remember, and while its not for everyone, anyone who DOESNT laugh a whole bunch of times doesnt have a pulse. So, put it on and LAUGH you Iceholes!!!
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Cagney Esq.
caspian19789 January 2005
Michael Keaton had the job of not only portraying the fictional gangster Johnny Dangerously, but he had to play the role by giving his best James Cagney impression. From the Irish smile, the walk and the way he hung his gangster type hat on his head, Keaton captured the Rocky Sullivan character from the 1940's. Like Keaton's character, many of the sets the movie was shot on were taken right out of movies like Little Caesar and Public Enemy. The Club Scene is right out of Little Caesar as well as the exterior of the hotel and the downtown newspaper stands. The Mafia's office room is straight out of Little Caesar as well. An amazingly funny cast including Danny DeVito, you can't beat this comedy. A well done story with non stop comic relief with great production value and acting.
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"Hmm... Johnny's getting laid!"
DarthBill28 April 2004
Hilarious, under rated gangster spoof about an essentially good hearted boy who grows up to be Johnny Dangerously (Michael Keaton), AKA: John Shannon, who uses his ill gotten gains to support his family - his ailing mom and send his little brother to law school, of all places. Things get sticky though when an old foe (Joe Piscapoe) comes after Johnny and his girlfriend (Marilu Henner) and Johnny's own brother tries to come after him as part of his mission to clean up the city.

Lots of great gags, like Johnny advising kids to chew gum instead of smoking, Johnny's jail house striped suit, the running gag of Joe Piscapoe's character saying that certain members of his family did something to him "once... ONCE.", the running gag of Johnny's brother being unable to resist the temptation of sex, and of course, the fireworks that go off whenever Johnny gets laid.
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Some comic gems
jbar193 November 2003
One the whole, this movie isn't perfect. It doesn't 'hang well' together as the story line is basically a bunch of hooks to hang jokes.

Some of these jokes are a little 'too 80s' and tend to date the picture.

But some of these jokes are classic.

You know a movie has something special when you and your friends still reference silly quotes from it over 2 decades later.

Plus, there are a bunch of familiar faces; Michael Keaton, Danny Devito, Joe Piscapo, Peter Boyle, Marilu Henner, Maureen Stapleton, Bob Eubanks, Griffin Dunne, and one of the last roles of Alan Hale Jr., the Skipper from Gilligan's Island.

Also, there are some great absurdist moments, like when Johnny is labelling the puppies with a pricing gun, or the Pope making an appearance in Johnny's neighborhood. Also, the scene where the fake priest makes up a lot of words in Latin is excellent. ("Summa cum laude, magna cum laude, the radio's too louda... Post meridian, ante meridian, uncle meridian").

Other Classic Scenes include Ramone Maroney butchering the English language Danny Devito urging Griffin Dunne to 'Play Ball' Peter Boyle thinking he lost his manhood The fake VD movie

This movie is no home run. But like 'Porky's', it has enough classic comedy bits to make it memorable.
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Great Cartoon !
elshikh411 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I can't remember how many times I watched it. What I do remember is that after the first time, I went to rewind it to re-watch, rather re-enjoy, it again. And ever since, I can't get enough of it.

It's better than many of the cinematic parodies. I think it's smarter than any parody in the first place; where the whole matter shrinks into many gags and jokes about an available original. This time, it's a movie of its own, and its comedy comes from spoofing a whole era of making movies, not certain ones.

This cast was flawless. For me, it's Michael Keaton's comic cornerstone and the gem of the necklace. This is Joe Piscopo best work in movies; he can be enjoyably memorable if it's all about this role only. Peter Boyle is always a star in his supporting role. Let alone Richard Dimitri the one who played the boss of the Indian mafia in America!

It forced me to save its director's name: Amy Heckerling, and its writers' as well: Harry Colomby and Jeff Harris, since the first shot with the year written on the screen to be smashed by a car after a second!

Speaking of which, some moments were truly exceptional. I still savor ironies concerning the cinematic stuff which used to be made in the old days such as: the image that ripples incomprehensibly whenever there is a flashback, the fireworks that go off whenever Johnny makes love, the running gag about the newspapers' seller who doesn't stop having melodramatic accidents, or the radio that gives only the news that the drama needs! Just look at the scene in which the surprise hits all of Johnny's gang while knowing that the DA is his brother; where the camera gives us the consecutive reactions, even the dead guy's, to know well the wickedness of this comedy!

Recall also how the brother got the Indian mobster by a conundrum, how the news transport - or transform - in jail.. etc. Simply hilarity, special hilarity, doesn't stop in this movie.

Did you notice how all the moral speech of the lead was just a poppycock all along since gangster Johnny is still, at the end, a pretty much gangster not a working man in a pet shop? It is the movie's light satire; as if the old morals, of the old movies, became something that the American reality doesn't embrace.

In maybe the fifth watching, I discovered some things like: how come Johnny's mother and brother go to cinema at the night of his execution??, or how Johnny's bullet, that saved his brother from dying at the movies in the nick of time, doesn't show at all in Piscopo's body later; he was so unharmed in the next shot!!, but HEY, so was Tom the cat in Tom & Jerry's numerous movies. It is all about having a nice time, not thinking. However even thinking with this movie can't spoil it.

I only hated some of Danny DeVito "adult" comedy, and the dirty jokes. They were simply nasty, and - for my taste - didn't fit the nature of this Looney Tunes cartoon of a movie.

Among me and my friends, (Johnny Dangerously) is a classic of ours. It's a small gangster comedy; so creative, amusing and totally cartoonish. In fact, it's great cartoon masquerading as live movie. It is not gross-out, aggressive or naked comedy. Believe it or not, they used to make these comedies "Once"!
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Funny "hit and miss" comedy
bob the moo29 October 2001
One of the first of the gangster spoof movies this is the story of Michael Keaton's Johnny Kelly sucked into Peter Boyle's New York gang before eventually leading it. This is confused by the fact that Johnny's brother (Griffin Dunne) is the DA seeking to put New York's crime lords away.

The film is silly from start to finish - the plot doesn't make sense and the characters are overblown, but that's the whole point - it's meant to be a spoof and it is. The jokes are quite hit-and-miss, but the majority hit and are funny, although you do need to be in the mood for it.

Michael Keaton is perfect in the lead role, clearly enjoying himself immensely and is on-form for the whole movie. The whole cast provide good support in a series of fun roles - Griffin Dunne is great as the DA, Danny DeVito top in a small role as the crooked DA (or host of game show "play ball"!). Richard Dimitri is hilarious as the gangster of unknown origin, guilty of murdering the english language (fargin' funny!), Peter Boyle is good as Johnny's boss, but Joe Piscopo is the best support as the gangster with attitude ("once").

The film is a fun throwback spoof. Every element of the film is exaggerated and the majority of it comes off well. Yes some jokes miss but they come so thick and fast that the next one is never far away.
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Never has something so corny been so entertaining!
LJMTitle12 February 2003
The jokes are obvious, the gags are corny, and the characters are walking characatures - but I couldn't stop from laughing at his highly entertaining movie. No matter how many times I see it, I still get a kick out of this one, and I recommend it highly for all lovers of mindless entertainment. It contains many quotable moments, and some of the best sight-gags I've seen to this day. If you've had a bad week and you need a chuckle, rent this one on your way home Friday night to give your weekend a good start.
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Hey, How about me getting' knocked out
mattressman_pdl18 May 2008
As far as parody films go, there are few that are worth time and energy. but with a recent resurgence of horrid parodies such as Date Movie and The Comebacks, it is a breath of fresh air to come back and rediscover a truly funny farce like Johnny Dangerously.

After his mother has no end of medical problems, little Johnny goes to work for the mob. What fallows is a series of gags, most of which work, there are, however, the occasional flops. But a foreign gangster who can't master the American language (profanity wise, at least), a rival gangster with a penchant for shooting his mouth off (...once!), a younger brother with the D.A. who is out to get Johhny Dangerously, and a hot young starlet hot for his affections have Johnny busy.

And the viewer will be busy laughing, for the most part, as every gangster-movie cliché is skewered by a talented cast and decent writing.

Not perfect by a long shot, but definitely good for a smile on a bad day.
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dangerously silly
lee_eisenberg18 June 2005
"Johnny Dangerously" is one of those movies that exists for the sole purpose of being silly, much like "Airplane!". Michael Keaton plays Johnny Kelly, who once became a gangster under the name Johnny Dangerously, to pay his mother's (Maureen Stapleton) bills. His nemesis is Danny Vermin (Joe Piscopo). After a series of mix-ups, Johnny's brother Tommy (Griffin Dunne) becomes a marked man.

That's the plot, but you don't even need to pay attention to the plot. The whole movie is an excuse for a bunch of goofy occurrences, such as when the year is shown in the opening scene, and a car runs over the numbers, or when someone lights a cigarette and Johnny turns to the camera and reminds the children in the audience never to start smoking. My favorite character was Roman Moronie, just because of how he tried to curse and ended up saying things like "fargin' iceholes". Oh, and Alan Hale appears in one of his non-Skipper roles. In my opinion, one of the neatest lines was, after Lil (Marilu Henner) hears Johnny's name, she says: "I've never met a man whose last name was an adverb."
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swearingen_ar2 May 2016
This is very underrated movie! My cable company gave it only one Star out of five. The IMDb is only 6.2 stars out of ten.

The acting is actually quite good. Maureen Stapleton is a hoot! Michael Keaton does a good job.

This is not a serious,. dramatic movie. It is satire and as sub is excellently done!

Just sit back and enjoy. Is is a fun movie!

On an enjoyment scale this is 9. Okay, so it is not The Godfather, few are on that level. Pop a big bowl of popcorn, get some cold soda and then get ready for a great movie fargen movie night!
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Keaton as Cagney
gavin694220 March 2015
Set in the 1930s, an honest, goodhearted man (Michael Keaton) is forced to turn to a life of crime to finance his neurotic mother's skyrocketing medical bills.

This was Amy Heckerling's follow-up to "Fast Times at Ridgmont High", and probably not the hard-hitting film people expected out of her. But too bad, because this is gem in its own right. Some have called the humor hit and miss (and that is not completely unfair), but the hits are particularly good. Keaton's Cagney impression is great.

Michael Keaton in general was strong throughout the 1980s, and hopefully with his Oscar boost ("Birdman") people will start to re-appreciate his career. Lots of winners in there, and "Johnny Dangerously" is one of them.
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A brilliant parody of depression era gangster films
Mmmavis1 June 2011
This early 80's spoof is a spot-on parody of the old Warner Brother's gangster films and classic screwball comedies of the thirties. If you like those old classic films then you need to see this, you'll get all the gags and nonsensical plot details that make it so funny.

Michael Keaton is great as the title character, channeling the long gone spirit of Jimmy Cagney with the same irresistible Irish charm; but it's the supporting actors who give the film its hysterical brilliance, from Joe Piscopo---wickedly sending up the kind of despicable, second-banana roles Humphrey Bogart used to play---to Richard Dimitri, whose wildly funny portrayal of the sociopathic, unintelligible, ethnic-looking gangster is a pitch-perfect illustration of the unspoken racism in those old films, to Maureen Stapleton, who utterly steals every scene she's in as the lazy, dotty, foul-mouthed 'Sweet Irish Mum' those old gangster characters were always so devoted to.

It's one of the most perfect parodies of a film genre ever made, and it's still funny, 25 years later. Watch it.
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I Never Get Tired of This film!
caroledelm24 September 2003
I have watched Johnny Dangerously more times than I can count. Aside from loving Michael Keaton's work, this film stands out as one of the funniest I have ever seen. "Johnny's" personality and swagger are delightful to begin with, and the comedy lines produce laughter with tears in the eyes. My kids told me about this picture first, and I am indebted to them. Whether he's doing comedy or drama, Michael Keaton has my heart.
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"Crime doesn't pay… Well it pays a little"
lost-in-limbo24 June 2010
Two people at the beginning of their film careers; director Amy Heckerling (who two years earlier directed the Cameron Crow penned "Fast Times at Ridgemont High") and Michael Keaton (in only his second leading role, after "Mr Mom" and a support role in his breakthrough film "Nightshift") come together with "Johnny Dangerously" to bring us a flighty, colourful and madcap send-up of gangster films of the 1930s. Johnny Kelly as a kid turned to crime (despite it would break his mother's heart if she knew), but in the order to pay for her medical bills he didn't see any other way since they were quite poor. So the years have past and he has become attached to it and a big player in the mob, where he would be known as Johnny Dangerously. The spoof might be hit and miss, but it always remains agreeably light-weight and Keaton just had a knack for comic timing. The wilily unrestrained material (stormed up by four writers -- well there you go) creates one gag after another, either visually, verbally or simply combining the two in a very cartoon-like manner. It really does have that old-fashion screwball mentality, but still some wit behind it and the conviction for fast moving, running gags. The silly dialogues are amusingly snappy (especially the lines from Dimitri; murdering the English language "This is fargan war!"), irony laced but with a dry sense. So many cracker lines fill the feature. Heckerling zesty direction goes hand-in-hand with the cheerful style and it's perfectly apt with the golden age period with its set designs, locations and costume work. Weird Al Yankovic chips in with the spiritedly illustrative title song, and the music score is a flavoursome effort of the era. Charmingly vibrant performances lend well with the likes of Peter Boyle, Griffin Dunne, Joe Piscopo, Danny Deviot (who's good fun), Maureen Stapleton (she's absolutely great!), Dom Deluise, Richard Dimitri and the sprightly redheaded siren Marilu Henner. Dom DeLuise and Ray Walston turn up in small comic cameos too. Pleasurably over-the-top entertainment.
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It's really fargin' funny, you iceholes!
emdoub27 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Okay - I'll confess. This is the movie that made me love what Michael Keaton could do. He does a beautiful parody of someone doing a parody of James Cagney, with charm to spare.

The supporting cast are solid workers all, and will step right up and do a fine job in this '80s comedy. A spoof of the '30s-'40s gangster movies, it breaks new ground constantly, with remarkably original material. (Well, yeah - some of it has been copied since - but when this movie was made, it was original, and much of it has _not_ been copied elsewhere.) Watch Joe Piscopo warn people to not do ______, with one of the great taglines of spoofs. Watch Roman Moronie do things with English profanity that would make your spinster grammar teacher laugh. Watch amazing sight gags, such as pet-store owner Johnny Kelly using the price-tag gun on his puppies and dusting his kittens. Watch the greatest "warning against sex" educational film ever made. Watch the most amazing misrepresentation of church Latin done, while a guy who never took shop class assembles a Thompson machine gun from parts. Watch lines you'll be using in casual conversation for the next decade. Watch Maureen Stapleton do the perfect antithesis to the hard-working mom, with surprise gags that you'll never see coming.

If you see a gag that doesn't hit your funny bone, be patient - another will come along in 30 seconds or less, and the odds are, you'll need to pause until you're done rolling on the floor several times. Duckies and Bunnies? Them, too. Watch for the subtle stuff - some of the sight gags can go by unnoticed the first few viewings.

There are a few minor flaws - but it's probably the best of the spoofs. Some come close, but none of them are quite this good.
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Keaton In Eye Make-Up!
mycatslyone28 May 2005
Yes, Keaton looks like he really did enjoy making this film. With a skip in his step in his tailored pin-striped suits, he'll remind you of Jimmy Cagney! Johnny (Keaton) is the young hood who only does it to pay for his mother's high-priced medical bills & to send his younger brother (Griffin Dunne) to law school. No one even knows Johnny Kelly IS Johnny Dangerously until later on in the film. Joe Piscopo is Vermin & doesn't like Johnny one bit (& I don't like Vermin). Marilu Henner has a nice singing/dancing routine while Johnny revels in it. I love the part when they're in the ever-changing getaway car! The cop who's "calling all cars" is the Skipper from Gilligan's Island! See this one for 1930's gangster laughs! The gags in this film are hilarious but you have to catch them or you'll miss them! Look in the background of every scene.
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This is the life!
Smells_Like_Cheese28 May 2004
"Johnny Dangerously" is a sort of hit and miss comedy that has it's laughs and "huh?". But I suggest to give it a chance. I think it is greatly over looked. Not too many people give this movie a chance. It does work. Just think of it as a little parody of "Goodfellas". Michael Keaton is very funny in his role. And he does it well. Johnny Dangerously is a gangster who wants to go higher in life. He just works his way up from the big bosses to a beautiful wife. And of course like a lot of the mob movies, someone wants him dead. 90% of the jokes get a laugh. Like, I said give it a chance. Just take your favortie gangster movies and mix a comedy in. You have "Johnny Dangerously".

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Jawsphobia18 August 2000
Johnny Dangerously is one of those movies may critics may feel is less than the sum of its parts, but those parts are fun. The replacement swears of Roman Marone will work their way into your vocabulary. Maureen Stapleton is the classic vulgar mother and one of my favorite characters of all time in this kind of thing.
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Just a lot of fun
Pegapus4 July 2000
This movie is just a lot of fun. I've seen it a couple of times, but it always has something funny that I remember. The "duckies and bunnies" car scene is one of my favorites, and I still quote Morone's versions of certain words!

There are so many running jokes, that it's amazing. But I love Michael Keaton anyhow!
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"Johnny" humorously....
Mister-618 November 1999
If this movie proves only one thing, it's that Keaton is, was and always will be a comic at heart, even when dodging bullets, heading for the electric chair and getting at the wrong end of an information line in prison.

But "Johnny Dangerously" goes on to prove even more. In the '80s, the ZAZ boys (Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker) were the pinnacle in the world of genre spoofs. But there were several pretenders to the throne. This time, Amy ("Fast Times at Ridgement High") Heckerling tries her hand, with an amazing amount of television writers behind the script (go and check).

This slap-happy slapstick spoof of the 1930's cops-and-"gag"sters movies throws just about every cliche for a loop and even adds a few cliches that didn't exist way back when.

And not only is the ever-dependable Keaton on hand as the Johnny of the title, but so are such funny guys and dolls as Piscopo, Henner, Stapleton, Boyle, Dunne, DeVito, Walston and just about every other actor in Hollywood that happened to walk into the immediate vicinity. You'd be surprised by how many faces you'll recognize. I know I was.

And the jokes? Well, when they start out, they come at you fast and furious, like a machine gun. There are too many to count in the beginning, topped off with a crazy theme song by Weird Al Yankovic. But you have to watch for when they reload. And they have to reload a little too often.

Everyone tries, they seem to be having fun and I was laughing a good amount of the time. In the end, though, there was plenty of time to think about how certain scenes could have been funnier - not usually the best thing to think about after watching a comedy.

But for a slow night when there's nothing good on TV, pop in "Johnny" and be ready for some "Dangerously" serious laughter.

Eight stars. Check out "Johnny Dangerously"... don't be a "bastidge".
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C'mon, this is cute AND funny.
daddyben2k9 October 2001
All of those who voted less than 5 are obviously not fans of clean, tongue-in-cheek humor. Keaton is brilliant in this - as in most of his work. This is not a blockbuster, bigger-than-life affair. This is campy, slapstick humor played out by some of Hollywood's best (and very versatile) actors. Piscopo was equally on the mark as the top dog wannabee, once.

If you want to see the funniest attempt at not really cussing ever filmed, you gotta see Dimitri do his piece as Morone.

I gave it a 7.
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Roman Troy Moronie
job4999-122 February 2005
"Roman Troy Moronie" is my comment on the movie. What else is there to say?

This character really brings out the moron in Moronie. A tough gangster with an inability to pronounce profane words, well, it seems that it would have been frustrating to be tough and yet not be able to express oneself intelligently.

Roman Moronie will go down in the annals of movie history as one of the greatest of all morons.

There is of course great comedy among the other characters. Michael Keaton is F.A.H. and so is Joe Piscipo.

I just like the fact that Moronie kept the movie from an "R" rating because he could not pronounce profanity.
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Fargin funny
historian6431 July 2008
Oh, what fun there is here!

Amy Heckerling has a flair for directing comedy (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Look Who's Talking) but here it looks like she told the actors to go out and have fun. Micheal Keaton breezes through the role of Johnny, easily his best screen performance. Joe Piscopo is great as the appropriately named Danny Vermin, what a shame directors didn't pick up on this. And I have even mentioned Richard Dimitri playing Moronie and the character's unique vocabulary. I don't think it's an accident that the bulk of the character's name is spelled MORON.

Good lines are sprinkled throughout the movie, with Peter Boyle, Griffit Dunne.Maurren Stapleton, Merilu Henner given good lines. Even actors with minor roles like Dick Butkus and Alan Hale get in a good lines.

recommend it to a friend.
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