Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984) Poster

Lucinda Dickey: Kelly



  • [first lines] 

    Mr. Bennett : Well, Kelly, now that you've left your life in the theater, maybe you'd like to reconsider my offer of four years at Princeton.

    Kelly : I haven't quit, Dad. I'm just takin' a break. I told you a million times: dance is my life.

  • Mr. Bennett : What about that young friend of yours? That lawyer? What was his name? Derek? You wanted to marry him. Why'd you break up with him?

    Kelly : Derek's a nerd. And you're the one that liked him, not me.

    Mrs. Bennett : Well, at least she's not spending time with those street people anymore, darling.

  • Mr. Bennett : I don't like the life you're leading.

    Kelly : Well, it's my life, Dad!

  • Kelly : I don't know what I'm going to tell Ozone, though.

    Stanley : Kelly, all you used to talk about is your work, now, all I hear from you is Ozone, Ozone. Are you in love with the guy?

    Kelly : Oh, come on, Stanley. I just like the way he dances.

  • Mr. Bennett : Oh, I see. You're here for money! Well, I know what you people do with money. You mismanage it! You spend it on drugs, fancy clothes, and cars.

    Kelly : Dad!

    Mr. Bennett : I don't see any point in throwing good money after bad.

    Ozone : Come on, Turbo. We don't need you're help. We can take care of our own.

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