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Season 2

6 Oct. 1985
Eye in the Sky
Harry's friend, the pilot of a traffic helicopter, invites him along for a ride. Harry thinks he sees someone committing murder and says so, live, during the traffic report.
13 Oct. 1985
Sunday in the Park with Harry
Harry Fox thinks a pickpocket has stolen Harrison's wallet and takes it back, only to find that it isn't Harrison's. Trying to return the wallet to its rightful owner lands Harry in the middle of a murder investigation.
20 Oct. 1985
Requiem for a Fox
Cindy is pushed by her friend Claire to get a reading with Madam Moon who tells her to warn Harry about midgets. Harry has a new wrestling midget client who fears for his life. Cindy pushes Harrison to join his father.
27 Oct. 1985
Murder Is a Two Stroke Penalty
Harry goes with Harrison and Cindy when they go visit her parents in L.A. When her father takes them to his golf club, they find the body of the club's president. Initially the police think he was the victim of a burglary. But Harry doesn't think, but his in-law prefers to let the police handle it. But when the police find evidence that rules out the burglary they ask Harry to stay until they solve the case. And not wanting Harry to stay any longer than he has to, his in-law offers to help him.
3 Nov. 1985
Fox in 3/4 Time
Josh's piano teacher Claudia is found dead. It's an open and shut case of suicide. Josh doesn't believe it and hires Harry to investigate.
1 Dec. 1985
Some Day My Prints Will Come
Harry photographs an insurance fraud case for Harrison. Idee has trouble with her new one hour photo developing machine. Harry's pictures get switched with someone else. Harrison needs them quick.
15 Dec. 1985
If the Shoe Fits
When a woman's boyfriend goes missing she hires Harry to find him. Later her father offers to pay Harry not to tell her that he found him. And when Harry goes to where he works, people come after him.
22 Dec. 1985
Is There a Fox in the House?
Harry's college friend Andy Farr gets arrested for the bombing death of rival Dr. Morgan. Andy invented a new laser technique but Morgan had shut him out. Harry gets help from Nurse Flood and bomb expert Mickey. A patient needs the surgery.
29 Dec. 1985
Year of the Fox
Harrison's secretary Allison Lee's cousin from China arrives fresh off the boat. His dead body is found in Harrison's office. The cops think he's a smuggler. It's a family Buddha that the villains are after.
5 Jan. 1986
Fox and the Wolf
Harrison's client Nick Roland is a dashing former movie star and ladies' man. His wild ways threaten his defense against his daughter's competency case. Harrison hires his father to keep an eye on Nick until the court trial.
15 Jan. 1986
Hearing Is Believing
Joanna Blake overhears a murderous plan while dinning with her mother. She's blind. She pieces together the conversation and tells her family lawyer Harrison Fox. Harry happens to be in the office and is the only one to believe her.
22 Jan. 1986
TV reporter Kelly Aspen breaks the story of gold hidden under Hyde St. Harrison tried to warn her against reporting and she's fired soon after. She gets a threat on her answering machine and Harrison brings in his dad to investigate.
29 Jan. 1986
The Road to Tobago
Harry and Harrison are helping a woman have her husband declared legally dead cause he has been missing for 7 years. On the day of the hearing the man shows up in court alive and well. The woman demands a divorce and he in turn sues for of her assets. It seems the business she started, she used funds from his company. The guy asks her to meet him at his motel to talk but when she arrives he doesn't answer so she leaves. The next day, she learns he was killed and since she was the only who went to the hotel on the night he was killed she's arrested. Harry and Harrison ...
5 Feb. 1986
You Can't Keep a Good Corpse Down
Cindy's friend fashion designer Julia is being harassed by her dead design partner Suzanne. Harry and his son investigate but the dead refuses to die.
12 Feb. 1986
The Fox Who Saw Too Much
Harrison and Cindy are on a weekend getaway at a hotel in the city. She runs into high school friend Dianne Bennett. Later from her window, she sees Dianne's late husband Ted in another room. He supposedly died 5 years earlier.
26 Feb. 1986
Just Another Fox in the Crowd
Harrison finds a photo from the 1961 All-Star Game with Harry in the background and gives it to him for his birthday. However when Harry sees it he claims he never went to the game. So he and Harrison goes to see the photographer who took it, who tells them the photo is authentic. However after they leave someone pulls a gun on them demanding the photo.
5 Mar. 1986
Fox on the Range
A vacation at the elderado should get Harry Fox away from his hectic job for a whilr. But when Harrison and Cindy witness a murder and the body turns missing when the police arrive, Fox discovers a sinister plot.
5 Apr. 1986
The Duke Is Dead
New neighbors Bob and Dana hide a dead body in their basement. They rush next door to Cindy and Harrison's party. They poison a dog named Duke fearing discovery. Duke's owner hires Harry to investigate.
12 Apr. 1986
Retired waitress Rosie is lured into an alley and killed. Harry is a friend. He and his son chase away the killer. They find the murder not as random as it first appears.
19 Apr. 1986
Dead on Arrival
Oscar hires Harry to find his girlfriend Janice. Harry sends him to Harrison for legal work. He's shot and turns up dead at Harrison's office. It turns out that he's a convict who escaped 5 days before his release. $500k is still missing.
3 May 1986
A Fox at the Races
Harrison obtains a 10% share on a race horse as pay for his legal services. Shortly afterwards, it appears there's a contract out on the horse.

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