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5 Jan. 1985
String and Caitlin travel to a deserted island where a cure is being researched for a biological plague that was developed in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the plague has already gotten out of control and the researchers are all dead. Complicating matters, the Russians have also dispatched a submarine to the island to attempt to recover the cure first. When String, Caitlin and the sub's crew all get exposed to the virus, they must work together to find the cure before they all go mad and either kill one another or die.
12 Jan. 1985
The American Dream
A former Vietnamese warlord, Tranh Van Zung (James Shigeta), terrorizes a small community of Southeast Asian immigrants by requiring them to pay a tithe like they would in their own country. A group of dissidents, however, stand up to the greed and refuse to pay. Subsequently, they are targeted for extermination by Tranh, who is an accomplished pilot. His men murder several of the members of the dissident faction -- that is, until String and Airwolf make a stand against Tranh's corruption and give the other immigrants a taste of what freedom is all about.
26 Jan. 1985
Inn at the End of the Road
A group of terrorists steals a prototype in-flight computer that can turn any commercial aircraft into a fighting unit. While escaping, one of the terrorists is wounded and the group holes up in a small mountain community where they shanghai the services of a combat medic and lock his friends up in a meat locker. When the terrorists discover that the medic has flight skills as well, they get him to aid in their escape, but Doc manages to get away and finds String, who's out looking for the prototype with Airwolf. String manages to rescue Doc's friends, but he's ...
2 Feb. 1985
Santini's Millions
Dom uses Airwolf to transport a heart to Chicago and responds to a mayday along the way for a downed private plane. The plane belongs to billionaire Carl Barron who was on his way to a board meeting when his plane developed engine difficulties. Barron attempts to bribe Santini into dropping him off first, then the heart. Dom refuses and gives Barron a piece of his mind, instead. Shortly thereafter, Barron is killed in a mysterious explosion at his company and everyone at the funeral is shocked to learn that he altered his will just before he died. Dominic Santini is ...
9 Feb. 1985
Prisoner of Yesterday
A revolutionary breaks her father, former dictator Marios Guzman, out of a military prison. Because her father received no medical treatment in prison, she has her followers kidnap Doc who is on a fishing trip with String. String vows to follow Doc, but is advised not to get himself or Airwolf involved in anything political. As it turns out, a former comrade-in-arms of Guzman's learns that he is dying and plans to use his final address to the people as a rallying point to retake the government.
23 Feb. 1985
Natural Born
A young hotshot helicopter pilot named Kevin takes a job sweeping the hanger at Santini Air after his guardian uncle is killed by some past associates. Those associates wanted his uncle to go back into the drug smuggling business with them. Now Kevin is on the lookout for them and uses his position at Santini Air to try to garner some revenge. Unfortunately, he costs Santini a commercial contract in the process and almost loses the trust of his newfound friends.
2 Mar. 1985
Out of the Sky
String and Dom are hired to fly a helicopter rigged with a prop spaceship during a live concert performance by singing sensation Roxy Marvel (Misty Rowe). Complications develop, however, when a fight with her ex-husband Nick DeSoto (Mayf Nutter), who's also her manager, results in Nick having her kidnapped and replaced by a look-alike lip-syncer. Nick needs the money he can raise from his ex-wife's death to cover some old gambling debts. String and Dom must find Roxy and save her look-alike before DeSoto can carry out his plans.
16 Mar. 1985
A European terrorist cell takes refuge in a spiritualist community in the U.S. that shuns all exposure to technology. Using the community as a front, they plan to destroy a new southwestern U.S. hydro-electric facility and for exposure, they invite a prominent TV journalist, Kelly Dayton, to witness the event. When Kelly and her escort pilot, String, are captured by the terrorists, some quick thinking on the part of the ace pilot results in their escaping their captors, but String and Airwolf must stop the terrorists before they complete their plan of destruction and ...
23 Mar. 1985
Severance Pay
A mole at the Firm has leaked classified information and a senior analyst is suspected after his best friend and colleague dies from a stress related heart attack when the pair learn that their retirement benefits have been denied.
6 Apr. 1985
String and Dom find themselves at odds with a mining community's leadership after they are forced to land during the eruption of a once dormant volcano.
13 Apr. 1985
Short Walk to Freedom
Caitlyn and a group of kids are captured by a guerrilla leader while they're on a trip to South America to visit ancient ruins.
28 Sep. 1985
The Horn of Plenty
Hawke is kidnapped and brainwashed by John Bradfrod Horn, an evil tycoon; and its up to Cait to rescue Hawke, Dom, and Airwolf from his clutches.
5 Oct. 1985
Airwolf II
An arrogant pilot designs a newer version of Airwolf and plans to engage Hawke in an air-to-air duel to determine which of the two is the better pilot.
12 Oct. 1985
And a Child Shall Lead
Leading aircraft designer, Robert Phelps, is abducted by foreign agents to the horror of his mentally challenged son, Bobby. Hawke decides to try and find Phelps, obtaining leads from Bobby, whose autism gives him the ability to draw detailed clues from memory. While in the agent's custody, Phelps has a sudden heart-attack and is rendered useless to them. Hawke has to find him for Bobby.
19 Oct. 1985
Fortune Teller
Archangel is held captive by a powerful arms dealer who needs information to complete the work on a highly advanced maneuvering system for fighter jets - Fortune Teller. With the help from a psychic, String and Dom endeavor to find their friend before it's too late.
26 Oct. 1985
Hawke must pick up the Janic's alone, and without Airwolf when they're ambushed. Dom and Kaitlen use Airwolf to save the laser secrets.
2 Nov. 1985
Kingdom Come
When some thermonuclear detonators are stolen. Hawke tried to find them with Airwolf's thermal sensors. But the man who stole them plans to use Airwolf to transport them. And part of his plan is seducing Caitlin.
9 Nov. 1985
Hawke falls for a airplane racer in danger.
16 Nov. 1985
Annie Oakley
When a weapon built by the Firm is stolen. One of the men who stole it, thinking the man who hired him is shortchanging him calls the Firm and arranges a meeting. Michael sends Hawke and his people, because the meeting is taking place at a Wild West Show. When they get there, the man who called them makes contact but before he could tell them anything is killed. Hawke turns to the woman in charge for help.
23 Nov. 1985
Hawke helps a woman rescue children refugees from a mad scientist' unmanned tanks.
30 Nov. 1985
The Deadly Circle
When the families of all his Vietnam flight crew are kidnapped (including Dom and Cait); Hawke must follow the clues, and a mysterious friend, to save them.
14 Dec. 1985
Where Have All the Children Gone?
Hawke goes to deliver a congressional medal of Honor to a brother of one of his friends, but there's only children around and no adults.
21 Dec. 1985
Hawke finds that his brother was, in fact, killed in Vietnam, and meets his nephew.

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