Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983) Poster

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Yonoi



  • Yonoi : To be or not to be, that is the question, Major Celliers.

  • Yonoi : Why do you not fight me? If you defeat me, you will be free!

  • Yonoi : What did you say?

    Maj. Jack Celliers : I said I thought they were crackers.

    Yonoi : What?

    Maj. Jack Celliers : I said I thought they were mad!

  • Col. John Lawrence : Captain Yonoi, please try to understand. Group Captain Hicksley is an honorable man.

    Yonoi : They are all, all honorable men. As commanding officer, I prefer another honorable man.

  • Yonoi : What kind of a man is he? Is he a close friend of yours?

    Col. John Lawrence : No. He's not a close friend, no.

    Yonoi : What kind of a soldier is he?

    Col. John Lawrence : Oh, he's a fine soldier. We had a nickname for him in the 8th Army. We called him straffer Jack. Straffer is a kind of, um, it's very difficult to translate. Straffer is, um, it is astonishingly difficult sometimes. Um, in any case, he was a soldier's soldier.

  • Group Capt. Hicksley : I am not required under International Law to furnish the enemy with any information.

    Yonoi : This is not North Africa. We are not Germans! There is no Geneva Convention here.

  • Yonoi : Who do you think you are? Are you an evil spirit?

    Maj. Jack Celliers : Yes, and one of yours I hope.

  • Yonoi : If you didn't do it, who did? We must punish someone!

    Col. John Lawrence : But why? Would you rather punish the wrong man, than see the crime itself go unsolved? And unpunished!

    Yonoi : Yes.

    Col. John Lawrence : You mean I'm to die because you think if there's a crime then it must be punished? And it doesn't matter who is punished?

    Yonoi : Yes.

  • Col. John Lawrence : So I'm to die to preserve your sense of order.

    Yonoi : Yes. You understand, Lawrence. You must die for me.

    Col. John Lawrence : I understand. But, I won't die for you!

  • Yonoi : As punishment for today, you're confined to quarters until your departure.

    Sgt. Gengo Hara : Yes.

    Yonoi : Without sake.

  • Yonoi : Do you think you can get away with such as obvious lie?

    Group Capt. Hicksley : I'm told it is the Japanese way to lie, sir.

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