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  • The alleged story so far was that Paramount was going to release it on DVD back in 2004 but there were two reasons that have stopped them from doing so. First, the studio wasn't able to obtain the rights of the soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. Second, is that Michael Mann (who has publicly disowned the film) forced the studio not to release it.

    There is information available on the web that Michael Mann, the director of the movie, and F. Paul Wilson, the writer of the book that The Keep is based on, do not look upon this film favorably and therefore they are both uninterested in having it re-released on DVD or Blu-Ray. The film has been broadcast on a number of TV channels over the years since its original VHS and LaserDisc release and the film has had occasional screenings at cult film festivals. Edit

  • This is the name given to the entity in the original novel by F. Paul Wilson, on which the film is based. It is later revealed in the novel that the actual name of the entity is Rasalom, which is Molasar spelled in reverse. Edit



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