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At a train station Amanda King runs into Lee Stetson, a man carrying an important package. On the run, he asks a reluctant Amanda to give it to "the man in the red hat" for him. Unable to do so she takes it home to unforeseen consequences.
3 Oct. 1983
The First Time
Lee Stetson aka Scarecrow, secret agent working for the elusive Agency, inadvertently embroils housewife, divorcée and mother of two Amanda King in a dangerous mission.
10 Oct. 1983
There Goes the Neighborhood
Amanda and Lee pose as a married couple to foil a weapon smuggling ring and solve the disappearance of an American housewife.
17 Oct. 1983
If Thoughts Could Kill
When an old friend of Lee's loses it in the Bull pen and fires his gun randomly, Lee gets his knee broken trying to save him. He is therefore stuck in a hospital while he's recovering, under the dubious care of a doctor whose archaic experiments got him fired- thanks to Lee.
24 Oct. 1983
Magic Bus
A survivalist group turned eco terrorist cell steal a highly classified top of the line weaponry unit disguised as an RV and Lee and Amanda go undercover to try and get it back.
7 Nov. 1983
The ACM Kid
The parents of a prodigy child are kidnapped and held captive in an attempt to coerce him and Lee and Amanda are charged with keeping him safe- which turns out to be very difficult.
14 Nov. 1983
Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
When a foreign Prince and his American born wife come to the US, Lee has to guard her husband and Amanda is asked to befriend his wife- in the name of protection.
21 Nov. 1983
Service Above and Beyond
When Amanda accidentally attracts the romantic interest of a corrupt rich man she is asked to pose as a wealthy jet-setter in order to distract him.
28 Nov. 1983
Saved by the Bells
When Amanda agrees to house-sit for Lee she is kidnapped by Soviet agents mistaking her for the Scarecrow and is held to ransom. Lee throws his career to the winds, springs an enemy spy and becomes a fugitive in order to rescue her.
5 Dec. 1983
Sudden Death
Amanda is asked to go undercover as a sports reporter to convey intelligence from Lee- who is undercover as a football player to catch a political assassin.
19 Dec. 1983
The Long Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve, Amanda is asked to pretend to be the long lost daughter of a turncoat to try and convince him to stay with the US. But the man in question is sought by two trained KGB thugs and they get trapped in the turncoat's cabin.
9 Jan. 1984
Remembrance of Things Past
After several agents are murdered and Lee is marked as the next victim, he fakes his death to track down the killer- and only Amanda and Billy know the truth.
16 Jan. 1984
Lost and Found
An old love rival of Lee's- an expert in ESP- is rescued from a Soviet prison and tells Lee the woman they both loved is dead. The next day she shows up on his doorstep.
30 Jan. 1984
I Am Not Now, nor Have I Ever Been... a Spy
The terrorists planning to destroy Arlington, Amanda's town, and frame the king of their homeland kidnap her to try and find out what information she knows about their operation. However, Amanda suffers a head injury that wipes her memory of the Agency - and Lee. Now he has to protect her from dangers she doesn't remember and try to get her memory going- or lots of people will die.
6 Feb. 1984
Dead Ringer
Amanda is asked to meet a Hungarian woman- who turns out to look exactly like Francine. Magda Petrak is a defector and Amanda is asked to shelter the surprisingly unpleasant woman in her house while the Agency try to get her to a safe house.
13 Feb. 1984
The Mole
When the third attempt to capture a dangerous Bulgarian spy fails, the secretive Blue Leader covertly assigns Lee to Internal Investigations to check out his colleagues and figure out which one is a traitor.
27 Feb. 1984
Lee appears to leave the Agency and start work as a weapons dealer leaving Amanda heartbroken- until she finds out it's all a ruse to protect a secret weapon.
5 Mar. 1984
The Artful Dodger
A world famous cat burglar is after some top secret government papers and manages to humiliate the Agency- and get dangerously close to Amanda.
19 Mar. 1984
Filming Raul
When a courier of Lee's damages Amanda's car a convoluted plot involving spies, government secrets and amateur documentaries is exposed.
26 Mar. 1984
Fearless Dotty
When Dotty is accidentally given a book containing encrypted secrets instead of a treasured book for Phillip's birthday, Amanda's life is put in jeopardy.
23 Apr. 1984
Lee asks Amanda to go undercover with him as his wife at the exclusive Cumberland hotel to foil a kidnapping- only they don't know who the intended target is.
7 May 1984
Waiting for Godorsky
Amanda inadvertently befriends a kind, elderly lady- who turns out to be a very important Russian Princess who is standing up for freedom and peace. Now, Amanda and Lee must protect her from terrorists while Amanda has to avoid attracting her mother's attention.

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