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27 Sep. 1986
Farewell, Frannie
Mama is determined to give Fran the perfect funeral despite everyone's insistence on knowing the details of her mysterious death, and her nerves are tested even further with the arrival of her grandson from reform school.
4 Oct. 1986
Where There's a Will
The Harpers stand to gain a small fortune from Fran's estate, but only if Mama can follow the will's impossible stipulation.
11 Oct. 1986
Best Medicine
Mama is angry with Ellen for passing up Aunt Fran's funeral for a bridge tournament; but changes her attitude when she learns Ellen has been hospitalized.
18 Oct. 1986
National Mama
Mama's bizarre dreams coincide with horse race winners, leading the Harpers to believe they've got a sure-fire betting system.
25 Oct. 1986
Soup to Nuts
Mama, Naomi, and Iola have a chili cookoff, forcing Vint into the unenviable task of judging which most deserves inclusion in the church cookbook.
1 Nov. 1986
Mama and Dr. Brothers
When Dr. Joyce Brothers appears on a local talk show, Mama is shocked and embarrassed when Naomi phones in for advice on her and Vint's marriage.
8 Nov. 1986
Cat's Meow
Iola is inconsolable when her nasty cat, Midnight, dies. Mama tries to cheer Iola, but is uncomfortable with the solution Iola finds to deal with her grief: having Midnight freeze-dried.
15 Nov. 1986
The Love Letter
A love letter meant for Naomi mistakenly ends up in the hands of both Mama and Iola, leading to hilarious complications for all.
22 Nov. 1986
An Ill Wind
Family animosities come to light (and the boiling point) when the Harpers are trapped together due to a Thanksgiving Day tornado.
29 Nov. 1986
Steal One Pearl Two
All eyes fall on Bubba in suspicion when Iola's pearls come up missing and he comes home with a new drum set.
6 Dec. 1986
Where's There's Smoke
Mama's plans for the Church Ladies League presidency are jeopardized with the arrival of an acquaintance if Bubba's who has run away from reform school.
13 Dec. 1986
Fly Naomi
Naomi is fed up with her job as a supermarket cashier, and signs up for stewardess school, believing it will lead to an exciting career. As the weeks pass, Vint is feeling neglected as Naomi spends all her time on her studies. And Mama is unsympathetic -- until she learns that flight attendants' families can fly anywhere they want for free.
20 Dec. 1986
Santa Mama
Mama is in no mood for Christmas merriment, and matters are not helped when she must fill in as Santa at the mall.

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