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Season 6

23 Sep. 1989
Mama's Medicine Show
Naomi and Vint read in a magazine how it will cost $168,000 dollars to raise their kid. So they set about coming up with a scheme to make some fast money. Just then Bubba comes home feeling bad, and Mama gives him some of her "Mother Harper's Tonic" and that gives Vint and Naomi an idea. They could sell the tonic and make a fortune. So Naomi gets some bottles from the recycling bin at Food Circus and they start to bottle it. It sells fast and everyone wants more. So Bubba takes it to his swim meet and Thelma takes it with her to the Church Ladies League meeting. ...
30 Sep. 1989
An Affair to Forget
Vinton has been spending his evenings away from Naomi, educating a new locksmith. When Mama and Iola find out that the new trainee is a beautiful young woman, they fear the worst, and try to shield the pregnant Naomi from this information.
7 Oct. 1989
Mr. Wrong
Iola would like a husband and family of her own. Mama encourages Iola to date, but is not pleased by Iola's choice: a boorish loudmouth.
14 Oct. 1989
Now Hear This
Vint and Naomi buy an intercom for their new baby's nursery. But when Mama, and later Vint and Naomi, use it to spy on each other's private conversations, they overhear some unflattering opinions.
21 Oct. 1989
Tri-State's Most Wanted
Vint and Naomi have been following the TV show, "Tri-State's Most Wanted", in order to earn big rewards by catching crooks. But after seeing him appear on the show, Mama believes that the handsome new actor at the Pepperpot Playhouse is one of the criminals.
28 Oct. 1989
Mama Fights Back
Mama is not satisfied with the advice she receives from a local consumer affairs radio show. She calls in to complain, and offers advice to other callers on how to resolve their complaints. The radio station is so impressed by Mama's knowledge of local merchants and products, that they give her a radio program of her own.
4 Nov. 1989
A Blast from the Past
Mama is reluctant to go to her junior high reunion because of the untrue nickname given to her by the class jerk: "Hot Pants". But then, she decides to go in order to set the record straight.
11 Nov. 1989
Psychic Pheno-Mama
Mama is dubious when a psychic visits the house; but is surprised when the psychic gives Mama messages from Carl -- with personal information no one outside the family could possibly know.
18 Nov. 1989
Take My Mama, Please
When Mama heckles a comic at the Big Jigger, the comic challenges her to do better, and invites her back for "Open Mike" night.
25 Nov. 1989
Bubba's House Band
Bubba invites a punk rock band, the Bonecrushers, to stay at Harper House.
2 Dec. 1989
Mama Takes Stock
Vint fears he will lose his job when Kwik Keys is taken over by the Bernice Corporation and turned into a frozen yogurt shop. But then, Mama discovers that she actually has stock shares in Bernice -- and a say in whether they can take over Kwik Keys.
9 Dec. 1989
War of the Roses
When a unique hybrid rose shows up in Mama's garden, Mama and Iola quarrel over its ownership, as Iola believes one of her roses cross-pollinated with one of Mama's to produce the beautiful rose.
16 Dec. 1989
Mama Takes a Dive
After Mama is turned down for a bank loan for a new furnace, she slips and falls on a roll of pennies left on the floor of the bank. Her injuries are minor, but the rest of the family encourages Mama to sue the bank for a million dollars for negligence.
23 Dec. 1989
Mama Gets Goosed
Mama's cousin sends her a live goose for Christmas. The rest of the family wants to keep it as a pet; but Mama wants to have it for Christmas dinner.
20 Jan. 1990
The Big Nap
Thelma spends the nights watching a detective movie marathon. When Iola's mother disappears and the family goes to search for her, Thelma dreams she's a private eye on the case of the missing mother.
27 Jan. 1990
Pinup Mama
Bubba has a photography project for school. The whole family participates. But when Bubba's secret gag photo of Mama's head on a pin-up model's body accidentally gets printed on a flyer for a senior citizens' dance, confusion and chaos ensue.
3 Feb. 1990
Guess Who's Going to Dinner
Vinton has won a free Mother's Day dinner for two at a new restaurant. But he faces a hard decision. Which mother should he take out: Mama or mother-to-be Naomi?
10 Feb. 1990
Look Who's Breathing
When Vint is called away by a sudden work emergency, Mama --who would rather be at a bingo game-- has to substitute as Naomi's childbirth coach. Mama is disbelieving about natural childbirth, and inadvertently scares the class by telling them about what childbirth and parenthood will really be like.
17 Feb. 1990
There Is Nothing Like the Dames
Vint and Naomi have finally found a new place to live, a rundown mobile home; and are preparing to move to a trailer park. However, the unsightly trailer breaks down in Mama's driveway just seconds before Mama has to entertain the Dames, a snobbish women's club Mama wants to join.
24 Feb. 1990
Bye Bye Baby
In the Series Finale, Mama is trying to calm Naomi down, who freaks out when Vint leaves her to go to work. Mama tells her the story of how great Carl was when Vint was born. Of course she's lying just to make Naomi feel better. She then tells Iola the real story. Seems she had to take the bus to the hospital when Carl refused to come out of the bathroom, as she went into to labor. Bubba, who's trying to make the college Water Polo team, is driving Mama nuts by running up and down the stairs. When Naomi finally goes into labor, after seemingly being pregnant forever, ...

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