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A promising series, dampened by its laugh track
abbazabakyleman-988342 January 2019
This was an unsold pilot that aired on CBS on August 29, 1983 as a possible replacement series for Square Pegs, but dismal ratings pulled the plug on the show after its first episode. It's not too bad of a show, but the unnecessary laugh track hurts it, greatly.

The plot centers around a group of high-schoolers, all stereotypes: the slick womanizer, the nerd, the aspiring musician, the goody-goody, etc. Robert Romanus basically reprises his Mike Damone character from Fast Times, but gives it a little more depth as he as to deal with an impossible-to-please father (played by Alex Rocco) and the musician character hounded by the sadistic vice principal. Lessons are learned at the end for everybody involved.
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Should have been given a chance
therealkylemcelravy4 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This failed pilot that aired in late-August 1983 was intended to replace the now-canceled SQUARE PEGS, but after low ratings for it, CBS decided to not consider it as a weekly series, although it should have been given a chance, at least.

The show is nothing more than your typical high-school hi-jinks centered around three pals Pete Falcone (Robert Romanus, somewhat reprising his Mike Damone character from FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH), nerdy Neil Heffenan (Leif Green) and prankster/aspiring musician Dewey Hooper (Chris Nash). On the way to their junior year of high school, they pick up two girls, brash Robin Dupree (Krista Errickson) and goody-goody Patti Eubanks (Hallie Todd), who takes a liking to Pete immediately. Dewey is then met at the school by hard- nosed vice principal Franklin T. Otto (William G. Schilling from HEAD OF THE CLASS) who's determined to suspend him if he sees him goofing off and/or cutting class and later Pete is threatened by a hulking expelled bully after taunting his younger brother.

That's pretty much the whole plot, but the cast of other familiar faces (Whitman Mayo, Alex Rocco, Tony Longo, and Rob Garrison) makes this unsold pilot worthwhile.
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