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definitely the worst of the series
jannispetersen23 May 2008
To begin with, it's important to say that you can't expect the same in this film compared to the first three. This time it can't be categorized as a teen-sex/drama, but only as a teen-comedy. And a comedy it is, but be warned, you won't need your brain for it. Sadly, this episode is very far from the realistic plot the first three episodes had. This time around you can't identify with any of the three boys and sadly for the first time you won't see the cute and a little stubborn Martha around... also it lacks for the old funny episodes in Benjis home with his parents. Furthermore the twist between the two friends Benji and Johnny is gone. I really missed it that they didn't get in a fight about how to handle the girls this time.

It still has some funny scenes, but my heart is not moved at all like after watching the first three episodes.
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Not as good as the first three but does have some funny moments
gangstahippie13 November 2007
Rated R for Language and Sexual Content including nudity.

Private Popsicle is the fourth film in the Isreali Lemon Popsicle series.You can find all four plus the first twenty minutes of the fifth one on youtube.This film is a bit different from the first three.The first three films were basically teen sex comedy/drama's set in the 50's or 60's.Private Popsicle has the three friends joining the army.The first three are great films because they mix both comedy and drama.The fourth film however has very little drama in it and is mostly a slapstick comedy a lot like the film Stripes only not as good.There are a few funny moments in the film but overall, this entry in the series is not as good as the first three.Its still a decent comedy though.
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A Whole Lotta Fun
psychonetic29 August 2003
Though This Film Features Mild Sexual Content, I First Viewed It When I was 11, And It Is One Of The Best Comedy Films I Have Ever Seen. Its My Favourite Of The Popsicle Movies, and I Would Recommend It.

My Favourite Scene Is When Bobby, Benji and Huey Dress Up as Girls and Have To Sing Live In Front Of a Lot Of People, and One Of The Major's Thinks Huey's an Actual Woman and Falls For Him..

Comedy at Its Best
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The Lemon Popsicle Series:Part 4.
morrison-dylan-fan18 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When I read the words "Army Comedy" the first thing that comes to mind is the terrible Carry On England. Finding an "Army Comedy" to be in the Lemon Popsicle (LP) box set,I got set to find out if LP would follow the Carry On films.

The plot:

Spending most of their lives hanging out and chasing girls,friends Benzi, Bobby and Huey are horrified about being called up for National Service. Arriving at the army base,the guys are told that they must follow orders,that causes Bobby,Benzi and Huey to make secret plans to keep their old lifestyles going.

View on the film:

For the final flick he'd direct for the series,co- writer/(with Eli Tavor) director Boaz Davidson & returning cinematographer Adam Greenberg try take the franchise back to its roots,with the rougher edges of the 3rd being trimmed for the back and forth friendship between the guys.Made on a low budget which guts the vast 50's/60's songs soundtrack of the first three,Davidson makes this "back to basics" feel horribly dry,with the grey green army walls giving the flick a bone dry mood.Sending the group out to the army,the screenplay by Davidson and Eli Tavor has the chance to tell a lively fish out of water tale.instead,the writers wipe the opportunity and the teen Sex Comedy genre that the series has been built on,to deliver a painfully un- sexy or funny bawdy Sex Comedy,which causes this Popsicle leaving a sour taste.
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the popsicle boys return for more fun and games, sadly its starting to lose it's charm
daworldismine14 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
the lemon popsicle boys return for this forth installment in the series, that sees the boys took out of there hometown and joining the army, and while it does have a good few solid laughs, it doesn't entirely work. and characters from the previous movies are reduced to mere cameos, and even though they are in the army, all of the jokes are the same old ones from the first three, there still chasing girls, and there still getting up to mischief, but and maybe its the fact that they are taken out of there comfort zone, i just didn't find it that funny this time around. the actors who play the three popsicle boys are as good as ever and give it there all, but with a uneven script and not many laughs, there not given the best to work with, never the less the movie is never boring, and fans of the series will still want to check this out
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