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Season 6

16 Sep. 1987
St. Eligius is reopened thanks to a new corporate owner, whose plans please Craig but leave Westphall wondering; Elliot is missing from the returnees; Fiscus finds the first patients; the Craigs' marriage seems to be headed for court.
23 Sep. 1987
The Idiot and the Odyssey
A fantasy grips Ehrlich; the Morrison family is crowded by close quarters and a visitor; Gideon finds an error when he steps into Westphall's territory; a large man undergoes hypnosis for surgery.
30 Sep. 1987
A Moon for the Misbegotten
Fed up with the changes imposed by the hospital's new owners, Dr. Westphall resigns from St. Eligius. As he quits, he moons Dr. Gideon.
21 Oct. 1987
Ewe Can't Go Home Again
A student nurse's lie comes back to haunt her; Warren wants better conditions for the orderlies; Craig's artificial-heart program improves as his marriage deteriorates; Wade's hostelry is filled with hostility.
28 Oct. 1987
Night of the Living Bed
Chandler takes on a patient whose problems may have to do with Mrs. Hufnagel; the Craig 9000 is implanted once the recipient is rounded up; Elliot is feeling gloomy on Halloween.
4 Nov. 1987
The He-Man Woman Hater's Club
Ehrlich embarrasses himself at a conference; Gideon makes offers to Chandler, Morrison and Ellen Harper.
11 Nov. 1987
The hospital begins tests on the last candidates for the artificial heart; an archaeological team focuses on the present; Elliot takes a shot at surgery; Fiscus continues his winning streak in the ER.
18 Nov. 1987
Heart On
Plans change for the Craig 9000. Rosenthal returns to the OR. Morrison's real life clashes with his new public image. A gaybashing incident leads to an understanding between Griffin and Brett Johnston. Ellen and Gideon start a relationship.
2 Dec. 1987
Weigh In, Way Out
Morrison races to deliver the 100,000th baby at the hospital. Fiscus plans his last prank before turning 30. Craig attempts to deal with his feelings about his father by sparring. A man makes his final walk along Freedom Trail.
9 Dec. 1987
No Chemo, Sabe?
The artificial-hear press refuses to speak to the press; Auschlander wonders about his last days on Earth; Fiscus visits his father during his suspension; sparks fly between Novino and a man called Pee Wee.
16 Dec. 1987
A Coupla White Dummies Sitting Around Talking
Some are claiming credit for the Craig 9000 while others are questioning its value; Kiem helps a neighbor with nowhere to go; Brett Johnston decides to carry the burden of illness on his own.
6 Jan. 1988
Final Cut
Cameras capture the staff at work; Papandrao is worried that Ehrlich won't take her news so well; a man comes back to St. Eligius for an unusual procedure.
13 Jan. 1988
Heaven's Skate
Kiem tries to help during street gang wars. Helen Rosenthal is deeply affected by the death of Bobby Caldwell from AIDS.
3 Feb. 1988
Siblings have different reactions to the possibility of having a genetic disease; Luther and Auschlander have a shot at performance art; Rosenthal's drug abuse worsens.
10 Feb. 1988
Fairytale Theater
Craig and Gideon are both affected by death; Ehrlich is too busy with his work to spend time with Papandrao; Rosenthal feels pressure under visual scrutiny; Luther shares his thoughts on size with a big man.
17 Feb. 1988
Down and Out on Beacon Hill
Papandrao and Ehrlich share a loss; a pair of punks defend one's right to die; mystery surrounds a man who keeps getting blackouts; Craig learns how the mighty are fallen.
20 Apr. 1988
Their Town
Friends gather to celebrate Westphall's birthday in New Hampsire, while Ellen, Craig and Lizzie question all the decisions they've made in their lives.
27 Apr. 1988
The Naked Civil Surgeon
Surgeons are forced to work nude during an OR-infection study; a visitor lifts Auschlander's spirits; a dumpster dweller protests hospital waste; Morrison and Novino fight an infection in the ICU.
4 May 1988
Requiem for a Heavyweight
Ehrlich verbally assaults Craig; Griffin fails as a spiritual counselor; Elliot undergoes surgery; Rosenthal enters family therapy with little support; Gideon is made the victim of another high-tech innovation.
11 May 1988
Split Decision
Craig returns to the hospital, while Rosenthal wonders if she can return to work as well; Brett Johnston's parents pay him a visit; Auschlander is asked to be a best man.
18 May 1988
The Abby Singer Show
A fire starts at the Doctor of the Year dinner; Papandrao and her in-laws look for Ehrlich; Chandler is in for a surprise; Fiscus tries to figure out how to tell his plans to his mother; Wade is upset by her patient's bickering parents.
25 May 1988
The Last One
Third year doctors end their residencies. Auschlander tries to keep the hospital open but complications arise. Griffin places his trust in God. Ehrlich comes back from a soul searching surf safari. Ellen is offered a job in Cleveland.

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