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Season 5

15 Sep. 1986
Who's the Boss?
Edward resents Kate's success as toy-company head.
22 Sep. 1986
Lost and Found
Kate's grandmother visits the Strattons.
29 Sep. 1986
The Live-In
The Strattons hire a housekeeper who thinks Edward is love with him when it's actually Rick who's attracted to her.
6 Oct. 1986
Rick Sells His Sole
When the shoe-store owner's nephew gets a promotion ahead of him, Rick sets out to sabotage him.
13 Oct. 1986
The Beach House
Rick's promise to stay true to his girlfriend while on vacation is tested when he sees the beach bunny next door.
20 Oct. 1986
Rick Moves Out
Rick moves into the guest house for some privacy, but that's easier said than done when friends and strangers consider it home away from home.
27 Oct. 1986
Man to Man
Edward doesn't feel like celebrating his birthday after Rick beats him at tennis for the first time. Kate struggles to learn Japanese for an overseas conference.
3 Nov. 1986
Hey, Mrs. Robinson
Kate feels left out when her old college friend, now an editor for a rock magazine, seems to have more in common with Rick - which only gets worse when she and Edward start to worry that she's interested in more than Rick's friendship.
10 Nov. 1986
Rick's Learning Problem
Rick tutors a star football player, who must pass a history test in order to play for the championship. Edward gets the flu, and is getting on Rick and Kate's nerves.
17 Nov. 1986
The Triangle
A triangle ensues when Rick falls for his friend Brad's girlfriend, then must take her to a concert when Brad gets grounded.
24 Nov. 1986
Kate Lassos a Longhorn
Rick agrees to take care of a friend's boa constrictor for the night, but it happens to fall on the same evening as Kate's dinner with a toy dealer who can't stand women in business.
26 Jan. 1987
Edward Creates a Monster
After going out to a comedy club as a reward for his success in school, Rick is invited to join a comedy class. But his homework is no joke, since he's cutting up in class as well as at home, and thinking of foregoing college.
2 Feb. 1987
Rumors Are Flying
Rick has a girl from school over to study, but they fall asleep in his room. After she gets grounded, Rick allows rumors to spread about what happened in their late study session.
9 Feb. 1987
The House Guest
When Brad's father goes out of town for a few days, Rick invites him to stay with the Strattons despite Edward's misgivings. But after Brad creates constant chaos in the house, even Rick finds it difficult to defend him.
16 Feb. 1987
Band on the Run
Alfonso quits Rick's band when they refuse to take his girlfriend's suggestions.
23 Feb. 1987
Author, Author
Edward's ex-wife writes a novel about a woman's stormy relationship with a character to whom he bears a strong resemblance.
25 Feb. 1987
Mother's Day
When Rick decides to cook an elaborate Mother's Day dinner for his mother, Kate fears that her place in Rick's life is secondary, and that she won't ever compare to his real mother.
16 Feb. 1987
Hero Worship
The Strattons' new neighbor is a rookie basketball star, and Rick is thrilled wen he offers him some coaching and invites him to games. But the family is stunned when their new friend is suspended after a drug possession arrest.
17 Feb. 1987
Baby Blues
Rick fixes up an old classmate, now an unwed mother, with a contractor who has no idea he's dating a parent.
26 Feb. 1987
Thoroughly Modern Mildred
When Kate's grandmother arrives with her new boyfriend, everyone is shocked that they are sharing a bedroom - especially after Edward just criticized Rick for going a bit too far with a girl while he was out.
27 Feb. 1987
Pardon My French
Grandfather Stratton returns from France, surprising everyone with his much younger fiancée.
2 Mar. 1987
Educating Rick
Disappointed by Rick's interest in party schools, Edward steers him toward a more rigorous all-male college. But when Rick and Brad attend an open-house weekend, they have a hard time restraining their interest in the local female students.
3 Mar. 1987
Edward's Big Adventure
Bored by being left home alone, Edward ventures out to a bar he used to frequent in college, but loses his wallet while dealing with a pool shark.
4 Mar. 1987
Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Kate and Edward try to have a romantic weekend in the snow, but Rick, Alfonso, Brad and Dexter spoil their plans. Getting time alone is impossible, especially when a blizzard hits their cabin.

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