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Season 8

18 Sep. 1989
Don't Worry Be Pregnant
Michael and a very pregnant Stephanie return from a six-month honeymoon.
25 Sep. 1989
Get Dick
Dick believes Hubert is trying to kill him after he accidentally burns down his restaurant.
2 Oct. 1989
Poetry and Pastries
When Dick is named the judge of the local poetry and pastry contest, Joanna is convinced she will win until Dick belittles her ability as a poet.
16 Oct. 1989
Utley Exposed
Everyone decides to run George out of town when he reveals that, as a teenager, he was the perpetrator of an infamous prank.
23 Oct. 1989
Ramblin' Michael Harris
Michael quits his job at the grocery store and becomes a lounge singer at a local restaurant.
13 Nov. 1989
Meet Michael Vanderkellen
Mrs. Vanderkellen promises to buy Michael and Stephanie a house if Michael changes his last name.
20 Nov. 1989
Good Lord Loudon
A cash-strapped visiting dignitary makes Dick a royal Lord. After hearing of his good fortune, the townspeople's opinion of Dick jumps up a notch.
4 Dec. 1989
Cupcake in a Cage
Stephanie ends up in jail after slapping a mall security guard during an emotional outburst brought on by her pregnancy hormones.
11 Dec. 1989
Attack of the Killer Aunt
Joanna's Aunt Louise, who dislikes Dick and tried to stop their wedding, comes for a visit.
18 Dec. 1989
I Like You, Butt...
George meets a woman with an extremely large behind.
1 Jan. 1990
Jumpin' George
Suffering from a recurring nightmare, George vows to never sleep again.
8 Jan. 1990
Lights! Camera! Contractions!
Michael wants to capture the birth of his and Stephanie's baby on video.
15 Jan. 1990
Beauty and the Pest
Joanna tries to sell a house to a fan of her real estate television show, only to discover he has a crush on her. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Michael plan to charge the townspeople to view their new daughter.
29 Jan. 1990
Good Neighbor Sam
An annoying and morose guest moves in next door to the Stratford and declares himself Dick's new best friend, prompting the other men in town to protest that Dick is dumping them.
5 Feb. 1990
Child in Charge
Stephanie's parents buy Baby Stephanie WPIV making her the new owner of the local television station.
19 Feb. 1990
Seein' Double
Michael produces a sloppily written sitcom as a star vehicle for Stephanie.
26 Feb. 1990
Born to Be Mild
George, Jim, and Chester reform the Hooligans, their teenage gang, allow Dick, Michael, and Mr. Rusnak to join, and have a rumble with the similarly aged members of their old rivals, the Ruffians.
5 Mar. 1990
Daddy's Little Girl
Michael has competing dreams about Baby Stephanie as a grown up, one in which she's horribly spoiled, the other in which she's selfless to a fault.
19 Mar. 1990
Georgie and Grace
Depressed due to the long Vermont winter and inspired by a group of priests staying at the Stratford, George decides to join the clergy.
9 Apr. 1990
George invents a simple board game based on his handyman duties and it becomes a sensation among the townsfolk.
30 Apr. 1990
Dick and Tim
Dick inadvertently drives Tim Conway away from his regular poker game.
7 May 1990
Father Goose
Michael meets his long-lost father when he auditions for the lead in a proposed children's TV show.
14 May 1990
My Husband, My Peasant
Her snobby rival's stay at the Stratford makes Stephanie question her marriage to Michael due to his non-blue blood background.
21 May 1990
The Last Newhart
Japanese investors buy everything in town except the Stratford Inn and convert the town into a giant golf course.

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