Night School (1981) Poster


Leonard Mann: Judd Austin



  • Stevie Cabot : How do you want your eggs?

    Judd Austin : Cooked.

  • Judd Austin : Don't you ever take your job seriously?

    Taj : Come on, Judd. If we did that we'd end up in the funny farm!

    Judd Austin : [they arrive at the car and get inside]  Duck ponds, bucket, now a fish tank.


    Judd Austin : 'The hell are you eating?

    Taj : A sandwich. Want some?

    Judd Austin : [after a moment's pause]  Yeah, give me some.

    [Taj hands him half the sandwich and he takes a bite out of it] 

    Judd Austin : What kind is it?

    Taj : Tuna fish.

    [disgusted, Judd hands the sandwich back to him, as Taj roars with laughter] 

  • Judd Austin : Is, uh, Professor Millett in? I'd like to speak to him.

    Eleanor Adjai : I'm afraid that's quite impossible. He's working, he left strict instructions not to be disturbed.

    Judd Austin : Miss, uh, Adjai. Is that right?

    Eleanor Adjai : Yes, that's right.

    Judd Austin : I'm not a traveling salesman, Miss Adjai. I'm a police officer, and I have a badge that says I can disturb anybody anytime.

    Eleanor Adjai : [after a moment's pause]  I'll see if he can talk to you.

  • Judd Austin : You stay here and I'll head over to that college.

    Taj : Oh great! I gotta stay here and you get to go to the girls' school.

    Judd Austin : One of the advantages of a Harvard degree.

    Taj : Ka ka era!

    Judd Austin : Which in our language means?

    Taj : Here comes the bullshit!

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