My Bloody Valentine (1981) Poster

Neil Affleck: Axel



  • [last lines] 

    Axel Palmer : [singing to himself]  Sarah, be my bloody Valentine! Daddy's gone away, Harry Warden made you pay...

  • Axel Palmer : You seen Sarah?

    Jessie 'T.J.' Hanniger : Ain't my turn to watch after her.

  • Axel Palmer : This whole FUCKING TOWN is going to die!

  • Howard Landers : Well, last one into town gets the broom, lets go!

    Axel Palmer : Okay, let's go, guys!

    Hollis : Yee-haw, whoop!

    [the miner guys head outside to their cars and Hollace struggles to pull up his pants. Howard kicks him in the butt as they run to a beat-up old Volkswagen] 

  • Axel Palmer : Oh Landers, you're gonna need a lot of excersize if you're gonna grapple with Gretchen!

    Howard Landers : Oh yeah? Well I got a valentine for her that she's never gonna forget.

    Axel Palmer : Straight to the heart, eh?

    [Axel makes an offensive gesture with his hands in front of his crotch, implying that Howard's plan is to have sex with Gretchen] 

    Howard Landers : Gonna be a hot time on Saturday night, yee-haw!

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