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Sex & Nudity

  • No Nudity in this film, but 2 characters (male and female) are scantily dressed. They make out with each other in a prolonged sequence; the boy is wearing boxers and the girl has got a low cut bra, panties and garters on. The boy straddles the girl and simulates sexual talk with her by comparing surfing skills to sexuality.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl is pulled into the ground through a hole which leads under a mansion. She then has her head cut off at the neck with a large blade seen swishing through the air. There is a very brief shot of her body falling from her head for a split second blood.
  • A boy has his neck broken and his head faces backwards. The flesh on his neck is seen twisted during the killing. He is then seen lying on the ground with blood pouring out of his mouth. He is later seen again hanging outside a window.
  • A boy is chased through property grounds and is impaled briefly though the stomach with a garden scythe. It protrudes out the other side of the hedge and blood is seen pouring down the blade. His dead body is seen again a couple of times throughout the film.
  • A girl has her head cut off. This is not shown, but we do see the severed head briefly lying on a pillow later.
  • The killer is stabbed with a large pitchfork, he is covered by a rug. You see the pitchfork stuck in the rug with the body underneath.
  • Dead and decomposed bodies are briefly seen in a basement room.
  • A boy fights off the killer with his pitchfork and he is thrown down some stairs.
  • A boy attempts to scale a huge gate with sharp prongs on the top and succeeds, but bloodies one of his shoulders on the prongs in the process.
  • A boy steals a shotgun from a police station and uses it to try and shoot the killer. The killer and him fight at one stage and he manages to shoot him. The shotgun blast propels the killer through the air into a water fountain.
  • The same boy is then suddenly attacked again, but all you hear is shotgun blast and the gun is thrown out on the floor. You later see his dead body.
  • A boy and girl are constantly terrorized and chased by the killer throughout the climax of the film. The boy is caught and lifted in the air. You see him scream and he is then thrown out of an open widow a couple of stories high. You see his dead body later on the ground.
  • The killer attempts to attack a girl while she is driving and she manages to slam on the breaks and impale him on the prongs of a damaged wrought iron fence. You briefly see the impalement and blood around the killers mouth. There are then prolonged shots of the killer impaled on the gate.


  • Some mild sexual innuendo and a couple of instances of brief strong coarse language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Lots in the beginning about drinking, smoking, and doing other drugs

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This is quite an intense early 80's horror\slasher, which has a dark and gothic atmosphere. The horror violence is moderate with little blood. There are however, some well developed scare scenes and jumps.
  • Due to the intensity of the horror and the anti social behavior of some of the characters, it is not really suitable to persons under 14\15 years of age.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There is some slasher style violence in this film, but not overtly prolonged or graphic. Spoilers Ahead

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