Dragonslayer (1981) Poster


Roger Kemp: Horsrik


  • Horsrik : All hail Casiodorus Rex, dragonslayer!

  • Horsrik : Now be it known throughout the kingdom that this maiden, having lawfully been chosen by a deed of fortune and destiny, shall hereby give up her life for the greater good of Urland! By this act shall be satisfied the powers that dwell underground! In gratitude of this sacrifice, His Majesty declares the father - a plowman - to be free of obligations for a period not to exceed five years! Duly ordained...

    [he notices heat and smoke rising from the mouth of the lair, the earth trembles, and he flees, leaving the maiden to her fate] 

  • Princess Elspeth : [Princess Elspeth visits Galen in her father's dungeon]  ... Please don't think ill of us. Father is a wise and evenhanded man. He's...

    [She notices a wound across Galen's temple] 

    Princess Elspeth : ... What happened to you?

    Galen : [sullen]  Nothing. Just some of your father's... evenhandedness.

    Princess Elspeth : It... it's better for everyone this way. A king must protect his people.

    Galen : Naturally. Just as he protects his daughter.

    Princess Elspeth : What do you mean by that? Are you referring to the lottery?

    Galen : You don't have to pretend, not to me, not down here. Everyone knows how this... choosing works. The families with money, royal connections... You've participated in a lie, and you know it.

    Princess Elspeth : ...I have to go now.

    [she seeks out her father, who is vainly trying to make gold out of lead with Galen's amulet] 

    Princess Elspeth : ... Father! Did you know that some families have paid bribes to stay out of the lottery?

    Casiodorus Rex : [not even looking at her]  Nonsense.

    Princess Elspeth : ...Have you ever kept my name off the lottery list?

    Casiodorus Rex : What are you suggesting?

    Princess Elspeth : Am I not exposed to the same risk as every other man's daughter?

    Horsrik : There's been a loose tongue here somewhere, Sire.

    Casiodorus Rex : [to Elspeth]  Who fills your head with such ideas?

    Princess Elspeth : [like a robot]  Answer my question.

    Casiodorus Rex : Please... don't... think of such things, I beg you.

    Princess Elspeth : Answer me.

    Casiodorus Rex : The answer is no. I - I mean, yes. Yes. You are a participant in the choosing. We have seen to that, of course. How could we not? Yes. The answer is yes.

    Princess Elspeth : You're lying to me.

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