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6 Apr. 1981
Benjamin to the Rescue
Benjamin and Lewis clash, so Benjamin is placed "out of the way" during an expositional skill demonstration, until she is called into action by a General who has a surprise relationship to Benjamin.
19 Oct. 1981
Judy Got Her Gun
Capt. Lewis bets that her group will beat Capt. Hoots group at the shooting range but when her star shooter goes missing, Capt. Lewis risks losing the bet.
26 Oct. 1981
So Long, Sergeant Ross
Pvt. Benjamin and Capt. Lewis try to persuade Sgt. Ross to reenlist after he is offered a new career in motor parts.
2 Nov. 1981
Give Me Liberty: Part 1
Private Benjamin's unit gets its first pass and Gianelli refuses to go back after finding the man of her dreams.
9 Nov. 1981
Give Me Liberty: Part 2
Private Benjamin tries to get Gianelli back to base but she refuses to leave her new found love.
16 Nov. 1981
For the Love of Judy
Private Benjamin discovers that she has a secret admirer, Ralph the baker.
30 Nov. 1981
Bye, Bye Benjamin
Benjamin's parents have a plan to get Judy out of the Army. Col. Lewis is only too happy to oblige.
7 Dec. 1981
Undercover Judy
Pvt. Benjamin rigs a poker game in order to win back Pvt. Sims' IOU from a loan shark.
21 Dec. 1981
Gone with the Jeep
Capt. Lewis' life is in Pvt. Benjamin's hands when their jeep crashes in the middle of the desert.
28 Dec. 1981
A Bath for Benjamin
Capt. Lewis has a bath delivered to her quarters. Private Benjamin takes advantage of a possible relaxing bath over a shower while Capt. Lewis is away.

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