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Shelley Duvall: Olive Oyl



  • Olive Oyl : Goochy goo.

    Popeye : None of that baby talk around me son. Me son is gonna be a man infink, not a baby infink. Come to poppa, me little Swee'Pea. You're me little Swee'Pea.

    Olive Oyl : Swee'Pea? You're bats.

    Popeye : I found him in Sweethaven, that's why he is me Swee'Pea. I am calling him Swee'Pea and that is his name. Ain't that the truth?

    Olive Oyl : Swee'Pea is the worst name I've ever heard on a baby.

    Popeye : Well what do you wants me to call him? Baby Oyl?

  • [Olive bumps into Popeye by chance on the street and he started to swing his fists] 

    Olive Oyl : You scared the wits out of me.

    Popeye : [under his breath]  Almost knocked 'em outta you too.

  • Popeye : What are you doing, there? No childs 'o mine will be exploiticated for ill-gotten gains.

    [takes Swee'Pea] 

    Popeye : Yeah, that's true. You're gonna be president one day...

    Olive Oyl : It is not ill-gotten, it's GOOD-gotten gains. These races will clothe us, and feed us, and save us.

    Popeye : Wrong is wrong, even when it helps ya.

    Wimpy : The horses are at the gates.

    Olive Oyl : I think family is more important than dumb morality, hmm?

  • Popeye : So, you're just a landlubber, ain't you?

    Olive Oyl : Oh yeah? Well, I am a woman.

    Popeye : Oh yeah? Well, I am a mutter.

  • Olive Oyl : You won a hundred and twenty samoleans?

    Wimpy : You know how many hamburgers that is?

  • Olive Oyl : Your father is a rat, a crook, and a kidnapper! And he's on the Commodore's right now with Bluto and Swee'Pea. That's what I can't tell you.

    Popeye : No, he ain't, and my father ain't no kidnapper.

    Olive Oyl : He is too. He's a rat, a crook, a kidnapper, and a bad father and more!

    Popeye : More?

    Olive Oyl : Yeah!

    Wimpy : Well, it appears that your father is the Commodore.

    Popeye : He ain't no Commodore. A hoity-toity Commodore. He would never be that.

    Olive Oyl : A rat, a crook, a kidnapper, and a Commodore.

    Popeye : I don't listen to the advice of some dizzy gaming broad.

    [to Wimpy] 

    Popeye : Now, they ain't there, and I'm gonna prove it to you. Where ain't they?

    Wimpy : They ain't on the Commodore's boat.

    Popeye : That's where they ain't? Well if that's where they ain't, I'll prove to you that that's where they ain't.

  • Olive Oyl : I'm sorry mother but it's ugly. I ask you again, have you ever seen anything so ugly? I won't be engaged in this hat!

  • Olive Oyl : I think it's a conspiracy. Why would they manufacture deliberate ugliness unless they wanted me to look ugly? We find that out, we find out everything.

  • Olive Oyl : What kind of name is that anyway? Popeye? Pretty strange.

    Popeye : What kind name is Olive Oil? Its sounds like some kind of lubricants.

  • Olive Oyl : He can't take me out of anything. I'm not a child.

    Castor Oyl : I'll say you're not a child!

    Olive Oyl : Who says I'm not a child?

    Castor Oyl : You said you're not a child and I agreed with you. That's who.

    Olive Oyl : Who asked you to agree with me?

    Castor Oyl : Well, no one can stop me from agreeing with you if I want to!

    Olive Oyl : I can.

  • Popeye : Look at there Olives, he's got my eye.

    Olive Oyl : He does not have your eyes. He's got my eyes. He's got your mouth!

    Popeye : Does he? One day, Swee'Peas, he's gonna go to school and bust bigger kids in the mush. Yeah, you like that, don't you? Yes.

    Olive Oyl : And we'll move into a vine covered cottage on a shady lane. And we'll garden together. And we'll play house.

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