Lemon Popsicle (1978) Poster

Jonathan Sagall: Momo, Bobby



  • Momo : What you afraid of, stick around, man, maybe you'll get laid.

    Benzi : Not with freaks like that.

    Momo : Their not so bad.

    Benzi : You mean you could screw those two over there?

    Momo : If Huey can do it, I bet you can too.

    Benzi : Oh bullshit, Huey doesn't even know what screwing's all about.

  • Nili : [about Benji and Martha]  I'd like to see them hit it off, huh.

    Momo : Have we done that?

    Nili : What?

    Momo : Hit it off.

  • Yudale : Bobby, are you positive water will drown these crabs?

    Momo : Positive.

    Yudale : I thought animals liked water.

    Momo : Not fleas or lice.

  • Momo : [about Nicki]  Why I copped her cherry.

    Benzi : What?

    Momo : I screwed her, didn't I.

    Benzi : Your lying!

    Momo : I took her in a boat, honest I did, and I fucked her, alright.

  • Momo : [about Nicki]  I may have screwed her, who says I was the only one.

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