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The Iserali DVD version while containing the original language track still uses the American print resulting in some oddities when viewing the sub-titled original version. Namely the English sub-titles are from the American dubbed version featuring the alternate songs used (or re-used) due to licensing restrictions for worldwide release, meaning often the sub-titles don't correspond to the song that is playing. A scene featuring the guys sneaking into the cinema had a movie news reel featuring President Kennedy, replacing the cinema screen footage from the original version for the US version. Selecting the original language track means you now have the original cinema audio, an Israeli sung quartet, over the top of the movie news footage with the original visuals missing. The original scene as it was filmed can be seen on the TV special on the DVD extras, featuring the audio this time matching the images playing in the cinema of the singing men in suits.
The German DVD of Lemon Popsicle removes the scene where the boys measure each others penises in the locker room and the part where Bobby and Huey have sex with Stella.
For its UK cinema release the film was cut to remove thrusting during sex scenes and shots of Hughie between Stella's legs. Additionally the Take Two VHS released in the UK removes the scene where Benji sells his things to pay for Nikki's abortion and the scene where the boys scratch themselves in class. DVD releases restore the previous cuts but feature an edited print which removes shots of Benji and Hughie preparing to undress and a keyhole shot of the Hughie/Stella sex scene.

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