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Season 7

6 Oct. 1985
Game of Hearts: Part 1
Gonzo's love life may prevent him from taking part in Trapper John's first implant of an artificial heart.
13 Oct. 1985
Game of Hearts: Part 2
Trapper John fights exhaustion and his patient's destabilized condition following the artificial heart implant. Meanwhile, Gonzo seeks to assure Fran that his feelings for her aren't out of pity.
20 Oct. 1985
Hot Shot
Trapper John and Gonzo's push to get a gung-ho new doctor on staff at San Francisco Memorial may be derailed by a skeleton in his closet.
27 Oct. 1985
Just Around the Coroner
Trapper John thinks that the coroner is stalling in investigating the death of one of his patients.
3 Nov. 1985
Friends and Lovers
Libby is crushed to discover an old boyfriend is both homosexual and suffering from AIDS.
10 Nov. 1985
The Wunderkind
A female Nazi hunter thinks that one of the hospital's surgeons who is a friend of Trapper is a Nazi.
1 Dec. 1985
A Wheel in a Wheel
A nurse who was paralyzed in an accident returns to work without letting anyone know she is now in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Jackpot considers becoming a professional musician.
15 Dec. 1985
The Second Best Man
Melanie's about to get married. But she's getting anonymous love notes. She assumes it's Trapper but it's not.
29 Dec. 1985
Billboard Barney
When a young boy is poisoned by toxic waste, his father climbs a billboard to protest the company who did the dumping and won't come down. Meanwhile, Gonzo and Fran get engaged.
5 Jan. 1986
Going, Going, Gonzo
Following a stroke, Gonzo is forced to re-evaluate his career as a surgeon.
28 Jan. 1986
Heart and Seoul
A Korean refugee is in desperate need for a kidney from his brother back home and Trapper is sent to Korea to set up the surgery. At the hospital, he soon meets the woman he fell in love with 30 years ago and wanted to bring back to America with him.
18 Feb. 1986
Life, Death and Dr. Christmas
Neurosurgeon and recent new father Jake Christmas is angry and scared because of his wife's sudden death in a car accident and begins lashing out at Trapper and J.T.
4 Mar. 1986
Judgement Day
When a doctor who is a friend of Jackpot's is dying and she appears to have given up any hope and wants to die. She goes to court asking that she be allowed to die. And the judge presiding over the case is Jackpot's estranged father.
11 Mar. 1986
Fall of the Wild
J.T. finds a boy who is suffering from malnutrition living in a dumpster and brings him to San Francisco Memoral for care. His mother arrives to claim him but seems to be in the same strange condition that he is: very violent and without language.
18 Mar. 1986
The Curmudgeon
The doctor who left Nurse Andrews at the altar 38 years ago becomes one of her patients for rehab following his heart attack and has never stopped loving her.
14 Aug. 1986
An intern is scared that she may have cancer, but even more afraid of entering the hospital and losing her internship.
21 Aug. 1986
Research and Destroy
The hospital is besieged by protesters. They appear to be targeting a particular doctor who performed dangerous and unauthorized experiments in the past.
28 Aug. 1986
Strange Bedfellows
Stanley is greatly impressed that Jesus has gotten a job as an orderly. However, soon the teen is admitted for stomach pains and it turns out that the cause is the drug-filled balloons he swallowed. Meanwhile, J.T. is elected the intern representative to the hospital board, and discovers that there is more involved than free donuts.
4 Sep. 1986
Elusive Butterfly
After J.T. begins taking care of a well-known rock singer with melanoma, he realizes the man is different than he expected him to be. Meanwhile, Jackpot wins a lottery, but cannot find the ticket to claim the prize.

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