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Season 1

16 Sep. 1979
I Do
Widow Kit Flanagan (Eileen Brennan) has three children; divorcee Abby Stone (Gwynne Gilford) has one---and when they meet, each holds a lease to the same house.
30 Sep. 1979
The Hero
Tony (Rob Lowe) is hailed as a hero for saving a fellow student from choking, but when his ego blows up so does the family.
7 Oct. 1979
The Overcharge
The family loses its electricity and hot water because of a utility-company billing error.
14 Oct. 1979
Invasion of Privacy
Kit (Eileen Brennan) peeks at Tony's private journal, then begins to suspect that the "stuff" he writes about is drugs.
21 Oct. 1979
Andy's New Dad
Andy (David Hollander) needs a partner for the father-son athletic meet.
22 Dec. 1979
Is There a Gun in the House?
Kit wants a gun in the house for protection, but Jessie feels karate is the best weapon.
29 Dec. 1979
Fair Weather Friend
Hillary (Lauri Hendler) takes a shoplifting rap for an abrasive girl friend.

 Season 1 

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