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Season 7

26 Dec. 1988
An Officer and a Car Salesman
Special feature length edition of the popular TV series. After "minder" Terry McCann does a stretch in prison for getting caught up in one of his boss Arthur Daley's shady deals, their long & turbulent partnership seems to be at an end. But Arthur's dealings with a former army Colonel, Caplan, who is running a "survivalist" centre in suburban England and for whom Arthur is supplying army surplus equipment, reunites the two when they stumble across a plot hatched by Caplan and his "troops" to stage a bullion robbery - the security for which is supervised by their old ...
2 Jan. 1989
It's a Sorry Lorry Morrie
Terry goes into panic mode when he finds himself facing the prospect of another stint in prison after the police stake-out a stolen van full of electrical items that he has collected for Arthur. Meanwhile, Arthur has his own preoccupations, especially as his used-car business remains dead.
9 Jan. 1989
Days of Fines and Closures
When Dave's relief manager lets him down at short notice he asks Terry to step into the breach and run the Winchester Club for him. Dave's failure to show up the following day gets Terry and Arthur worrying, not least because they need to attend court in Dave's place in order to apply for the renewal of the Club's licence - firmly opposed by Detective Sergeant Rycott.
16 Jan. 1989
Fatal Impression
A so-called reformed gambler suddenly dies owing Arthur two thousand pounds, but Terry isn't interested: he has his own problems to contend with when an old flame turns up at his door after she and her son walk out on her abusive husband.
23 Jan. 1989
The Last Video Show
A video tape incriminating an officer in the Serious Crime division is mistakenly returned to Daley's Videos, which brings Arthur and Terry into contact with a local major crime boss as he had been using the tape to blackmail his way out of trouble.
30 Jan. 1989
Fiddler on the Hoof
Arthur panics when he learns that there has been a robbery of safety deposit boxes in The City. He is relieved to learn that the contents of his box are intact, but decides that the safe in his lock-up would be a more secure storage location.
6 Feb. 1989
The Wrong Goodbye
With his bank refusing to honour his cheques and a Court Bailiff pursuing him for unpaid bills, Arthur is delighted when a mysterious businessman makes him a very attractive offer for the whole of his business empire.

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