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3 Jan. 1980
Second Chance
The Hobo discovers a drug smuggling operation. He's only able to bring this to the attention of an ex-con who doesn't want to get involved, but the smugglers wind up involving him anyway--as the fall guy.
10 Jan. 1980
Big Al and Sam Strawberry
The Hobo helps an artist out of temptation to embezzle a Van Gogh, as a desperate measure to pay off a mobster.
31 Jan. 1980
Give My Regards to Broadway
A struggling actress resorts to stealing (and writing IOUs) to make ends meet and the Hobo tries to keep her out of trouble.
7 Feb. 1980
The Last Job
An ex-convict has a bright future ahead of him, if he goes straight, but is compelled to perform one last bank robbery.
28 Feb. 1980
The Hobo and a boy disturb bank robbers working on a vault, late at night.
6 Mar. 1980
Million Dollar Fur Heist
A drunken ex-trucker goes on a joy ride with the Hobo and is surprised to find that the truck he borrowed is full of stolen furs. His problems run deeper when the thieves learn where he (and his grandson) live.
13 Mar. 1980
Diamonds Are a Dog's Best Friend
A diamond thief uses an innocent magician as a fall guy and his act as a front for a major operation.
20 Mar. 1980
Romiet and Julio
The Hobo plays matchmaker to a young couple who, in between being separated by their respective parents, find time to bicker among themselves.
27 Mar. 1980
Hobo helps an escaped convict expose the mobster who set him up for murder.
3 Apr. 1980
Guardian Angel
A baby girl is abandoned on the steps of a church and the Hobo takes it upon himself to keep her from harm.
10 Apr. 1980
The Pied Piper
The Hobo and a janitor who has a soft spot for kids performs drama for children at a hospital, as a kind of therapy.
15 May 1980
Willy and Kate
The Hobo tries to give support and guidance to a couple of quarrelsome human transients--one old man and one young girl.
22 May 1980
The Further Adventures of Willy and Kate
The Hobo journeys onward, trying to keep his transient companions out of trouble, when Kate is captured by the authorities and placed in an orphanage run like a military academy.
18 Sep. 1980
The Balloonist
Hobo watches out for an enthusiastic balloonist with a heart condition, who doesn't listen to his doctor's advice (or his granddaughter's insistence) that he should take it easy.
25 Sep. 1980
Duddleman and the Diamond Ring
When a dispute erupts between a young couple and an old pawnshop owner, it accidentally turns into a kidnapping case. The Hobo comes along for the ride as the participants try to work out how to untangle their mess.
2 Oct. 1980
Guinea Pig
Hobo discovers that a well has been contaminated and tries everything he can to interfere with people using it for drinking water.
9 Oct. 1980
Sam Burrows is a heartless animal trapper, using illegal steel traps that the Hobo cleverly disarms. When Burrows discovers this, he targets the Hobo.
23 Oct. 1980
The Pearls
The Hobo comes to the rescue of a ship's captain whose crew has mutinied and are looking for a lost treasure.
30 Oct. 1980
Carnival of Fear
A saboteur is causing deadly accidents at a carnival and the Hobo moves to unravel the mystery.
6 Nov. 1980
Mystery at the Zoo
An injured Hobo is picked up by a TV reporter and helps her find out who is stealing rare and expensive animals from a zoo.
13 Nov. 1980
Sailing Away
An inexperienced sailor deals with her frustrations by sailing in dangerous conditions. Fortunately, she has the Hobo with her to help her when she gets into trouble.
20 Nov. 1980
The Hunt
A stable groom is setup for theft and arson by a jealous member of the hunt club where she works, and the Hobo tries to expose the plot and prevent the fire at the same time.
27 Nov. 1980
Fast Freddie
The Hobo discovers a con man operating in a small town and tries to foil his plans to rob a doddering senior.
4 Dec. 1980
Licence to Steal
An employee at a junkyard is framed for a license plate theft operation by another employee and the Hobo tries to help him prove his innocence.
11 Dec. 1980
Portrait of Danger
A professional photographer gets pictures of a bank robbery in progress, but is slow to inform the police, putting Hobo in the role of bodyguard.
18 Dec. 1980
Ghost Rig
The Hobo and a mousy insurance agent investigate a diamond theft.

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